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Career Questions tagged Cement

marcell’s Avatar
marcell Jan 11 100 views

what are the benefits of being a cement mason in the union?

If i were to be a cement mason, how would be able to join the cement union and what are the necessary steps that i would have to even take to do so for this trade?

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Oct 18, 2022 186 views

What is a typical day in cement masonry and what type of problems do you face while working?

I'm getting into it and wanna know what I can.

Darien’s Avatar
Darien May 03, 2022 204 views

How far can you go in cement?

Is there a lot of schooling in cement?

Darien’s Avatar
Darien May 03, 2022 224 views

Does it require critical thinking to work in cement?

Is cement more physical, or do you have to use your brain?

Darien’s Avatar
Darien May 03, 2022 216 views

Do you have to be strong or built to work in cement?

I was wondering because there is a lot of heavy lifting.

alec’s Avatar
alec May 31, 2019 381 views

What will my trade be like.?

#cement masonry

Marc’s Avatar
Marc Apr 10, 2019 438 views

what kind of job types are there in oregon ?


#cement masonry& block mason?

#travel nurse