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Career Questions tagged Software Development

Fnu T.’s Avatar
Fnu T. 2 days ago 43 views

How can I get internship in IT field?

I am pursuing bachelor in Computer Science and want to start my career. It seems getting internship almost impossible before graduation.

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. Jun 09 95 views

Thank you for your help!

For all people that have been helping me with my other questions, thank you because it is really helping! Especially the people that have answered multiple.

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. May 26 117 views

What 2 or 3 coding languages should i study?

I have heard many coding languages but what are the 2 or 3 most used so I can study those in particular once i start studying them. If I'm not mistaken, JavaScript and python are commonly used.

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. May 26 89 views

How do i get in to NASA as a software Developer?

I want to be a NASA Software Developer but i dont know exactly what i should do to have a high chance to get in

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. May 26 94 views

What did you do to become a software developer and what was your salary because of that?

What did you do to become a software developer and what was your salary because of that. Im slowly getting pieces of what it would be like to be a software developer.

Donald D.’s Avatar
Donald D. May 16 166 views

Should I take 4 years for a bachelor's degree or should I make sure I'm fully invested into this career?

Hi, I'm working hard to become a Software Developer. I have yet to get my bachelor's degree but I have finished school and I have my diploma. I have enrolled in Job Corps originally as a sound engineer I have worked on editing sound for podcasts and I wanted to jump off of that into a career...

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mario F. May 03 135 views

When stuck on a topic of coding is it better to try and fail or watch someone just get it right?

I'm asking this question because sometimes when I watch a tutorial about learning a certain way of doing something while I know its the right way sometimes I still fail to understand it

mario F.’s Avatar
mario F. May 03 140 views

what is the most vital part of coding or software development that will help me branch into other areas?

I've did java and c++ a little, but i want to know more coding languages.

Wyatt P.’s Avatar
Wyatt P. Apr 27 162 views

A few questions about getting started as a Video Game Developer

I'm a freshman in high school and have some basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript languages. 1. What tools/coding languages do you recommend starting out as a game designer? 2. What is the hardest kind of challenge you have faced during development? 3. What is the best genre of game to start...

Tushar M.’s Avatar
Tushar M. Apr 26 182 views

what is the best language to start learning about coding is HTML a good language to start with

I am tushar student of 10 standard. I want to learn about coding I started with HTML and through which I found my passion for software development but is the right language because I don't want to excel in web development. Many people suggested me to learn about python should I learn that.

Myles H.’s Avatar
Myles H. Apr 16 104 views

How much math does someone use daily in software engineering?

Some people say it's good to learn calculus for computer science, but why is that so? How much math is used in a day?

Andy C.’s Avatar
Andy C. Apr 04 133 views

How do I become a Software engineer??

Interested in becoming one, a high school student.

Nafis C.’s Avatar
Nafis C. Dec 10, 2021 355 views

What do i need to do to create my own software

#engineer #software-engineer #technology #software-development #video-games

lize T.’s Avatar
lize T. Nov 16, 2021 290 views

1. What is a day in the life of a software developer of websites and/or application like exactly? 2. What kind of benefits does your job give you? 3. What are three thing that I should know about getting into this career? 4. Do you have any side hobbies that you fund with your career?

I'm looking into becoming a software developer for applications and would love to know more about what this job entails from someone who actually does this every day and may or may not like it. I'm open to all opinions and suggestions! Thank you, in advance, for your time in answering my...

Joshua K.’s Avatar
Joshua K. Oct 05, 2021 229 views

What career do you want and what are your goals?

I want to be a software engineer because it has a very high rate of pay and it is what I am interested in, in the digital age. #technology #software-development #engineering

Snyder G.’s Avatar
Snyder G. Sep 28, 2021 161 views

What strugles do you face in your current job

I am a 9th grader and i currently studying software devloping and id love to know some tips and tricks to help with strugles that I will face.
#software-development #technology #professional

Rajveer S.’s Avatar
Rajveer S. Jul 04, 2021 397 views

What do you do when you become a software developer and is it a good career to go for?

I am in high school. Currently thinking about my career and want to know more about software development. #software #software-development #software-engineer #technology #video-games

Prajwal S.’s Avatar
Prajwal S. Jun 04, 2021 248 views

Where/How can i get software development internship in USA/Europe?

Hello, i am Prajwal Siwakoti .Since most of my programming learning is from self-learning , i think i have reached my threshold. I need to learn more from professional environment, follow industry best practices in development. Help me find the internship, i am ready to start from scratch....

Kenneth H.’s Avatar
Kenneth H. May 28, 2021 1212 views

What skills do you need to become a web developer and how much experience do you need?

#software-development #software-development #software-development #software-development #software-development #software-development

Antonio N.’s Avatar
Antonio N. May 20, 2021 265 views

What type of software is used to develop all games?

#software-engineering #development #software-development

Noid T.’s Avatar
Noid T. May 11, 2021 241 views

How to attract people towards your business

#computer-software #software-development #software

Paridhi L.’s Avatar
Paridhi L. Jul 20, 2020 351 views

I am looking to develop a basic mentoring and tutoring app that can match volunteers to students. Any advice on this & programs/algorithms to use for this?

#evelopment #software-development #software-industry #developer #software-development #coding #code #app #appdevelopment #app-development #programming #computer-software #algorithms #codinglanguage #language

Dinesh P.’s Avatar
Dinesh P. Jun 22, 2020 711 views

How to approach software development early on in career?

As an intern, I see that the enterprise projects are very different from what we make at university level. The technology used requires me to go through a lot of new technologies. How should I approach this. Should I be worried for not knowing these tech stacks or Is it natural and common for a...

Grace K.’s Avatar
Grace K. Feb 02, 2020 496 views

How can I grow my networks?

I'm currently studying IT software development and will be looking for jobs soon. How can I grow my network and connections so I have a better chance at finding a job in the industry? #job #networking #software-development #job-search

Heather J.’s Avatar
Heather J. Jan 26, 2020 607 views

What's the best way for a beginner to learn software testing and get started working in this profession?

I'm an adult learner with a Bachelor's degree in an unrelated discipline (Social Science) that is seeking a mentor for transitioning my career into Software Testing

#software #technology #computer #softwaretesting #QA #software-development #software-engineering

Milton L.’s Avatar
Milton L. Nov 27, 2019 1147 views

what is the hardest parts of being a computer network architect

#architect #computer #computer-software #software-development

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Yves P. Oct 16, 2019 487 views

What steps should I take to prepare for a career in Software Development?

Job Corps- Informational Interview assignment
#software-development #computer-software

Yves P.’s Avatar
Yves P. Oct 16, 2019 496 views

What are effective job-seeking strategies for positions in Software Development?

Job Corps- Informational Interview assignment
#software-development #computer-software

Yves P.’s Avatar
Yves P. Oct 16, 2019 430 views

What are some important, everyday things to know about a job in Software Development?

Job Corps- Informational Interview assignment
#computer-software #software-development

Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Aug 02, 2019 827 views

I spent most of my software engineering internship not programming. Will that hurt me in interviews for full-time roles?

I'm a CS major in college and I am about to finish up an internship in backend software engineering at a division of a very large tech company. Most of my time was spent reading code, reading documentation, learning to use internal tools, writing configs, writing test cases, minor bug fixes,...