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Henry L. Apr 22 99 views
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Henry L. Apr 22 86 views

When you were in med school, what did you do for fun?

I know I have some years before I have to actually start worrying about this, but is med school all stress or is it fun too? #medicine #doctor #medical-education #college...


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Henry L. Apr 22 146 views

Will I have any time for video games in college/medical school?

I kind of like to play video games, but I'm worried I'll have too much work to do #medschool #medical...


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Henry L. Apr 22 74 views

Do I need to remember the things I learn in chemistry?

I'm in chemistry right now, and sometimes I don't really enjoy it. Is it important to remember this stuff for medical school, or does only the grade matter? #college #doctor #research...


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Henry L. May 05 91 views
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Andrew B. Aug 31, 2018 176 views

What should I know about college?

Of course there is increased freedom and workload, but what else catches people by surprise?...


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Mary F. Aug 26, 2018 174 views
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Dulcce V. Mar 05, 2019 153 views

How can we implement architecture principles to create solutions to current health problems like missing limbs or damaged organs?

I believe that architecture can and should be implemented in medicine to create new devices, prosthetics that are closer to the human body. This way the body can take them and make the new organ or body part it's own. #healthcare #architecture...

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Desiree M. Aug 06, 2018 217 views

New scholarships?

I've been applying like crazy and it's getting harder to find new ones, any suggestions? #stuck...


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Alexis H. Jan 15, 2018 240 views

What innovations can be done in genetic testing that will potentially further cancer research or a cure to cancer?

Over the past two years I've learned that it is possible to manipulate the microbiome of a child as well as its genetic traits. Throughout my research no one has raised the question of if it is possible to remove a cancerous gene or monitor it once it could possibly be discovered through...

#genetics #infants #molecular-biology #genetictesting #protectourfuture #science

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Megan J. May 06, 2016 1321 views

Is it possible to graduate from nursing school and pursue a career other than hospital nursing?

I am enrolled at Liberty University for fall 2016 and am hoping to get into their nursing program. My mom is a nurse and has done hospital nursing for many years. I see that it is long hours and physically draining. I love helping people and really want to pursue this path but, if it's an...

#nursing #nurse-management #nurse-practitioner #registered-nurses

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Addison C. Mar 19, 2019 174 views
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Tyra D. May 18, 2016 321 views

Is it best to take time off in between undergrad and graduate school to pursue things like work or travel, or is it best to just take everything in one big breath?

I can see the positive and negative possibilities with both taking time off in between graduate and undergraduate schooling and I'd like an experienced opinion. #teacher #professor #student #advisor #career...


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Addison C. Mar 19, 2019 2539 views

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