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Career Questions tagged Programming

The coding, application, and programs that make computers work. Popular careers include programmers, database administrators, network architects, to name a few. Please read below for more information.

Jeffrey C.’s Avatar
Jeffrey C. Sep 17 52 views

What are some of the few ways to catch up or self learn for any coding-related careers?

I really want to pursue a career in programming, but only have a little experience with programming. I am also applying to college in a few months, and wanting to major in CS. Should I self learn or catch up, and should I be worried? #career #math #computer...


Edwin Y.’s Avatar
Edwin Y. Sep 17 48 views
Gary Z.’s Avatar
Gary Z. Sep 14 42 views
Myles H.’s Avatar
Myles H. Sep 14 27 views

What languages are most common in game developing, opposed to computer engineering in a corporate setting, if there is a difference?

I'm a student learning Java in a high school class, and have also learned python between experimenting by myself and at a summer camp. I want to know what languages, if any, I should be focusing on or if I should just try and learn as much as possible. #computer-software...


Skyler Y.’s Avatar
Skyler Y. Jun 24 122 views

What is it like to work in a cyber security field?

I'm an aspiring cyber security analyst who has a high interest in programming, computers and cryptography. #programming #computer #technology...


Ziah H.’s Avatar
Ziah H. Jun 17 399 views

What would be the best way to learn coding or for a career in computer science?

I am in 11th grade. I find websites and the creation of code interesting. #computer-science # #coding #technology...


Rexford F.’s Avatar
Rexford F. Jun 15 127 views

How do I web developer?

Hi my name is Rexford, I’ve been doing web development for 3 years and I want to take it to the next level. #technology #programming #software-engineer #information-technology...


raj P.’s Avatar
raj P. Jun 10 129 views

how can i learn programming with master in biotech

i have completed bachleor in biotech and want to pursue master in biotech but with computer duality degree #programming #computer-programming #computer #computer-science...

Prajwal S.’s Avatar
Prajwal S. Jun 04 127 views

Where/How can i get software development internship in USA/Europe?

Hello, i am Prajwal Siwakoti .Since most of my programming learning is from self-learning , i think i have reached my threshold. I need to learn more from professional environment, follow industry best practices in development. Help me find the internship, i am ready to start from scratch....

#technology #programming #software-development #computer

Mike F.’s Avatar
Mike F. Mar 04 260 views

Is there any particular way that code should be formatted?

I look at my code sometimes and see that I do things pretty messily, and although I leave notes sometimes I look at the lines I have and dislike the way that they're arranged. Is there a specific way that code "should" be made to look like or is it okay just to leave notes if it works...

#tech #programming #computer-science

Phiseth S.’s Avatar
Phiseth S. Feb 24 206 views

In game development what is the development process like?

Im a Junior in highschool and find video games and their creation really interesting since a young age and want to know more about the things that you have to do in the creation of those games. What do you on the daily? What are factors that can make your job easier or harder? How hard is the...

#game-industry #art #programming #games #video-games

Elise J.’s Avatar
Elise J. Feb 25 166 views

What do I use to edit my videos?/How do I learn to edit better?

I am 11 so I am not the best at video editing and I have no idea what to use. Btw I will be on a laptop/monitor. #software #programming...


Mattia Alessandro C.’s Avatar
Mattia Alessandro C. Feb 06 270 views

How high should my C/C++ skills to be add into a resume

I'm learning how to code in C and C++ in high school, we are doing arrays, funcionts and so on. But we haven't done any object programming. Is ti a valuable skill that i can include in my Resume ? #high-school #coding...


Andrew T.’s Avatar
Andrew T. Dec 01, 2020 612 views

Being successful at a big company

Hello! I will be starting a new software engineering position at a very big company. What are some ways that I can be successful in communicating with others on my team and what are some things to avoid doing? #programming #technology...


Taner A.’s Avatar
Taner A. Nov 18, 2020 410 views

Any electrical engineers working in tech, such as software engr, big data, cybersecurity?

Hello, I am a junior studying electrical engineering. I am interested to learn from engineers who went into tech. what was your main reason? was it difficult to get into, and the prep you had to do? Finally, how do you cope with staring at code for a long period of time? #givingiscaring #tech...

#engineer #computer #career #electrical #programming

Adam R.’s Avatar
Adam R. Oct 26, 2020 291 views

how many types of machines do they use?

#programming I am a young adult in a program learning about custodial...

Nancy O.’s Avatar
Nancy O. Sep 17, 2020 667 views

Why programming with python 3 so hard?

I'm finally taking a scripting class, and I realize programming is not for me. it's funny how I was passionate to learn about it, now I realize that it is really hard. I really want to understand it, but using the required website for my class called "ZyBooks", It's not helping me...

#college #informationtechnology #scripting #professor #coding #python #technology #major #school #it #career #general #programming #classes #python3

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Jul 29, 2020 888 views

How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated? (Insights from all industries are welcome! )

Hello everyone! Tech industry is ever changing, new tools/frameworks keep popping up. For example, using React hooks in the React App has been gaining popularity since its release. Another example is the new features of JavaScript (ES6/7/8/9 /10......) Questions: 1. Given the...

#lifelonglearner #personaldevelopment #selflearning #coding #technology #motivated #career #reactdeveloper #programming #education #webdevelopment #learning #psychology