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Alexis H. Jan 15, 2018 285 views

Why aren't there more high school programs centered around promoting Historically Black Colleges and Universities?

Growing up I had no idea about the labels "Predominantly White Institutions(PWIs) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities". My first time being exposed to HBCU's was in a somewhat negative light. These institutions provide quality programs and diversities just like any other...

#spreadtheword #equality #college #hbcus #college-admissions #human-rights

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Alexis H. Jan 15, 2018 247 views

What innovations can be done in genetic testing that will potentially further cancer research or a cure to cancer?

Over the past two years I've learned that it is possible to manipulate the microbiome of a child as well as its genetic traits. Throughout my research no one has raised the question of if it is possible to remove a cancerous gene or monitor it once it could possibly be discovered through...

#infants #protectourfuture #molecular-biology #science #genetictesting #genetics