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The coding, application, and programs that make computers work. Popular careers include programmers, database administrators, network architects, to name a few. For more information, please read below.

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Chelsie F. Mar 18 53 views

How might COVID19 affect research opportunities within academic institutions?

I am majoring in Computer Science and Digital Art and was hoping to get involved with research as a means to build my resume. As far as computer science goes, I am interested in cybersecurity, software engineering, and/or curriculum development for computer science learning. As for digital...

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Patrick B. Mar 13 56 views

Where is a good place to start?

As a high school student with the goal to life the dream I would like to know where a good entry level job would be for a new game developer. I do have the ability to learn quickly and think creatively but not to the point where I wan to go inde #software . #gamedev #technology...


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Agang D. Mar 06 83 views

How can I prove myself when trying to achieve ambitous goals?

I'm currently developing an MVP for a startup of mine and will be applying to some accelerators near the summer. How can I prove myself when trying to achieve such a goal while just being a HS senior? #software...


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Abdiel L. Mar 05 51 views
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Heather J. Jan 26 80 views

What's the best way for a beginner to learn software testing and get started working in this profession?

I'm an adult learner with a Bachelor's degree in an unrelated discipline (Social Science) that is seeking a mentor for transitioning my career into Software Testing #software #technology #computer #softwaretesting #qa #software-development...


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TJ M. Jan 24 73 views

what certifications are required for becoming a CIS teacher?

I am looking at becoming a #computer #information #software #teacher i am wondering what certifications may be required to do this? #computer-engineering...


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Brandon W. Dec 17, 2019 115 views

What kind of challenges will I be facing as a Data Scientist?

I am 24 and I really like numbers and statistics. I have a variety of experiences in computer skills ranging from HTML and programming, to hardware and software installation. I never really considered a job in computers however the education required versus the salary available is very...

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Wilson J. Dec 07, 2019 65 views
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Wilson J. Dec 07, 2019 60 views
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Alex H. Nov 14, 2019 125 views

What career should I choose if I enjoy computer programming?

I have been doing some basic computer programming for about 5 years now and it really interests me. I would like to have a career in computer programming but I have no clue which job would be the best to go into. I enjoy not only making games but also general software. #computer...

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Dayalis P. Nov 08, 2019 66 views
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paola B. Nov 08, 2019 66 views

what skills do you need to be a cloud engineer ?

what do i have to study or know to become a cloud engineer. #software...


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aniyah R. Nov 08, 2019 56 views
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natalie M. Nov 08, 2019 57 views
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alejandro M. Nov 08, 2019 65 views

what's a software engineer?

what is the work that they do? #engineer #software...


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Antonio O. Oct 21, 2019 126 views

What degree in college would I aim for to become a Software Developer or Web Designer?

I would imagine maybe five more years of school but I'd like an answer from someone who knows. #computer #software...


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Brenden S. Sep 16, 2019 110 views

I would like to know if coding could be done at home (basically, a stay at home job)

I am Brenden. I am in 8th grade & I am very intrigued by coding whatever the circumstance whether it's for a website or a smart program. #coding...


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Rohit S. Sep 13, 2019 154 views

Which is a better job?

Is a degree in computer science better or a degree in finance? #computer-science #computer #software...


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Isaiah Q. Sep 12, 2019 84 views

How did you move from a front-end developer into a full-stack?

I am a self taught #front-end #developer. Currently deciding to get formal training to later move into #back-end development. I have strong fundamentals in #programming #computer...


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Giovani A. Sep 03, 2019 99 views

Is it too late to study in university

I've been in administration of justice my past 3 semesters in college . I've realized that becoming a peace officer isn't for me. Now that I think of it, I want to study to become a software engineer. Since my overall GPA is very low I want to know how can I proceed. #college #software...

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