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Career Questions tagged Cement Masonry

alijah’s Avatar
alijah Feb 22 146 views

how much do cement make?

like how long you have to be working to get a higher raise? or will I be working for the union/?

marcell’s Avatar
marcell Jan 11 104 views

what are the benefits of being a cement mason in the union?

If i were to be a cement mason, how would be able to join the cement union and what are the necessary steps that i would have to even take to do so for this trade?

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Nov 01, 2022 157 views

What should I do?

I'm not sure what career path I want to take, I'm stuck between cement masonry, and going to fire school to become a firefighter. I enjoy both but I want a career I know I'll enjoy in the future as well.
What do you think? advice?

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Oct 18, 2022 194 views

What is a typical day in cement masonry and what type of problems do you face while working?

I'm getting into it and wanna know what I can.

Ayden’s Avatar
Ayden Sep 09, 2022 126 views

How much would my salary be ?

I'm interested in the career of cement masonry. So, I was wondering what was the lowest to the highest salary. How much can I make weekly or monthly in this industry ?

Marc’s Avatar
Marc Apr 10, 2019 512 views

any tips for someone who wants to become a architect in oregon ?