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Career Questions tagged Software Development

Rajveer S.’s Avatar
Rajveer S. Rajveer S. Jul 04 154 views

What do you do when you become a software developer and is it a good career to go for?

I am in high school. Currently thinking about my career and want to know more about software development. #software #software-development #software-engineer #technology...


Prajwal S.’s Avatar
Prajwal S. Prajwal S. Jun 04 104 views

Where/How can i get software development internship in USA/Europe?

Hello, i am Prajwal Siwakoti .Since most of my programming learning is from self-learning , i think i have reached my threshold. I need to learn more from professional environment, follow industry best practices in development. Help me find the internship, i am ready to start from scratch....

#software-development #programming #technology #computer

Dinesh P.’s Avatar
Dinesh P. Dinesh P. Jun 22, 2020 512 views

How to approach software development early on in career?

As an intern, I see that the enterprise projects are very different from what we make at university level. The technology used requires me to go through a lot of new technologies. How should I approach this. Should I be worried for not knowing these tech stacks or Is it natural and common for a...

#software-development #computer-software #technology #software-engineer #software

Grace K.’s Avatar
Grace K. Grace K. Feb 02, 2020 323 views

How can I grow my networks?

I'm currently studying IT software development and will be looking for jobs soon. How can I grow my network and connections so I have a better chance at finding a job in the industry? #job #networking #software-development...


Heather J.’s Avatar
Heather J. Heather J. Jan 26, 2020 391 views

What's the best way for a beginner to learn software testing and get started working in this profession?

I'm an adult learner with a Bachelor's degree in an unrelated discipline (Social Science) that is seeking a mentor for transitioning my career into Software Testing #software #technology #computer #softwaretesting #qa #software-development...


Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Anina H. Aug 02, 2019 452 views

I spent most of my software engineering internship not programming. Will that hurt me in interviews for full-time roles?

I'm a CS major in college and I am about to finish up an internship in backend software engineering at a division of a very large tech company. Most of my time was spent reading code, reading documentation, learning to use internal tools, writing configs, writing test cases, minor bug fixes,...

#backend-development #web-development #programming #software-development #python #software-engineering

Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Anina H. Aug 02, 2019 526 views

What types of software engineering roles will allow me to spend the most time actually writing code?

Hi everyone. I'm a CS major in college, about to become a senior, and will be looking for a full-time role soon. I feel like I'm on track, and am considering what type of software engineering role I'd like to pursue. One thing that I've learned from my summer internship is how much of software...

#backend-development #web-development #programming #software-development #python #software-engineering

Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Anina H. Aug 02, 2019 249 views

How much of the time is a backend software engineer actually writing code?

I'm a CS major in college and I am about to finish up a 12-week internship in backend software engineering at a division of a very large tech company. I'm a little surprised at what % of my internship was actually spent writing code: just about 3 of the 12 weeks. The other 9 weeks were mostly...

#backend-development #web-development #programming #software-development #python #software-engineering

Zacariah W.’s Avatar
Zacariah W. Zacariah W. May 01, 2019 206 views
Joshua N.’s Avatar
Joshua N. Joshua N. Apr 08, 2019 304 views

What does a day in the life of a software developer look like?

I'm really interested in becoming a software developer. What do they do on a day-to-day basis? #software #technology #software-development #software-engineer...


Anina H.’s Avatar
Anina H. Anina H. Feb 20, 2019 416 views

Which software team should I pick for my summer internship?

I've been using CareerVillage ever since high school to get help, and I feel like I'm finally close to the finish line.. I'm a junior in college majoring in Computer Science at a well-known school. I accepted a backend software engineering internship for this summer, and I was recently sent a...

#software-development #technology #software-engineer #software

Kathy M.’s Avatar
Kathy M. Kathy M. Dec 12, 2018 431 views

I'm considering web development, database administration, and software development/programming. How can I tell which area would be right for me?

#software-development #computer-software #programming #technology I have a bachelor's degree unrelated to CS. I'm looking at either a boot camp, an AAS degree or maybe another bachelor's in CS. My kids are almost out of high school so I'm looking for a big change and something I can really...

Cassia T.’s Avatar
Cassia T. Cassia T. Aug 16, 2018 304 views

What steps do I need to take to get an international internship?

I am a junior Computer Engineering major. I am currently learning German as a second language and one of my goals is to have a software development internship in Germany. I have been applying for internships and looking for international ones, but I would like to hear if there are any specific...

#internships #computer-engineering #second-language #software-development #german

Cassia T.’s Avatar
Cassia T. Cassia T. Aug 16, 2018 425 views

What should I do to get an internship during winter break?

I am a rising junior majoring in Computer Engineering. I would like to use my winter break effectively by getting an relevant internship to occupy that time. I've heard that's it's incredibly difficult to do so, though. I've been googling "software development winter break internships" and...

#career #internships #computer-engineering #internship #career-development #software-development #technology

Caleb B.’s Avatar
Caleb B. Caleb B. Feb 23, 2017 667 views

I have two jobs and I don't know witch one to pick

Hi i'm Caleb and my dad has a job that I wont to do but I also wont to develop soft ware how can I pick witch one #software-development #jobs #career-counseling...


Thomas G.’s Avatar
Thomas G. Thomas G. Apr 04, 2018 501 views

What are the best coding languages to learn?

I am looking to be a CS major in college, and I am wondering what languages would be worth learning for optimal success. #coding #software-development #computer-science...