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what to we do in landscaping??????

i like doing stuff, i m like them person who don't like doing nothing . so i chose landscaping because they do a lot of working #technology...


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Irina F. Dec 03, 2019 63 views

What does a typical day look like as a Chef? What may be some negative things that I might come across choosing to be a Chef? Would I be able to make a living off of being a Chef only and not having to really struggle?

I am 16 considering doing advanced training from Job Corps in San Francisco after I get my 2 years done in the Hawaii Job Corps Waimanalo (Oahu). Then maybe either come back to Hawai'i or some where on the mainland. I would like to become a chef. #chef #cooking #culinary-arts #business...


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Elizabeth M. Nov 14, 2019 45 views

What is the best career for me?

I am Elizabeth , I'm in 11th grade. I love all animals, vacations and anything beachy. I love warm weather and swimming. I want to travel all around the world, and I want to go to college, and wouldnt mind studying abroad. #travel #college...


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Lillian L. Nov 14, 2019 46 views

What issues may I come across as a flight attendant?

I know that there is not a degree needed for becoming a flight attendant so I'd like to know any of the hardships I may face in this job #airline-industry #flight-attendant #career #travel...


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Would the work involve any lifestyle changes, such as frequent travel or late-night business entertaining?

Many jobs require one to travel and while I know this might be a no brainier I want to be able to know exactly how my life might change and if this is something I actually want ....


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Sammy N. Sep 16, 2019 90 views

Does sales jobs in the airline industry require travel ?

Hi, I am thinking of studying marketing at university. I have thought of working at an airline in sales. Do they get to travel? If I got a corporate job doing sales for an airliner, I would be happy to travel a few times a year. #marketing #airline-industry #sales #business...


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connor B. Sep 16, 2019 70 views

do you travel a lot

I love to travel and I want to have a job that allows me to be on the move and see new things. #photography...


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Alexis M. Sep 15, 2019 36 views

Would the work involve any lifestyle changes like frequent travel or things like that ?

I’m not sure if becoming an FBI agent or cop will require me to move somewhere different...


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Jordan F. Sep 06, 2019 58 views

where would be the best workplaces for an exotic animal veterinarian?

I am a Senior student at William J. Brennan High school looking for information on becoming a veterinarian. I specifically want to pursue becoming an Exotic Animal Vet and wouldn't mind traveling at the beginning of my career to do so but i would like to know my chances and what i must do to...

#veterinarian #wildlife-santuary #veterinary #animal-health #location #animals #travel #wildlife #work-place #job #veterinary-medicine #zoo #exotic-animals

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whats five things i should know with wanting to be a chef

being a chef and enjoying the feeling with cooking is something i want to feel everyday #travel #cooking #chef...


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josefina N. Aug 01, 2019 63 views

What is the best advice you can give me

I want to be a chef and i would like the guidance you can give me #chef #cooking...


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Alexandra C. Jul 25, 2019 57 views

What kind of transportation jobs involve psychology?

I am currently pursuing my bachelors in psychology and am interested in research. However, I also am really interested in transportation (Amtrak, light rail networks, public transportation companies, etc.). What kinds of jobs in transportation might relate to these type of transportation...

#psychologist #amtrak #philadelphia #commuting #psychology #transportation #research #bus #travel #transit #transport #train #subway

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Daniel H. Jul 24, 2019 61 views

How Far will I be traveling?

Does it Depend on the state? #trucks...


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Samantha Z. Aug 03, 2018 151 views

Traveling Physical Therapist

Is anyone on here a traveling PT? What are the pros and cons of the job? #travel #physicaltherapy #travelingpt #physical-therapy...


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how to become a translater

I want to become a translater so I can easily get around because I want to travel....