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Calique B.’s Avatar
Calique B. Nov 24 93 views

How to find a dream job

My whole life I haven't thought of what i wanted to do with myself as an adult and now that I am one,I still don't know what I want to do. I'm practically letting life take the wheel and leading me towards what ever lies ahead....


Nereida V.’s Avatar
Nereida V. Nov 19 35 views

Can I start singing at the age of 10?

Hi I am looking for a job to earn cash...


Bobbi H.’s Avatar
Bobbi H. Oct 12 98 views

What can I be doing right now to build my resume for mental health field employers?

I know that I want to go into the mental health field, but due to confidentiality issues, I see that I may not be able to job shadow. What else can I be doing now other than school? career mentalhealth...


James T.’s Avatar
James T. Oct 14 62 views
Joie M.’s Avatar
Joie M. Jan 17, 2018 418 views

What are the most important factors to consider when deciding whether or not to go to graduate school?

I know that some jobs require graduate-level education, but it is also extremely expensive and time-consuming. What are some pros and cons to attending graduate school? What makes the process worth the hassle? graduateschool highereducation graduate-school...


Hayden W.’s Avatar
Hayden W. Sep 24 83 views

What does a typical week in the life of a welder look like?

I am curious to see what the average week looks like for someone on the ground floor so to speak welding...


Beni R.’s Avatar
Beni R. Aug 12, 2018 315 views

How can I use my time in college more efficiently?

I do not want to waste time participating in activities and classes that do not progress myself in life. How can I choose what to take part in, so that my time is not wasted? Thank you. usingtimewisely college...


Harmony D.’s Avatar
Harmony D. Jun 01 325 views

What jobs are available right after college after having a minor in Human Resource Management?

I am a college sophmore with a goal of becoming a Human Resources Manager someday. human-resources...


Uma L.’s Avatar
Uma L. Aug 09 185 views

Where can I get with my plan of individualized study?

I'm transferring from community college to app state next fall. I'm interested in social work, communication studies, and child development (social work is my concentration, not sure which minor/second concentration between communication and child development I should do.) Either way, I have...

appalachianstateuniversity socialwork law college interdisciplinarystudies communications psychology individualizedmajor childdevelopment

Emma M.’s Avatar
Emma M. Aug 15, 2018 238 views

How do you make applying for colleges less stressful?

It's the summer before senior year starts and my parents have been on me about applying all summer. However, its hard to know where to start and its so overwhelming. How can you make it easier?...


Dulcce V.’s Avatar
Dulcce V. Jan 17, 2018 759 views

Will school tuition be less in the future?

School has become a business here in the US. I have seen other countries and University tuition is not high. They want people to go to school and be educated. In addition, I have noticed the quality of teaching material is better as well as teaching methods. Is that going to get any...

financial-aid college college-tuition financial-planning

Joy Clarisse S.’s Avatar
Joy Clarisse S. May 13, 2016 1696 views

What advice do you have for an aspiring leader?

In the program I'm going into for college, I am a part of a cohort. We are expected to show and learn about leadership qualities. What can I do to further my leadership? leadership leader youth leaders youth-leadership student-leadership leading-people...


corey W.’s Avatar
corey W. Mar 10, 2016 757 views
Olivia F.’s Avatar
Olivia F. Jan 16, 2018 477 views

What are some good scholarship apps to download?

Is there any apps for iPhone that help you earn scholarships? scholarships...


Henry L.’s Avatar
Henry L. Apr 12, 2020 265 views

What do I do this summer for med school?

I want to try to go to Medical School after college, and I know I should be doing research this summer, but everything was cancelled due to Corona virus. What should I spend this summer doing instead that would help my chances at getting into med school? medicine doctor premed...


Dulcce V.’s Avatar
Dulcce V. Mar 05, 2019 300 views

How can we implement architecture principles to create solutions to current health problems like missing limbs or damaged organs?

I believe that architecture can and should be implemented in medicine to create new devices, prosthetics that are closer to the human body. This way the body can take them and make the new organ or body part it's own. healthcare architecture...

Geovanny C.’s Avatar
Geovanny C. May 22, 2016 577 views

How is life as an Petroleum Engineer?

My high school has focused my attention to engineering. Out of all the careera in the field petroleum engineering has caught my attencion and intrest. I met a women one day and she mentioned her husband being a petroleum engineer and how he's almost never home. So I am wanting to know what will...


Dimarco A.’s Avatar
Dimarco A. May 18, 2016 772 views

As a fashion designer, does it become difficult to stay relevant?

As different trends change everyday, it must be hard trying to stay relevant mostly if you don't agree with the new style of clothing being presented to the world. marketing fashion design merchandising...


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