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Ana A. May 05 255 views

What to focus on when you do not have a vision of what you want to work at?

I am a las year International Business Administration student, and while all my classmates are going back to the family business, starting a process, leaving for a Masters degree or finding jobs in normal enterprises, I have lost thrive and passion for whatever I can do with my degree and...

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Salma L. Apr 26 226 views

As an online learner, how can I refresh my brain and continue to motivate myself?

Often times, I’ll be on my phone or computer doing schoolwork for so long that my eyes get blurry and my head hurts. So, that affects my speed and determination to get work done. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to relieve stress and refresh my brain. In addition to study tips, I'm...

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John D. Dec 10, 2019 82 views
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Wah O. Mar 15, 2019 191 views

What keeps you going on your profession?

What is your motivation for going to work everyday? How do you overcome some obstacle in your daily work place?...


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Brenna M. Mar 10, 2019 145 views
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Sophia A. Oct 26, 2018 238 views

Self Discipline and Motivation

I’m going to begin #onlinecourses in a few days and I’m not sure how I will stay on top of them. I have to get through 20 courses within the next 12 months, and have 8 weeks to complete each course. My question is, how do I stay on top of the work and receive good marks? #motivation...

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Sujeong H. Aug 30, 2018 249 views

How do you balance school, work, friends, and family?

I started working a couple months ago and I'm having a hard time doing everything. I feel like days need to have more hours and months to have more days. #school...


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Camilo Z. Aug 18, 2018 317 views

How to be productive?

What’s the best way to stop procrastinating and having productive days? #motivation #advice...


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Elizabeth G. Aug 13, 2018 244 views

How do I become a straight "A" student, when I'm a straight "C" student?

I need help! Any tips or tricks on how to motivate yourself or for studying would be appreciated. #college-student #motivation #work/school...

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D'Avion B. Aug 05, 2018 274 views
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Grace F. Apr 16, 2018 264 views

Reaching your dream job is tough. What do you think it means to reach your dream job, and why is it so rewarding?

We all have an image of a dream job, yet was makes it a dream? Is it the hard work and persistence that makes the job rewarding. Or maybe even today it's considered a dream job because the odds of you receiving the job as a female is small. I would love to hear peoples perspectives on what they...

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Andrea J. Apr 18, 2018 199 views

How do you keep focus on your classes?

Sometimes I find it hard to focus on my classes when doing online classes. There are so many web sites that I'd like to spend my time on instead of doing homework. How do you stay focused? #college #focus #motivation #study-skills #organization #classes...


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Kenyatta L. May 23, 2018 188 views

Technology teacher??

I’m currently enrolled in a technical college. Before I transfer to my other university, I want to know is there a teaching job that includes technology/computers in the elementary or middle school level? I have a passion for computers/technology and teaching others how to use it. But I also...

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re L. Apr 29, 2018 229 views

How to motivate yourself/others for hunting for scholarships.

I have a tendency to overload myself and find myself short on energy when I have the few breaks to work on scholarships. #procrastination...


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Yelizaveta A. Jan 17, 2018 339 views

How to stay motivated ?

I enjoy learning and I like school, but I have this bad habit of losing motivation and focus. I usually get discouraged after receiving negative feedback or a bad test grade which then only makes me get even worse scores due to lack of motivation. Any tips on how to stay motivated and ask for...

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Zachary R. Jan 17, 2018 292 views

How do you concentrate on your studies when you just can't focus

I have a hard time focusing on my homework and get distracted very easy. #focus #motivation #homework #studying-tips...


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Hadiyah O. Jan 17, 2018 345 views

How do you get motivated to fill out scholarships?

I need to get more money for school since my parents struggle to pay out of pocket #scholarship #scholarships #financial-aid #college...


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sophie D. Jan 16, 2018 281 views

How do I find motivation to study when I am stuck in a rut?

Sometimes I have no idea how to find the motavation to study because I am so tired or have no energy.#motivation #studying-tips #studying...


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Fahmeda U. Jan 16, 2018 316 views

What keeps you motivated to study ?

I have tried many techniques such as taking good notes and make it look pretty. But sometimes I just lose my motivation. So any tips to help you stay motivated? #studying-tips #motivation #study-skills...


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Olivia G. Jan 13, 2018 318 views

What are some good ways to manage my time better in college?

I struggle with managing my time and staying motivated, what are some good tips so I can stay on top of my work in college? #college #time-management #motivation #study #scholarship...


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Christina X. Mar 19, 2018 333 views

Should I go into the business career or should I follow my dreams.

My parents always pressure me to aim high and get a good job that pays me well. My dreams are to become an idol, singer, dancer, actress, model (mainly more into the entertainment industry which is really hard to get into). My parents do not agree with my dreams and rather have to go into...

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Joey L. Mar 18, 2018 374 views

Where do I find the motivation to pursue writing when everyone says a writer does not earn much?

I have always wanted to become a writer since I was young. My parents and others have told me that a writer does not earn much, so I am planning to write at home while taking up other part-time jobs. However, I would need a lot of motivation to keep up with my dream and not be consumed by my...

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Jocelyne C. Jan 22, 2018 372 views

What is the best way to keep myself motivated to get my masters?

I am currently in college and I want to get my masters in clinical mental health counseling. I know it is hard and anything is possible but I don't know if I would have the money to pay for it and it's just stressful to think about but I do want to get my masters. #motivation...


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Catherine M. Jan 15, 2018 417 views

How do I stay motivated to study?

I am easily distracted and I find myself not wanting to study but still wanting the better grades. #studying-tips #study-habits #motivation...


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Lauralea P. Jan 17, 2018 231 views

What is the best way to maintain my career vision in college when I become overloaded by the workload?

I know many individuals who started strong in college but once the reality of the work to achieve their goals became known to them, they gave up on their dreams. I know that my desire to dual major in general surgery and as a general practitioner will require extensive discipline to maintain my...

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Shanice N. Jan 16, 2018 339 views

What are your future goals in life?

My future goals in life are to complete my college egducation and get my Bachelors degree, get into graduate school and work my way to become a Clinical Psychologist. These are the biggest life long goals that I have set up to complete, and I am working immensely on trying to achieve them all....

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Martha S. Jan 14, 2018 301 views

What do you recommend a college student should do when unsure of what career path to take at this point?

I'm almost finished with my second year of college and super worry of whether or not the path I've chosen is even the right one. I'll love to work with children specially focus in their mental health so Child psychology interest me but I'm a bit unsure if it's even the right path to take. I've...

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Haley S. Sep 01, 2017 362 views

What do you do when, you feel like you can't do it anymore?

I have a tendency to have panic attacks, and feel like I cant make it through school. I can't imagine what its going to be like in college next year. I would genuinely like to hear what college students do, or have done, to get through it all.#k-12-education #motivation #self-esteem...

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