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Career Questions tagged Life Advice

Bree’s Avatar
Bree Feb 28 116 views

How hard would it be to move away for college, and then move back to my hometown after I graduate (on my own, not with my parents)?

I am currently in Washington State (Seattle area) and am thinking of going away to California for college. I really like where I live however, and there are a lot of good paying opportunities for what I want to do around here (computer science/software engineer). I think going away for four...

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Jan 25, 2022 334 views

Imposter syndrome isn't fun, how do you deal with it?

I'm more than positive that imposter syndrome will follow me for the rest of my life in school, work, etc... and I'm sure it's followed (or following) others also. It sucks, but I believe it can be dealt with in healthy ways, what are some ways you deal with it when it increases or appears...

Linh’s Avatar
Linh Nov 07, 2021 457 views

Do you have any tips for staying motivated and focus?

As a senior and high school student juggling many things at once, I often lose motivation and struggle with procrastination. I'm trying to get myself back together but it's very hard to stay motivated. #tips #life-advice #motivation

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Oct 06, 2021 376 views

Advice on not comparing yourself to talented smart people.

Something I've always struggled with as a student and person in general, is comparing myself to others. Whether if it's looks or intelligence, I always seem to find a way to compare said person and myself. The colleges I want to get into are extremely competitive, so when I can't do something,...

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Kelly May 03, 2019 376 views

Is life going to be harder or easier.

#college #life-advice

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Dovev Feb 27, 2019 444 views

How do I make sure i'm not forgotten?

#college-advice #life-advice