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How to do an art therapy portfolio?

Hello, my name is Briana and I would like to ask any artists or art therapists of career village: how did you organize your portfolio and what type of work would you recommend including? I imagine it varies program to program, but I was simply curious. Knowing once I do finish with my bachelor's program, I will need a portfolio to apply to said graduate programs and would like to know if I can save current art work I've made from my classes so far or have a list of upcoming suggestions when I can later make them. Thank you in advance for any responses and I hope you all have a good day!

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2 answers

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Holly’s Answer

I would say to keep all your Art work, organize by relevance and when the time comes submit your portfolio you will be able to quickly pick the portraits relevant at that time for the Therapy Portfolio. Since you are creating at Therapy Portfolio, if you pick the ones that mean the most to you when created and bring you calmness, reflection, and soothes your mind, submit those ( the most meaningful to you). Make it your Therapy Portfolio.

Hi Holly, I wanted to thank you for responding to my concerns and for the advise, I'll be sure to keep these topics in mind if I'm making any new pieces or sorting through old ones. Thank you again and have a nice day! Briana P.

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Rosa’s Answer

Hi Briana!
That's a great question! My biggest piece of advice on building up your portfolio is to just keep creating new pieces. Once you have a big collection of work, including those you made in school as you mentioned, you will have a lot choose from. Then from that big collection you can make a portfolio that fits the program you are applying for. Good luck!
Best Wishes,
-Rosa C. Lopez