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Career Questions tagged Bachelors

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user Feb 23 87 views

Architecture Advice

What are the pros and cons of architecture? #CV23

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Leannie Feb 19, 2021 526 views

What master’s could I get with a bachelor's in criminal justice?

I am graduating soon with a bachelor's in Criminal Justice. I’m considering getting my master's, and I'm not sure what my options are. I don’t want a master's in criminal justice. What are my other options?
#masters #criminaljustice #bachelors

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Jamie Feb 18, 2021 634 views

National University Bachelor of Science

Has anyone completed the Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Design Engineering program with National University online? If so, what did you like and/or not like about the program? #bachelors #NationalUniversity #Engineering

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Rose Oct 29, 2020 262 views

What are challenges I can expect when getting my degree?

#bachelors #MD #DO #residency #gynocology

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Mitul Jul 27, 2020 347 views

Is it possible If i become bachelor of engineering in information technology and then i give exam of the remaining subjects of computer engineering which is not in information technology and then becoming bachelor of engineering in both computer engineering and information engineering.

#informationtechnology #computerengineering #bachelors

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C Apr 07, 2020 448 views

How do I get started getting a job in the field with a degree in chemistry

#chemistry #job #research #bachelors

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Alexandra Aug 07, 2019 471 views

In what situation can you list a degree you're working on as your title?

For example, I'm applying to graduate school in psychology this semester. By the time I attend the graduate program, I will have completed my B.A. However, on my applications, should I list myself as "Alexandra C., B.A." or not? The only similar situation I can think of is people who have...

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Golam May 06, 2019 570 views

Should I take the Singapore Government Grant for undergraduate studies?

I am a high school student from Bangladesh. I have recently been accepted to Yale-NUS College for the class of 2023. I have an option to take the Government grant that will allow me to pay subsidised fees but I will have to take up a bond to work for 3 years in a Singapore-registered company...

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Silvia May 03, 2019 442 views

How is the process of receiving a bachelor's degree in business management?

#buisness #bachelors #management

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Briana May 02, 2019 2063 views

How to do an art therapy portfolio?

Hello, my name is Briana and I would like to ask any artists or art therapists of career village: how did you organize your portfolio and what type of work would you recommend including? I imagine it varies program to program, but I was simply curious. Knowing once I do finish with my...

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Briana May 02, 2019 480 views

What art therapy programs would you recommend?

Hello there, Briana here! I am a current community college student, planning on graduating later this spring semester and I wanted to ask about any art therapy graduate programs so I may later choose the right school and bachelor's programs for me. I generally know a lot of the programs are...

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Ashlynn Sep 30, 2018 715 views

I want to get my bachelors in biomedical engineering. Do engineers get laid off a lot? Is it hard to find a job with a engineering degree?

#engineering #biomedical-engineering #job #bachelors #pursue #medicine

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Luis Aug 16, 2018 482 views

Is it enough nowadays having a bachelors degree?

I’m considering getting a masters in the future because the way I see it the competition is getting way harder and a bachelors isn’t as impressive as it was before. So I’m thinking if it’s worth getting a masters. #bachelors #florida

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Jennifer Aug 15, 2018 459 views

What is one of the classes you think would be the hardest to take for bachaleorate in science in nursing? As well as is it better to start in community college for two years then going to a higher level school or to just stay in a community college for four years??

#bachelors #nursing #pediatric #collegeconsideration

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Sarina Aug 10, 2018 611 views

Linguistic majors with bachelor's degrees, what struggles did you face once you tried to enter the workforce?

I'm considering pursuing a Linguistics major for my BA. I've read that it's quite hard to get a job unless you also have Computer Science minor/double major paired with Linguistics, which isn't quite my plan, though I'm considering pairing Linguistics with CS if it becomes clear that pursuing...

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Chyna Aug 07, 2018 767 views

Should I start asking about internships after or before college?

#bachelors #media #entertainment #sports-media

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Darious Sep 01, 2017 699 views

Which has more career options: A Bachelors in Business or A Bachelors in Economics?

As a soon to be high school graduate, I'm trying to figure out my best decision in life. I want to be a real estate lawyer, but keep my options open. #business #economics #career-path #bachelors

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Myla Sep 01, 2017 950 views

African American Studies Degree?

What job could you really get with this degree? Also, what are some experiences in this class? Hate it? Love it? Let me know!#college-major #bachelors #humanities #african-american #studies

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Leion Nov 18, 2016 1418 views

How to become a technical writer

What would be the steps to becoming a technical writer? #college #science #computer #degree #japan #technical #bachelors #etc

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Adilene Jezabel Oct 24, 2016 1007 views

If you have a degree in Computer Science, what kind of jobs will you be able to get?

Will you be able to travel across the country? I have only seen a couple of movies where a person works with computer science but to be completely honest I don't know that they do, it seems as hacking is the only excitement that they get? What are the fun aspects of this major and what is the...

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Alaina Oct 21, 2016 591 views

What careers are available for those with a bachelor's in nursing?

I am planning on getting a bachelors in nursing and then going on to receive a masters. However, I am not totally sure what I would like to do with these degrees. #nursing #in #bachelors

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Paige Aug 16, 2016 705 views

What major in college should one pursue if wishing to work in broadcasting?

Future college student #bachelors

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Amy Aug 09, 2016 667 views

What different jobs can you get after graduating with a bachelor's degree in architecture?

I was curious about this major. #career #college-major #architecture #bachelors

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curtis Jun 21, 2016 487 views

what does it take to be a computer scientist

i am a senior that will soon be in college in 2017 i am asking this question cause i like to be a computer scientist #bachelors

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Miriam May 24, 2016 822 views

What is the best way to get to know your professor and make sure he/she knows you if you are in a large class?

I have always had close relationships with my teachers throughout high school and I want to keep that up. I like to ask a lot of questions to make sure I am understanding everything clearly. #college #professor #masters #bachelors

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Elisa May 23, 2016 752 views

What is a typical neonatal nurse workday like?

When I was a kid, I would see myself in the medical field doing what doctors do best. But I never asked myself what I really wanted to be. So as I am now in high school, I have been thinking about what it would be like to be a neonatal nurse someday. Because in the medical field, you can be...

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Elisa May 23, 2016 905 views

How do you evaluate success on being a nurse practitioner?

Doctors go beyond treating a patient when their love becomes their patients. May not know yet what it is like to be a doctor or a nurse practitioner, but this is why I ask this question. I believe any nurse can do their job. As in prescribing medications, treating any illness, and taking...

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Brynna May 18, 2016 780 views

How difficult is it to transfer from a university in one state to a university in another?

After receiving my Bachelor's in Journalism in Florida, I want to start my career while working towards my Master's in New York and plan on transferring to Columbia. I am worried that if I'm not recruited, the transfer process will be very expensive and extensive. Even though it would kick...

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Annelise May 14, 2016 1513 views

What is the difference between a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree, and what benefits arise from each?

I am asking this question because I am considering my options for receiving a degree, whether it be Bachelor's or Master's, and I am just wondering what the main differences are between them, and what kind of jobs can you get with each of them? #professor #finance #professional #jobs #masters...

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Garrett Oct 22, 2015 881 views

What is a recommended college (in Texas) for my Bachelors degree in Architecture

Hello i am in 6th grade and I been looking into my degree as an Architect and want stay local. #masters #bachelors