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what kind of job types are there in oregon ?


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2 answers

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Brittney’s Answer

Hi Marc,

I spent my first three years after I completed my undergrad working in Portland, OR. Oregon has a ton to offer in terms of job types. Nike for one is the largest employer from Oregon, so if you are a sports fan I highly recommend checking out the jobs available at Nike. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, Columbia Sportswear and the Adidas US headquaters are also based out of Portland. In addition, some of the major industries in Oregon include manufacturing and agriculture. I went to Oregon State University for my undergrad, where they offered an 'exploratory college' for those who weren't sure what field they wanted to get into. I highly recommend that option if you are seeking to complete an undergraduate program and work in Oregon one day!

I'm in the accounting profession and am an IT audit for a public accounting firm where I get to work at a bunch of different client sites, have variety in my day-to-day work and work with extremely motivated people. I am really happy I went into this professional which was mainly based on my choice to pursue a degree in accounting.

Additionally, as the demands in healthcare are increasing nationally that may be another field to get into that has a high demand and great job security. Best of luck! Let me know if you'd like to hear more about my personal story!

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shivakesh’s Answer

Oregon has all kinds of jobs .

Hi Shivakesh. Every state in the US has many types of jobs. Can you offer the student some insight about Oregon to help answer their question? Thanks! Alexandra Carpenter