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How can I be a best programmer?

I am just little introvert and a little extrovert. And I have interest in these tags.#technology #programming #science #engineering #engineer

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3 answers

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Johan Gabriel’s Answer

I recommend you to improve your soft skills because they are really important in order to get the ideas correctly and develop them the right way, a lot of bugs in the programming world are caused due to the lack of communication.

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G. Mark’s Answer

You might think this is simplistic, but here it is. Practice. There are a lot of things about programming that you can find in books or get told by others, but there's no substitute from choosing an OS or language or environment and simply using it to do lots of stuff. Way, way back when I used APL, I worked at IBM where Iverson (the inventor) was from. I lived and breathed that language for six months. I got a hold of his book of "voodoo tricks" that was supposed to be filled with little-known, arcane methods and approaches and I had used every one already in the projects I was doing. This isn't some great talent on my part. It was just practice. And if you like programming, it's not even work.

Thank you for your co operate with my question... Samsuzzoha Z.

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Anthony’s Answer

Hi Samsuzzoha,

I totally agree with @G. Mark Stewart answer. I would follow up to focus on the some key aspects of programming.

Developer Workflow:

  • How fast are you in your current tool set? (For Example: Visual Code Studio or Sublime)
  • Should you switch over VIM?
  • Should you switch to an ergonomic keyboard?



There are so much that you can improved upon. You just have to choose which one to focus on