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Rachel F. Jan 13, 2018 326 views

Other than samples of my writing, what is appropriate to be included in my portfolio and/or resume?

I am an adult-learner entering an entirely new field of employment. I am a paralegal student and am beginning to put together a portfolio. Samples of my writing will be included (case brief, legal memo, client letter, etc.), but I would like to know if it is appropriate for me to include...

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Timothy G. May 24, 2017 559 views

How do I create my first Portfolio?

Hello, I wanted to know what should be included in my first portfolio? More specifically a portfolio for my artwork. I am not positive on a specific Job to build my portfolio around yet but some of the career paths that I am interested in relate to concept art for video games/movies,...

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Anush Reddy N. Sep 12, 2016 729 views

How to find Jobs after doing Masters in Computer Science

I am doing Masters in CS from University of Houston. I wanted to Know how to look for Jobs after masters #college #computer-software #career #programming #job-search #resume...


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Amy Z. Aug 09, 2016 708 views
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Amy Z. Aug 09, 2016 652 views
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Oliver E. Jul 12, 2016 754 views

How and Where to gain Industry Project Management experience as a volunteer, while still working in academia?

I am a postdoc fellow in life sciences. I have been in a lab doing bench work for years and this is not as much fun and exciting as it used to be. Now, I am looking at my options, trying to figure out what my next move should be; I have just started learning on my own what PM is and would like...

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Laurel P. May 23, 2016 845 views

With seemingly a decreasing number of women in the IT Field, besides a related degree, do you recommend a specific minor and/or specialized certifications/qualifications to ensure that I will stand out among other graduates entering the work force?

I will be a female college freshman in the fall. I am majoring in computer information systems and love the ability to organize by creating and using software applications/databases. I also hope to have a lucrative career with flexible hours so that I will have an opportunity to be a great...

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Charles V. May 22, 2016 670 views

As a creative moving from a small town to a large city, what's the most important use of my time this summer?

I'm a small town writer/filmmaker, and I plan to transfer to Columbia College Chicago. Should I be indulging my creative side, or working on more practical skills, like business, communication, and finances (or simply learning to shop for groceries, fix a car, cook better food)? I am employed...

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