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Career Questions tagged Software

The coding, application, and programs that make computers work. Popular careers include programmers, database administrators, network architects, to name a few. For more information, please read below.

Bisika P.’s Avatar
Bisika P. Jun 18 51 views

I want to become a software engineer but i am confused which field should i go to (science or management) for 11th and 12th.

i am from nepal. so i would prefer to get relatable suggestions.

David O.’s Avatar
David O. Jun 16 80 views

[Advice to Career Computer Science students] Should I start as a developer or an operational support in a technology company.

As an operational support intern, I began to wonder whether I should convert to full time and stay in the same team (operation support) or request a team change and become a developer instead? One of my main concerns is which starting point will be most beneficial to my future professional...

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. Jun 09 95 views

Thank you for your help!

For all people that have been helping me with my other questions, thank you because it is really helping! Especially the people that have answered multiple.

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. May 31 113 views

what should i do now?

im 12 and am wondering what i should do right now to get ready for my software developer job whether im at nasa or not.

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. May 27 132 views

What is the difference between these 2 jobs?

Hi im thinking about being a software developer but I keep on seeing software engineer. What are the cons and pros of a software engineer vs a software developer? Also thank you for all the help you guys have given me especially Randy Tolentino.

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. May 26 117 views

What 2 or 3 coding languages should i study?

I have heard many coding languages but what are the 2 or 3 most used so I can study those in particular once i start studying them. If I'm not mistaken, JavaScript and python are commonly used.

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. May 26 89 views

How do i get in to NASA as a software Developer?

I want to be a NASA Software Developer but i dont know exactly what i should do to have a high chance to get in

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. May 26 94 views

What did you do to become a software developer and what was your salary because of that?

What did you do to become a software developer and what was your salary because of that. Im slowly getting pieces of what it would be like to be a software developer.

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. May 25 133 views

What is the normal day as a software developer like?

Im 12 and was thinking about my future job in class as a project. My main one was to become a software bc its interesting and i already started coding

Shair V.’s Avatar
Shair V. May 17 133 views

What is fun about being a software engineer?

What are some benefits and what is fun about this job.

Donald D.’s Avatar
Donald D. May 16 166 views

Should I take 4 years for a bachelor's degree or should I make sure I'm fully invested into this career?

Hi, I'm working hard to become a Software Developer. I have yet to get my bachelor's degree but I have finished school and I have my diploma. I have enrolled in Job Corps originally as a sound engineer I have worked on editing sound for podcasts and I wanted to jump off of that into a career...

Colton D.’s Avatar
Colton D. May 05 142 views

Is it easier to program for mobile or pc applications?

So many people today use their phones for everything and so many programs exist on the multiple app stores. Is it easier to program for the app store or for for windows applications?

David B.’s Avatar
David B. May 03 167 views

Software Engineers; What was the first indicator you remember that made you seriously consider this job?

I'm researching the career for a class of mine and I was wondering when you realized that this job would be right for you. Was it something gradual or was it pretty obvious that you wanted to do this.

David B.’s Avatar
David B. May 03 125 views

Software Engineers; Do you have an office you commute to, or do you strictly work from home.

I am researching for a class of mine and I was wondering this.

Myles H.’s Avatar
Myles H. Apr 16 104 views

How much math does someone use daily in software engineering?

Some people say it's good to learn calculus for computer science, but why is that so? How much math is used in a day?

Andy C.’s Avatar
Andy C. Apr 04 133 views

How do I become a Software engineer??

Interested in becoming one, a high school student.

Emily L.’s Avatar
Emily L. Mar 02 167 views

What should I consider to choose whether to study computer science or software engineering?

I want to program and develop software, applications, websites, video games. I would like to work in a company already fixed but independently develop and create my own things. #computer #technology #computer-software #software-engineering #software #science

Edwin Y.’s Avatar
Edwin Y. Feb 03 365 views

What the different between a software developer and a software engineer?

#software-engineer #software #technology

Richard C.’s Avatar
Richard C. Feb 02 349 views

What is the salary range for a software engineer?

I am interested in learning the pay for jobs that are related to the computer science field. #software #engineering #software-engineering

Jiarong J.’s Avatar
Jiarong J. Jan 24 153 views

What are some essential skills you need to work as a software engineer for machine learning?

#engineering #machine learning #software #computer

Jiarong J.’s Avatar
Jiarong J. Jan 24 153 views

What is the best part of working as a Machine Learning Engineer?

#software engineering #engineer #technology #machine learning

Engoron L.’s Avatar
Engoron L. Jan 23 213 views

What are the most profound resources to utilize in college to learn about CS/AI?

#software #computer-science

Gianmarco P.’s Avatar
Gianmarco P. Jan 21 156 views

Learning coding in school

I'm a student learning how to code and I was wondering, how much coding did you learn in school that you use now? I only ask this because a lot of the coding we are doing, I cannot think what it would be used for in most things. The main one i'm curious about is strings, what are they used...

Hamad S.’s Avatar
Hamad S. Dec 31, 2021 293 views

Career Differences: Computer Science vs. Software Engineering

I'm currently a freshman computer science student and have always wondered what's the difference between computer science and software engineering in terms of careers, where to go after graduation and what type of work each major graduates should be doing. It seems to me that both majors are so...

rishi S.’s Avatar
rishi S. Dec 28, 2021 228 views

which is subject is best for software developer

#software #software-engineer

"George" C. Dec 15, 2021 258 views

What is the best software for indie game developer?

#software #video-games #video-game-design #software-engineering

lize T.’s Avatar
lize T. Nov 16, 2021 290 views

1. What is a day in the life of a software developer of websites and/or application like exactly? 2. What kind of benefits does your job give you? 3. What are three thing that I should know about getting into this career? 4. Do you have any side hobbies that you fund with your career?

I'm looking into becoming a software developer for applications and would love to know more about what this job entails from someone who actually does this every day and may or may not like it. I'm open to all opinions and suggestions! Thank you, in advance, for your time in answering my...

Edwin Y.’s Avatar
Edwin Y. Oct 08, 2021 224 views

What is the working envioment like when you are woking in Software Engineer

I'm a High School student and I just want to know what the environment like for Computer software Engineer. #computer-software #software

stephanie L.’s Avatar
stephanie L. Oct 06, 2021 270 views

What do employers look for when recruiting for a software engineer, or any other computer science job?

I'm interested in pursuing computer science as a degree in college but I was wondering what tech companies look in terms of soft skill, and maybe a bit of hard skills as well. What are some classes I should take in college? What skills should I work on or need? #computer-science #computer...

Justin M.’s Avatar
Justin M. Oct 05, 2021 242 views

My career goal is to become a software engineer at Cloudera alongside my dad.

#engineer #software #engineering #technology #computer-software