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What innovations can be done in genetic testing that will potentially further cancer research or a cure to cancer?

Asked Charlotte, North Carolina

Over the past two years I've learned that it is possible to manipulate the microbiome of a child as well as its genetic traits. Throughout my research no one has raised the question of if it is possible to remove a cancerous gene or monitor it once it could possibly be discovered through genetic testing. If we have the technology to foresee tragedies why not prevent them?

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I don't have experience in that field but I just recommended to my daughter studying medical school to watch this video about curiosity and humility as critical values to medecine as well as the role of outliers in shaping new thinking and solutions in cancer cure. The examples used in this video are about a rare cancer, the speaker is a surgeon.

I would also propose you browse scientific articles posted on genetic testing - cancer research in the app: ' Researcher'

Hope this brings you fresh perspective. Stay curious!

Let me know if any of the above worked for you to get closer to an answer.

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