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Mackenzie H. May 05, 2016

Double majoring?

I know for a fact that I want to major in a science when I go off to college. I am having trouble with figuring out the best option for that. I know for a fact i want to major in a biology of some sort. Would it be possible to major in biology and then minor in either cellular biology or maybe...

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Mackenzie H. May 05, 2016

Where is the best place an internship for Biology or Marine science ?

I am planning to either major in Biology or Marine Science when I go off to college. I was wondering if there were interesting internship to apply for that will give me more experience so I can narrow which field I want to specifically major in. I am hoping to find a science that i can fall in...

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Pamela A. May 04, 2016

What are the math requirements needed to be taken for a major in Biology?

I want to know the possible maths I might have to take in college if I have Biology as a major so I can prepare for them #doctor #college-major #biology #mathematics #molecular-biology...


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Etije Mehdori W. Mar 25, 2015

What careers are open to BME graduates after they complete their degree?

Year: Senior I'm thinking of going to school to become a Biomedical Engineer. I discovered that I had a passion for this field in 10th grade and was given the opportunity to explore this field during the summer after my Junior year where I was able to attend the Biomedical Research Academy at...

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DION S. Mar 19, 2015

What type of innovative inventions have been made during the last couple of years in the field of Bio engineering?

I'm really interested in Biology and have background knowledge of engineering, so I want to combine these two interests into a job. #engineer #biology #molecular-biology...


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Austin E. Feb 26, 2015

What careers are related to cell-biology, molecular-biology, biomedical Engineering, and biotech?

Im interested in science. I can't see myself doing anything else honestly. All my life i was intrigued by science - biology to be specific. I like to see how organisms work and how lives can be affected by altering biology (ie GMO, vaccines, cell-reconstruction, etc...). MY STATS: Year: Junior...

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Austin E. Feb 26, 2015

What does it take to become a Biomedical Engineer?

I'm thinking of going to school to be a Biomedical Engineer. What school would be right for me? What is the average wage? How long do I have to attend a post-secondary institution? If I only wanted to go to school to receive a Bachelor's Degree, what would be a good option for me if the above...

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