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Career Questions tagged Biotechnology

Kaylie’s Avatar
Kaylie Mar 01 81 views

Would it be possible to balance med school and reptiles?

I have 2 reptiles as of right now, but I’m not sure if i can keep them and balance med school.

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Jiale Feb 21 58 views

When choosing a major, what do we need to consider?

Senior, biotechnology major.

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Meghana Jan 17 161 views

Is it recommended to major in biomedical sci and minor in comp sci or vice versa for biotech or biomed research fields?

I currently have no background in comp sci as junior in high school.

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana Jan 15 174 views

Which courses in high school can help me prepare for biotechnology??

I am currently a junior in high school. I want to decide my senior year courses and also I am taking a lot of health science courses. But I want to keep my options open to other careers in biology.

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana Jan 15 180 views

What jobs in biotechnology can put one in the frontiers of breakthrough research?

I am deeply fascinated by biology and have a passion for research. I want to explore my career options as a high schooler.

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Erick Jan 12 131 views

How to obtain enough experience and develop my skills in order to be able to get biologist license in USA as foreign student?

Always happy to make contact with professional in my majors
Thank you so much any advice is greatly appreciate

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DaviD Nov 11, 2022 220 views

How to enter into biotech business career with BA in Biology?

A BS in Biology but interested in the business aspect of biotech and pharma, not sure about how to follow/enter into this career path.

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Oct 26, 2022 384 views

What are some majors to look for as someone wanting to study biotech?

I feel like I should start thinking about this, but I don't have too many ideas for it.

Thaddeus’s Avatar
Thaddeus Oct 25, 2022 167 views

Going further in a field of study with no resources?

How do you further in your field if not given the resources to pursue further education?

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Oct 24, 2022 184 views

Future Career

My current career goal is to get into Biotechnology, and maybe programming as an alternative. For the biotechnology field, what should I look into to be more prepared?

Freddie’s Avatar
Freddie May 31, 2022 443 views

How exactly should I choose a career in STEM?

Being in STEM is something that I would love to do however, I am not sure exactly what career I want. I know I want to do something that can help people, possibly work with machinery, and have a really good pay. I hate working in teams and I would rather meet up with people initially to...

Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn Oct 06, 2021 301 views

how long do I have to be in college?

#marine #biology #marine-biology #biotechnology

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Pawani Aug 27, 2021 2128 views

What are the career options available after Biotechnology

#engineering #biotechnology #coding

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Srishti Apr 02, 2021 304 views

What kinds of jobs can I apply for in the US as an international student with a Biochemistry/Biotechnology bachelors degree , especially if I want to work for laboratory experience and then apply for graduate school?

#international-student #biochemistry #biotechnology #job

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Maria Inês Feb 22, 2021 302 views

What is the best career to work on investigation, Bio technologist or doctor?

#career #doctor

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Cemre Jan 31, 2020 450 views

What would be the best path to be a Genetic Engineer?

#genetic #engineering #biotechnology #science #lifescience

Tina’s Avatar
Tina Jun 25, 2019 599 views

Biotechnology vs Biomedicine vs Bioinformatics

Hello everyone, i'am a non-traditional student and i'am transferring to a for year with an ultimate goal of applying to Medical school. However, I'am having a difficult time choosing a transfer major, at my home institution I've already completed a large majority of science courses from...

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan May 28, 2019 594 views

What does a biotechnologist do?

#biology #science #biotech #biotechnology

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Emmanuel May 28, 2019 447 views

Where do Biotechnology workers usually work?

#biotechnology #work

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Oscar May 28, 2019 429 views

Do biotech workers only work in labs? Or do they work in other places?


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Daniel May 28, 2019 411 views

Can you advance in biotechnology


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Aleksandra Mar 05, 2019 457 views

How prominent are technology questions on the MCAT in comparison to strictly biological questions?

#tech #biology #MCAT #doctor #med #medicine #medschool #physician #science #biotechnology #exam

Aleksandra’s Avatar
Aleksandra Mar 05, 2019 472 views

How has biotechnology recently changed your life as a doctor?

#tech #doctor #physician #med #medschool #medicine #bio #biotechnology

Ahlyia’s Avatar
Ahlyia Aug 27, 2018 734 views

What are the challenges I may face pursuing a career in science, and how can I stand out among the rest?

For my first two years in high school I have been studying biotechnology and I have been working diligently in preparing myself for college and the workforce. Though I have not decided on an exact career, I am deeply considering one within forensics, pharmaceuticals, or in the space exploration...

Rhea’s Avatar
Rhea Apr 22, 2018 741 views

As someone who has a degree in biomedical engineering or works in the field, what types of jobs are available with the field becoming more and more popular daily and jobs becoming scarce?

I am currently a junior in high school considering biomedical engineering and want some more information for potential careers and general career advice.

#biomedical-engineering #biotechnology #biomedical

Fathima’s Avatar
Fathima Jan 17, 2018 561 views

What should I expect when it comes to sexism and racism in the STEM field, because I know it's quite pervasive in the US?

I'm South Asian, muslim, and a woman, and so far I've not experienced a lot of sexist or racist treatment, but I expect I'll run into it eventually. Is there any ideology I should keep in mind, or any resources I should look into?

#racism #sexism #biology #biotechnology #women-in-stem

Fathima’s Avatar
Fathima Jan 17, 2018 565 views

How do I blend visual art and writing skill with my biotechnology degree for a career?

Ever since I was a kid, I was constantly stuck between wanting to be an artist, a writer, or a scientist. There must be some way to have all these things in my life, but I'm not really sure since I want to be a microbiologist or parasitologist. #biology #biotechnology #molecular-biology...

Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen Jan 17, 2018 694 views

How does it look to future employers if you work in a different field for a while?

I am hoping to pursue a career in biomedical engineering. However, I will likely work in an electrical product engineering position for a non-biomedical company following graduation. How will biomedical companies I apply for in the future see this? Will this experience help me or will they...

Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen Jan 17, 2018 2781 views

What industry areas of Biomedical Engineering are the best for recent college graduates hoping to pursue a lifelong career in biomedical product engineering?

I am hoping to pursue a career in Biomedical Engineering. Since this field is so broad and full of various areas of concentration, I want to know what areas professionals think are the best to begin with. What areas will help those new to industry narrow down their interests and applicable...

Yekaterina’s Avatar
Yekaterina Jan 16, 2018 653 views

How can I get in contact with people in the profession I'm considering?

I have wanted to become a biomedical engineer for many years, but there are many times when I wonder whether I would truly thrive in this career. I would love to shadow a biomedical engineer, especially as I want to declare my major in college as soon as possible. Is it rude or unacceptable for...