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The coding, application, and programs that make computers work. Popular careers include programmers, database administrators, network architects, to name a few. Please read below for more information.

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Beatriz L. Jun 20 137 views

Do you need math to be an effective programmer?

I'm curious about the possibility of being a programmer. However, I'm not good with logic or math and haven't understood Python based on some free classes I've seen of it. #math #computer...


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Belayneh T. Jun 15 63 views

what is the best programming language for drawing 3-D pictures?

I wanna design 3-D artifact with simple programming languages #programming #design #game-design...


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Effie M. Jun 12 328 views

How should someone with no programming or coding background and knowledge start programming and coding?

Are there certain websites for learning? What subjects should I start with? Which languages are the most beginner friendly? #programming #coding #technology...


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Jane S. May 16 215 views

I'm really interested in understanding human behavior and solving problems, but I don't have extensive tech experience. Could a career in AI be right for me?

Hi! I'm a high school student trying to figure out possible career paths I would be suited for. I've always been interested in language, neuropsychology; finding a way to integrate that with upcoming tech sounds fascinating. #technology #ai #artificialintelligence #behavior #computerscience...

#programming #solutions #tech #machinelearning

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Aleena M. May 13 163 views
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Sneha S. May 10 179 views

Hi. I would like to know what are the technologies/languages I should learn to become a full stack developer?

I am a software engineering student with knowledge in languages such as java, python and C#. I have worked with Sql server and mongodB. #technology #programming #software #computer-software...


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Nancy O. Apr 28 169 views

I can't figure out which Information Technology (IT) that are still on demand?

I have to pick one of this specialization: *Forensic Specialization *Web Design and Development *IT Management and Administration #technology #computer #information-technology # #programming #help #ondemandjob #future #covid19 #career #careercoach...


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Dedeepya Y. Apr 24 118 views

What to do ?

I’m perusing my Btech in VNRVJIET I can easily interact with others , and I’m little bit talkative . #programming languages C/C++ python java HTML5...

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Somali P. Apr 15 108 views

Can i apply for campus ambassador or any internship program?

I’m looking for the opportunity to expand my learning, put to use my skills and experience, work in a team. #programming #computer #internship #personal-development #studentintern ship #computer-science...


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Gabe P. Apr 03 270 views

Is it smart to get a second bachelor's degree in Information Technology?

Hi. I'm Amy - I go by Gabe. I have a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in public administration . I am in the process of changing career paths into information technology and am particularly interested in moving into a cyber security role, maybe in cloud security. I...

#programming #information-technology #computer-science #technology #cyber-security

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Aun M. Mar 14 248 views

How long Does it Take To Learn Web Development to Create a Website from Scratch?

Due to the march break and the covid-19 outbreak, I have a lot of time on my hands, of which I want to utilize cultivating a new skill. I am planning on investing most of my time learning web development. The reason why I asked this question is that I hope to gain a co-op position in a few...

#web-development #programming #computer-science #technology #covid-19 #career #internship

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Tsz Ho Y. Feb 13 231 views

Should I learn Python or R or other programming language?

I'm a college student in Economics and Finance. Right now I am quite good at Excel VBA and I want to learn one more programming language to give me an advantage in finding jobs. It seems to me that Python and R have their own strengths and weaknesses but I'm not too sure about it. #job-search...

#python #programming #economics #finance

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Bryson B. Jan 28 92 views
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Michael T. Jan 26 135 views

What is the easiest way to learn new programming languages?

I am a freshman at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Computer Information Systems. I would like to develop my technical skills but I am not quite sure where to start. Any advice would be helpful, thank you....


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taylor D. Jan 24 106 views

what does professional software development experience mean?

i wanna work at valve but they need someone with 4+ years professional software development experience and i don't know what that mean i wanna be a Game Development Software Engineer #video-games #animation #programming...


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Rachael E. Jan 23 294 views
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brendan S. Dec 12, 2019 144 views

How do you program?

I like playing video games #technology #video-games #programming...


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samuel M. Nov 25, 2019 154 views
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Alex H. Nov 14, 2019 204 views

What career should I choose if I enjoy computer programming?

I have been doing some basic computer programming for about 5 years now and it really interests me. I would like to have a career in computer programming but I have no clue which job would be the best to go into. I enjoy not only making games but also general software. #computer...

#programming #software #computer-programming

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Joan F. Nov 12, 2019 129 views
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