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Delaini N.’s Avatar
Delaini N. Jan 20, 2018 317 views

What are some effective ways to study if you are a hands on learner?

I struggle to find effective ways for me to study and remember the material. #iwannastudybetter #elementary-education...


Henry L.’s Avatar
Henry L. Apr 22 91 views

What do engineers actually do?

One of the schools I'm looking at allegedly has a very good engineering program, but what do engineers do all day? Like hasn't everything been invented already? #engineering...


Alexis H.’s Avatar
Alexis H. Jan 15, 2018 224 views

What innovations can be done in genetic testing that will potentially further cancer research or a cure to cancer?

Over the past two years I've learned that it is possible to manipulate the microbiome of a child as well as its genetic traits. Throughout my research no one has raised the question of if it is possible to remove a cancerous gene or monitor it once it could possibly be discovered through...

#genetictesting #genetics #molecular-biology #infants #protectourfuture #science

Dulcce V.’s Avatar
Dulcce V. Jan 17, 2018 222 views

Is the process to be able to be considered "in-state" be easier for DACA students?

I am a student under DACA. I recently found out that in addition to not qualifying for financial aid, I do not qualify for in-state tuition regardless of how long I've lived in my current state. Is that going to change someday? I would love to finish school. #daca #immigration #college...


Henry L.’s Avatar
Henry L. Apr 12 96 views

What do I do this summer for med school?

I want to try to go to Medical School after college, and I know I should be doing research this summer, but everything was cancelled due to Corona virus. What should I spend this summer doing instead that would help my chances at getting into med school? #medicine #doctor #premed...


Henry L.’s Avatar
Henry L. Apr 12 89 views

Is it important to take classes outside of my major?

When I go to college, I'm probably going to major in a natural science, and, honestly, I don't enjoy English or history class. Is it a good idea to take those courses in college anyways, or can I only take the math and science I enjoy?...


Nora D.’s Avatar
Nora D. Feb 27 140 views

How much does the PSAT affect college applications?

I’m a high school sophomore who’s very excited (but also confused) about college!! #college #college-advice #high-school...


Dulcce V.’s Avatar
Dulcce V. Jan 17, 2018 279 views

Will school tuition be less in the future?

School has become a business here in the US. I have seen other countries and University tuition is not high. They want people to go to school and be educated. In addition, I have noticed the quality of teaching material is better as well as teaching methods. Is that going to get any...

#financial-planning #college-tuition #college #financial-aid

Henry L.’s Avatar
Henry L. Apr 12 93 views

Besides good grades, how do I get into med school?

I've heard GPA is a really important factor in admission, but if I want to stand out or have better chances than the other people applying, what else can I do? #premed #doctor...


Henry L.’s Avatar
Henry L. Apr 12 95 views

What kinds of student organizations should I join in college?

I'm a junior in high school right now, and I really want to go to medical school. I'm not sure what kinds of organizations are available to join or where I want to go, but I want to do everything I can to become a doctor. #premed #doctor #college...


Henry L.’s Avatar
Henry L. Apr 22 117 views

Will I have any time for video games in college/medical school?

I kind of like to play video games, but I'm worried I'll have too much work to do #medschool #medical...


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