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Career Questions tagged Career Counseling

Career counseling offers insights into what professionals have done in their career, how they made their career choice, and what they have learned while doing it. For more information, please...

Ankit’s Avatar
Ankit Mar 24 52 views

Should I continue with ACCA or go for MBA?

I have completed 7 out of 13 ACCA paper, also got a good CAT score and thinking of going for MBA from DTU in Analytics, but not able to decide what to do?

Suzanna’s Avatar
Suzanna Mar 19 221 views

How can I be sure that I want to pursue a career in the medical field or something related to that as a current sophomore high school student?

I have an interest in sciences like biology and psychology and math is one of my favorite subjects, but I'm not sure if I want to go with this as my future path.

Manomay’s Avatar
Manomay Mar 17 171 views

How does one devise a plan for what to do right after college?

As I know what major I’m getting into already (business administration), I realize I don’t know how/what job searching looks like after graduating. Do you simply add it to your resume and call it a day? Or are there more steps to take afterwards?

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Mar 14 134 views

When is a good time to start working. Like having an official career.


phong’s Avatar
phong Mar 13 52 views

what questions when people analysis the graph?

like i just want to know

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Mar 10 90 views

What colleges have good architecture programs?

I am currently a sophomore in high school and I am starting to look into some college options. I am currently thinking of being an architect. I like residential architecture but I'm not sure if that is the specific kind of architecture I would like to do. I haven't really thought about whether...

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Mar 07 171 views

How do I get rich?

I want a good job, like 6 figures. But I don't know how long that could take or what field to go into. Can some rich people reply and tell me what work they do?

Tvisha’s Avatar
Tvisha Mar 06 72 views

Diadvantages of working in food industry?

I personally do not know a lot of peole in this industry and would really like to know from some experienced people that what are the challenges that they face, because every job has it's own pros and cons and i would like to know more about the disadvantages

Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian Mar 05 95 views

What jobs can I get with a degree in some sort of biological science?

I took a heavy interest in science my freshman year of high school and have really taken an interest in biological sciences but am not sure exactly what I want to do.

Isabela’s Avatar
Isabela Mar 05 154 views

How to find a career you like??

I'm currently stuck in this rut of being in a job I don't like, but I do t know how to find one I lik.

Hibah’s Avatar
Hibah Mar 04 94 views

What types of jobs pay well?

I think I might pursue something medical.

Hibah’s Avatar
Hibah Mar 04 103 views

What is a good job choice??

If you don't know what you want to do, how can you ensure that you will have a successful career path? I want to do radiology but it will take a decade to finish and I don't know if I can do it for that long.

Hibah’s Avatar
Hibah Mar 04 95 views

How do you know about your personal choices?

How are things working and how do you know your job is not just something you do that you don't enjoy? Is there a way where you can find what type of job you want to pursue?

Jaylin’s Avatar
Jaylin Mar 04 108 views

What is a suggestion for online collages for psychology? Is it more easy or hard? Anything I should know before considering online?

I would like to get my masters in psychology, professional counseling or whatever I can get. I am currently applying to scholarships to help but won none so far. I was wondering if online is better then in person collage counseling or if they have different benefits and what are they. Thank you...

Jasmin’s Avatar
Jasmin Mar 03 141 views

What is a good career for introverted people?

I like hanging out and helping kids or dogs. I can be lazy

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Mar 01 118 views

What are good colleges for marine biology and animal behavior?

I’ve always loved animals and I am interested to know which colleges are best for animal lovers- marine biology, zoology, animal behavior, animal science, etc.

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Mar 01 98 views

How do I begin modeling for a big industry?

I modeled when i was 13-15. I’m 15 and want to pursue modeling but my industry is small and I don’t know where to start when it comes to other agencies.

Miguel’s Avatar
Miguel Mar 01 134 views

What are some good career options?

Before I used to want to be a police officer for some reason but now I'm not sure what I wanna do.

Raheem’s Avatar
Raheem Feb 28 105 views

I'm trying to become a eletrican

Can you connect me with jobs/training programs/or tools I should be looking into as a electrician?

Steven’s Avatar
Steven Feb 28 99 views

What do you do for a living and what is it like being on the electrical engineering job, what are the duties?

What do you do for a living and what is it like being on the electrical engineering job, what are the duties?

Will’s Avatar
Will Feb 27 156 views

What is the hardest occupation?

I just wanted to know because i like hard, rewarding, strenuous work. #CV23

Addisu’s Avatar
Addisu Feb 26 72 views

How do we compare and contrast the learning ways of veterinary medicine in developed and in developing countries?

I want to know which country pay the highest salary for the Veterinarian's in the world

Addisu’s Avatar
Addisu Feb 26 79 views

Which university is the best to do master in veterinary epidemiology?

Epidemiology is very interested course that every veterinarian should know

Ezekiel’s Avatar
Ezekiel Feb 22 200 views

what architectural job pays the most?

I am wondering which job in the architecture/construction industry would pay the most, I enjoy building and planning the building stuff.

Dennis’s Avatar
Dennis Feb 22 284 views

what are tips after high school?

I'm currently a senior in high school

Kathleen’s Avatar
Kathleen Feb 21 272 views

How do you know which career is right for you?

Should I just pick a career that can support me or make me happy?

Kushi’s Avatar
Kushi Feb 21 283 views

What career should i choose? Investment banking or management consulting

I need to choose either investment banking or management consulting ,so that i can select my electives accordingly in my MBA for example if I choose IB(Investment Banking) i would be opting finance related electives if not then I would be taking generalists courses...but i am sensitive to...

Manar’s Avatar
Manar Feb 18 163 views

Life Massive Decision ?

How did you choose you professin?
Was it money?Passion?Parents?other?

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Feb 18 200 views

How can I figure out my career goals when I am still unsure as to what career path I'm considering for my future?

I'm a rising High School senior and I want to prepare well this summer before I start my College Applications. However, I still feel as though I don't know myself very well in terms of a single passion to pursue in higher education. Even though I know that is probably normal, would it not make...

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Feb 15 166 views

What are some tips to get better at singing?

I am really bad at singing even though I love singing. I want to be able to sing songs that I love without cringing.