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Career Questions tagged College Advice

Curious as to what goes on inside a college classroom, or how college students applied for graduation? Not sure if you are ready? Get some college advice. For more information,...

stephanie L.’s Avatar
stephanie L. Oct 06 90 views

Advice on not comparing yourself to talented smart people.

Something I've always struggled with as a student and person in general, is comparing myself to others. Whether if it's looks or intelligence, I always seem to find a way to compare said person and myself. The colleges I want to get into are extremely competitive, so when I can't do something,...

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Billy H.’s Avatar
Billy H. Oct 06 71 views

Unsure college selections

Hi, I'm a senior in high school and I have no clue about what career I want to do. How should I choose colleges?...


stephanie L.’s Avatar
stephanie L. Oct 06 78 views

How do you stay motivated or make yourself do something?

I'm a senior in high school, and applying for colleges and writing responses for PIQs has been a struggle. Everyday, I know I need to do them but I can't find myself to get up and actually do them. I try to have a positive outlook on them, but I still feel the dread and pressure of doing it. It...

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Jonathan G.’s Avatar
Jonathan G. Oct 06 55 views

What is a easy method to write but also achieve goals?

Determined to have a better life for my self and parents. college-advice...


Andrew H.’s Avatar
Andrew H. Sep 22 73 views

How many years of spanish would be needed to attend a four year college of ag ?

I would like to attend a four year college of ag after I graduate high in 2023 and was wondering how many years of spanish is needed to attend a college of ag. college...


Hussein A.’s Avatar
Hussein A. Sep 17 121 views

What should I do if I plan to go to college but I'm not sure what I want to major in?

I'm a Junior in high school and I'm not really sure what I want to do in the future, I get exceptional grades however I've never been interested in any particular subject so far and I'm unsure about what I want to major in college. Any advice? college college-major...


hargun K.’s Avatar
hargun K. Sep 15 93 views

Tips for passing HESI and NCLEX

I am a nursing student who will graduate in May 2022 and I am scared about my ability to be able to pass and clear the NCLEX exam so I appreciate any tips that you have nurse college-advice college healthcare...


Maria R.’s Avatar
Maria R. Sep 10 119 views

How can I do an excellent summary for my cv if I am a college student?

I am a second-year student of Systems Engineering. I love technology and learning new things related to my field. Currently, I am looking for a job related to technology, but I don't have enough work experience; I want to let know to the recruiters with my summary that I am open to learning,...

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Amanda W.’s Avatar
Amanda W. Sep 06 165 views

As a High School Sophomore, what should I be doing for my future?

I feel a little stuck where I am now. I know I have to do well in my academics and extracurriculars, but it feels like there aren't any real motives or goals during my high school journey. What should I be doing at this stage right now? college college-admissions college-selection...

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samiye K.’s Avatar
samiye K. Aug 17 126 views

Advice for college application

I've decided on studying in nursing program. Currently I'm filling out the application form, and I have been trying to increase my extracurriculars with lots of activities and volunteering in organizations. What would make my application look stronger and interesting? If you have advices,...

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Aniya W.’s Avatar
Aniya W. Aug 10 120 views

Should I do a dual degree or a double minor?

I'm a freshman in college. At the moment, I am majoring in information systems. I'm thinking of a future career in data science, more specifically as a data scientist. Though, as a freshman, this is subject to change. I was thinking of doing a dual degree in data science. But another option is...

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shana S.’s Avatar
shana S. Aug 09 184 views

Do 4 Dual Enrollment courses senior year of high school look bad?

Since my school was only offering AP classes in person, and due to covid I could not risk going, I decided to opt out and instead take 4 dual enrollment classes (since all DE classes are completely online.) Would this look bad on my college application / not look academically "rigorous"?...

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Michael S.’s Avatar
Michael S. Aug 01 181 views
Kamari B.’s Avatar
Kamari B. Jul 30 101 views

What should a confused student do?

I'm going to be a junior this upcoming fall but I am no longer passionate in the major I chose coming into my freshman year. What do I do after school? Do I continue along this path? major...


Salay A.’s Avatar
Salay A. Jul 30 169 views

How can I not be so scared for change?

I am in a strict family where my destiny was sorta written for me and it isn't something I want. I want to make the change, but I am scared to go into college alone and I feel like time is going faster than I am. I feel like I can't catch up. college college-advice...


Amonte B.’s Avatar
Amonte B. Jul 27 99 views

Is it ok to choose 2 career goals and take college classes for both at the same time and start whichever goal you complete first

I am 17yrs old about to start 12th grade when school begins i am a honor student who has made honor roll every report card since 1st grade and i want to graduate with honors and accept my full scholarship with University of Michigan but I’m not quite sure which career goal i really want to...

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Jam B.’s Avatar
Jam B. Jul 09 220 views

How should I answer the "Why Us?" Essay in college applications?

I find this topic to be the hardest to answer on college apps. Any advice? college college-advice...


Jam B.’s Avatar
Jam B. Jul 09 168 views

Any advice on writing personal statements for college applications?

I am an incoming senior in high school and I am looking to apply to some colleges. How should I get started on my essays? Any advice or no-no's I should avoid? college-advice college-admissions college-bound...