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Career Questions tagged Software

The coding, application, and programs that make computers work. Popular careers include programmers, database administrators, network architects, to name a few. For more information, please read below.

Hamad S.’s Avatar
Hamad S. Dec 31, 2021 117 views

Career Differences: Computer Science vs. Software Engineering

I'm currently a freshman computer science student and have always wondered what's the difference between computer science and software engineering in terms of careers, where to go after graduation and what type of work each major graduates should be doing. It seems to me that both majors are so...

computer-science programming computer software_engineering computer-software computer-engineering software

lize T.’s Avatar
lize T. Nov 16, 2021 165 views

1. What is a day in the life of a software developer of websites and/or application like exactly? 2. What kind of benefits does your job give you? 3. What are three thing that I should know about getting into this career? 4. Do you have any side hobbies that you fund with your career?

I'm looking into becoming a software developer for applications and would love to know more about what this job entails from someone who actually does this every day and may or may not like it. I'm open to all opinions and suggestions! Thank you, in advance, for your time in answering my...

career technology software web-development software-development

Edwin Y.’s Avatar
Edwin Y. Oct 08, 2021 142 views

What is the working envioment like when you are woking in Software Engineer

I'm a High School student and I just want to know what the environment like for Computer software Engineer. computer-software...


stephanie L.’s Avatar
stephanie L. Oct 06, 2021 181 views

What do employers look for when recruiting for a software engineer, or any other computer science job?

I'm interested in pursuing computer science as a degree in college but I was wondering what tech companies look in terms of soft skill, and maybe a bit of hard skills as well. What are some classes I should take in college? What skills should I work on or need? computer-science computer...

computer-software software technology

Fakaiha Z.’s Avatar
Fakaiha Z. Oct 03, 2021 201 views

How should I independently prepare for a future degree and career in computer science while still in high school?

I'm currently a junior in high school, doing IB. Most of my IB subjects are irrelevant to CS (English, French, chemistry, biology, philosophy, psychology) except for math. In math, I am learning algebra, functions, geometry and trigonometry, probability and statistics, and calculus. So aside...

data-science math technology high-school university-prep university roadmap science cybersecurity software computer-science online-resources

Jared I.’s Avatar
Jared I. Sep 28, 2021 101 views

What are some of the responsibilities for Software Development?

I’m a 9th grader and I’m interested in becoming a software developer, so I want to learn more about what you mainly do on the job. software software-engineer...


Pius H.’s Avatar
Pius H. Aug 25, 2021 161 views

Software Developer

software technology software-engineer computer-software What does a typical work day looks like and what is recommended for me to prepare for this...

Jimmie T.’s Avatar
Jimmie T. Aug 04, 2021 204 views
Walter H.’s Avatar
Walter H. Jul 12, 2021 285 views

What courses provide the best trajectory for someone looking to become a Software Engineer?

A bit about myself, I'm currently attending Job Corps. for the CCNA program on Networking. My goal is to complete this and pursue an advanced training for Database Administration, I believe using Microsoft Azure Architecture. A program Job Corps. offers is a transition to a two year or four...

technology college computer-software college-major software

Rajveer S.’s Avatar
Rajveer S. Jul 04, 2021 301 views

What do you do when you become a software developer and is it a good career to go for?

I am in high school. Currently thinking about my career and want to know more about software development. software software-development software-engineer technology...


Ashley Y.’s Avatar
Ashley Y. Jun 29, 2021 374 views

How do I gain experience in software engineering?

I am a college student and I would like to gain experience in software engineering to open doors to related job opportunities. computer-software engineering engineer software...


Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Jun 23, 2021 192 views

Is ASP.NET not used as much anymore for web development?

I recently took a course that was required for Information Science & Technology majors. I learned about ASP.NET and how it's widely used in web development. However, most of the web development jobs that I have seen posted online seem to use client side frameworks more. Is this because...

software computer-science technology

Emmanuel D.’s Avatar
Emmanuel D. Jun 14, 2021 199 views

How can I better myself so later on in the future me and my children can be set for life?

I like working on my future self, very open-minded, and helping others. Software Engineer Financial...