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Tylar’s Avatar
Tylar May 26, 2020 6147 views

Should I become a doctor or an engineer?

I am 12 years old and I dream of living in NY when I'm older but the cost of living in the city can be very expensive. Doctors get paid a lot more than engineers, but being a doctor can be time consuming and stressful. So I just want to know which choice would be better. I want to know how long...

Amulya’s Avatar
Amulya Apr 14, 2020 902 views

What's the perfect job for someone who likes art and engineering?

#art #engineer #engineering #job #artist

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Feb 27, 2020 484 views

Is medical school a requirement for a future in Social Psychology?

#psychology #medical #volunteer #graduate-school #psychiatry

Eve’s Avatar
Eve Feb 24, 2020 625 views

what is the best path to finding a good career?

#psychology #career

Micaiah’s Avatar
Micaiah Feb 24, 2020 698 views

Do you feel content with your work?

I know everyone has their ups and downs, but in general, can it get depressing? Does working with people fascinate you enough to enjoy working? #clinical-psychology #counseling #psychology #human-resources

Horizon’s Avatar
Horizon Nov 07, 2019 600 views

Any advice or information that can help boost my knowledge about this career?

#engineering #career

DaQ'uantai’s Avatar
DaQ'uantai Oct 01, 2019 623 views

what do you like most about your career

i like the fact that i get to work hands on make houses learn to build #engineering

Armando’s Avatar
Armando Oct 04, 2019 3105 views

How beneficial would a minor in Mathematics be as a Mechanical Engineering major?

I'm a junior currently attending Astate CQ and I wanted to get some advice about minoring in math or maybe even in business. I would like to know in what direction would I be heading towards having these types of minors. Also, how should I chose between those minors or should I also open up to...

Samsuzzoha’s Avatar
Samsuzzoha Oct 04, 2019 612 views

How can I be a best programmer?

I am just little introvert and a little extrovert. And I have interest in these tags.#technology #programming #science #engineering #engineer

Stanley’s Avatar
Stanley Sep 30, 2019 955 views

What are the benefits of working in the computer industry?

#computer #computer-engineering #technology #computer-science #engineering

Rida’s Avatar
Rida Aug 22, 2019 2908 views

What is difference between hardware engineer and software engineer

#engineer #engineering #computer-engineering #engineer #software

Leonardo’s Avatar
Leonardo Sep 18, 2019 830 views

What's your preferred method for relaxing in between tasks during the work week?

I love my fidget spinner! #anxiety #psychology #college

Peter’s Avatar
Peter Sep 18, 2019 404 views

What is the percentage of getting hired in el paso as an HVAC tech ?

#programming #engineering

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Sep 11, 2019 528 views

I am thinking about being a therapist but i am worried 7-15 years of college wont be worth it

#college #psychology

Nolan’s Avatar
Nolan Sep 09, 2019 426 views

What do you find to be enjoyable or enjoyable about the Hardware Engineering profession?

Do you find any joy out of your work and what causes it?

Similarly, what if any reason does your work cause you discomfort?
#computer #engineering