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What art therapy programs would you recommend?

Hello there, Briana here!
I am a current community college student, planning on graduating later this spring semester and I wanted to ask about any art therapy graduate programs so I may later choose the right school and bachelor's programs for me. I generally know a lot of the programs are private institutions, although I'm not technically sure if I want to consider being in or out college of state, cost, plans of work transportation and so forth. I had the resources from school; but being it was a while since I was actively searching (when not swamped with coursework), I'm not sure where to jump in. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated and thank you to anyone who responds in advance.
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2 answers

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G. Mark’s Answer

Personally, I would contact a university or other institution, such as a community college, for direction in this regard. The reason is that if I were to recommend a particular program that was not near you or otherwise just tough to access, I don't think it would be nearly as helpful. So you contact a few places, some of them aren't helpful at all, but then you stumble on one that has a psychology department or art department or therapy program that can get you hooked up. Most of the time, folks who are into any sort of therapy program are just overjoyed to share their connections with you. And they'll not only get you hooked up, but they'll likely help you along with a recommendation or other reference. There are also art programs that are conducive to therapy even though they're not touted as such. If you have a particular person in mind, you would be well-advised to tailor the program to the person. In my experience, I've found that people are a tough sell for stuff they're not interested in, no matter how helpful I personally may think it would be. But if someone is interested in something, I've found one of the most powerful therapy methods for any problem whatsoever is giving someone something they love to do.

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Charles’s Answer

I believe it is better for s job candidate to offer a potential employer examples showing a diverse world of their knowledge. Unless you are already in a firm and you wish to mover up the ladder.

Charles recommends the following next steps:

Find someone to talk to that is has successfully a career similar to the career you are pursuing.
Make a list of 3 firms that may have positions that match your criteria.
Read as much as you can about those 3 firms.

Thank you, I will consider this as a part of networking myself within the association, but when I asked this I was referring more so specifically to post graduate programs I can plan for from here on out with my associate's degree in mind. Nevertheless, it is a solid suggestion to help get me out there as an interested student which may open up later avenues in internships or future work. Thank you again and have a nice day! Briana P.