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Career Questions tagged Artist Portfolio

Tyler H.’s Avatar
Tyler H. May 08, 2018 524 views

When feeling discouraged, how do you find a way to motivate and inspire yourself?

I am a high school junior and a college sophomore. I have spent many hours looking at how I can transfer my college credits to other colleges and find scholarships to help pay for college. After looking at many scholarships, emailing schools, trying to find references, I feel I might not...

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Timothy G.’s Avatar
Timothy G. May 24, 2017 628 views

How do I create my first Portfolio?

Hello, I wanted to know what should be included in my first portfolio? More specifically a portfolio for my artwork. I am not positive on a specific Job to build my portfolio around yet but some of the career paths that I am interested in relate to concept art for video games/movies,...

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Diandra O.’s Avatar
Diandra O. May 18, 2016 595 views

How long do you need to prepare an art portfolio?

I'm about to attend Texas Tech University this fall for the college of Architecture. I know that all architecture majors need a portfolio by second semester and I haven't even started the portfolio. major architecture architect...