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Charlotte, North Carolina

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Kennedy yesterday 228 views

How can I stand out for my nurse practitioner school interview?

What does the interviewer want to hear from the students applying to NP school

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Kennedy yesterday 231 views

What questions are asked during a interview for nurse-practitioner school?

any personal, work-related, or challenging real-life experience questions

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Kennedy yesterday 160 views

What classes or "pre-requisites" are required in order to apply to a nurse practioner program??

Other than the undergrad general education classes and the RN & BSN core courses...

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courtney yesterday 100 views

Is it really worth it to stress over college or live my life?

what's the reason to go to college i feel like i should just enjoy my life but you literally need money to live

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Kennedy yesterday 118 views

What is the application process like for a nurse-practicioner?

I am interested in NP school, but I have no idea where to start. Other than the online application process, I wonder what else is involved.

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Crystal Feb 22 219 views

what do i pick? So im signing up currently for my college classes ill be taking as a junior next year, if i want to be a doctor (obgyn) what program do i pick???

Im currently a sophomore signing up for my junior classes, i have 3 blanks im filling with college classes, there are 5-6 “nurse” programs to choose from but i dont know which one to select as i want to be a doctor. Im using the ccp program.

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Kali Feb 20 515 views

What is it like to be a forensic nurse What were the college classes like? ?

I'm interested in becoming a forensic nurse so I can help people and for my own personal reasons, yet I see people who are in med schools and the workload seems to be too much. Though I will say I'm good with organization and managing stress, I worry it may be too much. If I do take this path,...

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Edwin Feb 08 126 views

Im 15 now im i always wanted to be a firefighter how can i start?

How can i start a Firefirefighting carrer at 15?

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oscar Feb 03 218 views

what would be the best way to go on about learning a trade?

what would be the best way to go about learning a trade? would learning through school be best? or going straight to work?

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Kali Jan 24 394 views

What are the pros and cons of forensic science and forensic anthropology?

Recently I've been running back and forth between forensic anthropology and forensic science. I understand the two are similar but I think that's why I'm having an issue deciding in the first place! I want to be able to compare the two to get a solid idea of what I may be working with in the future.

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caitlyn Jan 22 495 views

why is it so important?

Why is a career so important to so many people I understand it's so we can live but why do people care what we do?

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bin Jan 21 397 views

What are some tips to be a better professional with you do not have internship experience ?

What are skills that you can develop?

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Kali Jan 19 479 views

Is forensic anthropology the right major for me?

Hi! I've always loved forensics and once I found forensic anthropology it seemed like a good route for me. After doing some more research I realized it requires some math skills, math is not one of my strong suits so I'm doubting my choice. What is it like to actually work with anthropology?...

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Orion Jan 10 545 views

How can I improve my Channel?

I've been trying to improve my YouTube, I started with working on editing, and I know that you can never truly master it, but im working on it. I mainly want to know what I can improve besides editing. The more I'm learning the happier I feel about my channel, I was just wondering if there is...

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Blake Jan 09 605 views

How to pursue Archaeology after college?

Bachelor's degree in Archaeology

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