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Luke F. Dec 21, 2017 384 views
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Garrett A. Oct 26, 2015 1570 views

Best high school to play football if I want to go pro?

I like to play football but I don't know if its right for me any suggestions on any high schools for football?...


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ronnie V. Jun 21, 2016 344 views
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Juan R. May 19, 2016 411 views

What degrees do football players study?

I want to be a football player #college-major #football #athletics...


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Nathan S. May 12, 2016 582 views

What high school should I go to?

It is important to ask this because if you go to a good high school than most likely you will go to a good college. #college #career #higher-education...


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isaiah T. Mar 08, 2017 416 views

What are some exercises I can do to improve in football?

I've been playing football for 5 years and it's something I love doing, But i would love to improve on things i'm weak at. #sports #football #training #exercise...


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Ben L. Aug 13, 2016 2214 views

How do I become a camera man at professional sports events?

I think it would super fun to be a camera man at NFL, NBA, or NHL game. What does it take? #sports #football #basketball #baseball #video-production #espn...


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camrien P. Jul 01, 2016 388 views
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Karan S. Jun 24, 2016 828 views

Which sport(s) should my younger brother consider if he wants to be in sports for a living in the future?

My brother is 5 year old and he is very much fond of sports. It looks like he will make a good sports person. right now he hasn't shown any signs of liking any particular sport. But he is very agile and always in a play mood. What sport should he go for? #sports #football #basketball #athletics...

#cricket #athlete #fitness

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Michael D. Jun 22, 2016 475 views
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miguel G. May 26, 2016 497 views

I want to be a athlete what should i do in order to be in the NBA, NFL, FIFA, boxing

i am asking that because i want to do the job i can feel proud of doing and bing able to have a great life. i also want to do this because i want my family to be proud of me and my sister can say "That's my brother." #sports #football #basketball #soccer #athletics...


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Juan R. May 26, 2016 439 views

how can i pick a plan B after be a football player?

I want to be a football player but people say that i have to be something else after that...


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Juan R. May 24, 2016 412 views

i like to play football what can i study?

i really like chemistry but can i do both? #chemistry...


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Ricardo F. May 24, 2016 396 views

After 4 years of playing college football and you want to go to the pros what do you do

I play sport and this is one of my goals and dreams #sports #football #sport...


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Allison B. May 23, 2016 493 views

How competitive is the TV field?

Because I wish to pursue a career in TV field and I feel like I should become aware of what exactly I am getting into and the chances of me succeeding and failing. #sports #football #television #television-production...


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Ioniko B. May 17, 2016 315 views
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Tre G. May 13, 2016 585 views

What is the best college to attend to play football.

When i grow up I want to be a professional football player. I also want to go to school when I grow up but Im not sure what for yet. #sports #football...


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Jonovin K. May 12, 2016 542 views

how long will my career be

because i might give up if it takes to long...


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Jonovin K. May 12, 2016 407 views

how long would it take to actually be a foot ball player

i want to know how long i need to wait in order to get to where i want to be #football...


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Nathan S. May 12, 2016 583 views

What college should I go to

I am asking this question because it is important what college you go to....


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Courtney B. May 10, 2016 737 views

What types of careers are there in the sports industry?

I know there are things like sports agents, journalism, etc. But is there a good market for other types of careers in the sports industries? People always say to get a career in something you love, and I love sports. It's something I am the most passionate about. I don't think I am cut out to...

#sports-industry #football #sports #wrestling #baseball

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vidal D. Apr 12, 2016 562 views

Do I have to be built to be a football player?

`BECAUSE THIS MY FUTURE JOB THAT I WANT? AND I WANT TO KNOW HOW HARD IT WILL BE FOR ME TO MAKE IT THERE. #college #business #jobs #football #basketball #gamer...


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Garrett A. Nov 30, 2015 638 views

I want to be a punter in football!!

Hi I'm Garrett I like to play football my favorite position is punter I'm really good at kicking the football and I want to go to college and be a perfetional punter I wanted to know what would be a good college here in North Texas...


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Garrett A. Nov 02, 2015 752 views

how long will you be in college if you want to play profetinal football?

I was wondering if you want to play perfetional football? #college...


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Kalyn T. Oct 29, 2015 891 views

What are some majors I can take with doing sports management

Other majors that I can get while also getting my degree for sports management but nothing thats overwhelming . Also something that can work well with my first degree (sports management) #management #sports #majors #football...


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Bryan B. Oct 28, 2015 766 views

i have three interests what is best payed,best education needed, and the career that needes most work

my name is Bryan and i like robotics football and engineering it is hard to pick witch one i what to do because they are all great thing to do but what to see witch would be better paying needs most work and needs the best education #technology #football...


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Garrett A. Oct 27, 2015 456 views

any suggestions on colleges for football

Hi I'm Garrett football is a very fun sport and I want to go some where with it my favorite position in running back and I want to take football to the next level and be good at it if you have any suggestions let me know that would be great thank you....


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Garrett A. Oct 26, 2015 515 views

how much mney does a perfectional football player make?

do know how much a perfectional football player makes if so can you give me feed back. If you sign with a team also how much money d you get?...


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Blake K. Oct 22, 2015 635 views

What do you have to do in order to be a professional football player?

im asking this question because right now my favorite thing to do is play football and I don't think that that will change in a couple years #football...


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Garrett A. Oct 22, 2015 477 views

how do you kick a tea in football?

how to kick a tea in football. You set it up and kick the bottom...