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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 15 67 views

If you were a transfer student (community college to a 4-year university), what was your experience like?

This is part of our professionals series where we ask professionals what they think students should know

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Kelly Sep 26, 2018 586 views

What are the disadvantages of transferring into a 4 year university from a 2 year?

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WESTRY Apr 29, 2018 628 views

I need to know which classes can assist me in as a History Ed Major.

I am transferring from a community college to a four year college. I have completed an Associates Degree so I have my general education prerequisites completed. Upon transferring to a four year college next year, I am not able to transfer into the History Education Department until I take one...

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Yanet Apr 28, 2018 547 views

I have recently changed my major to Public Relations and begin the program in this upcoming fall. As a transfer student what are some tips you recommend for students entering into the College of Journalism and Communications?

#public-relations #college-transfer #journalism

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Sarah Apr 25, 2018 747 views

Do transfer studnets adjust to their new college well?

I will being going to my local community college and then hopefully to an four year school out-of-state but I am worried about how I will able to adjust. If anyone has had experience with transferring some advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! #college-transfer #transfer #twoyearcollege...

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Caitlyn Apr 18, 2018 528 views

Best way to prepare for the transition for a 2 year to a 4 year institution?

I am going to be transferring to a university this fall and am afraid I'm not going to know what to do and how to juggle my classes. The past 2 years I haven't had to study very hard and my schedules weren't difficult.
#college-transfer #agriculture

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Brylane Apr 18, 2018 422 views

What are the chances of getting a degree in one thing at one school, and majoring at something completely different at another school?

I really want to be a computer animator but can't exactly afford the money to pay for a prestigious art school. My second interest is psychology, and I was wondering if I got a degree in psychology, how easy it would be to get accepted and graduate with a computer animation degree from the art...

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Kyra Mar 27, 2018 553 views

What is it like to transfer to a school out of state?

I went to Middlesex Community College in New Jersey for my first two years of college and I will be transferring out of state to St. John's University in the fall. I've lived at home my whole life and this will be my first time away from my family and I am curious to know how it will be....

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Armine Mar 19, 2018 686 views

Can you change your major after you transfer to a four-year institution?

I am transferring to a four-year institution this Fall 2018, and I would like to know if I can change my major from one science to another if needed or if I desire.

#transfer #college-transfer #college-major #college-advice #college

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Jade Mar 13, 2018 488 views

If I were to work on my prerequisites at a local public university for two years and then transfer too a public university out of state, is it worth it?

I have never really wanted to go to a local college because its too close to home and I love to travel. I only chose it because it was cheaper than any others and my parents are not helping me pay for college. Would it be worth it to switch colleges after two years or should I just stay with...

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Brenda Feb 03, 2018 737 views

Should I transfer schools? [College transfer]

Hello CareerVillage community! I'm currently a college student in my second year. I'm about to complete my fourth semester at my public school, where I'm pursuing a BFA in Studio Art, concentration in Graphic Design. I just declared my major as Graphic Design, but the program that I am in is...

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Wanda Jan 18, 2018 613 views

#college-transfer, How can I make it more enjoyable and smoothly for myself to transfer to another school?

#college-transfer It is so a dainty task to transfer from one school to another with all the paperwork involved. Schools should make it easier for students to do so. They always make the transfer students feel like freshmen right out of high school instead of professional students with experience!

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Ayanna Jan 18, 2018 454 views

What is the best way to find the perfect college after a two year college program.

Finding the perfect college or university, and finding a interesting place to progress a career is the difficult thing after graduating from a two-year program. Not knowing how to find a career because you cannot find the perfect college is a very hard thing to think about, so how would you go...

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Grace Jan 18, 2018 454 views

How might I go about attending a foreign institution?

Over the summer, I spent time with a French family in a foreign exchange program. The mother of the family highly encouraged me to attend a French university or college due to cheaper tuition and housing options, but I wasn't sure where to even begin applying so I pushed it to the back burner....

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Nabeeha Jan 17, 2018 655 views

How can I have an easy transition from a community college to a 4-year university?

I plan on transferring to an undecided four year University and am scared that the transition will be tough on me. Is there any way I can ensure that I will be able to thrive in and enjoy my new environment? #communitycollege #transfer #college-transfer #transition #social #mental-health...

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Aaron Jan 17, 2018 848 views

Should I go to a safety school for now (financial safety/school safety), and then transfer after 2 or 4 years?

I want to complete my general education/major requirements, so is going to a safety and relatively cheap school advisable? Thanks!

#college-transfer #college #college-admissions

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Jordan Michael Jan 16, 2018 699 views

Is it a good idea to change college for junior and senior year?

I have an opportunity to work in my field if I am willing to transfer to another school 5 hours away from where I am now.

#political-science #college #college-transfer #transfer

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Rebecca Jan 16, 2018 541 views

Should I transfer from a private university to a public one?

Right now I'm at a private university, and it's so ridiculously expensive. I love my school, I do, but is it really worth it to be in so much debt? Should I just try to transfer to a bigger, public university where I wouldn't be having to pay so much? #money #college-transfer #college...

Liam’s Avatar
Liam Jan 16, 2018 512 views

Why do so many of my high level peers go straight to a 4-year university?

I’m in many high level classes with a high GPA and I feel a pressure to jump on the bandwagon to a university. But is it worth that? I am thinking about going to my local college and then transferring to a university, but is that a waste of my talents? #university #college #college-transfer...

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Jennifer Jan 16, 2018 755 views


When transferring, do colleges and universities look favorably when you belong to multiple organizations or clubs or it is less important for a transfer student.

#college-transfer #college-admissions #college #student-activities

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HARSHIL Nov 23, 2017 699 views

Which universities have good business programs in Canada?

I am looking to transfer to another university.#college-transfer #business #college #canada-university #college-selection

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Michelle Sep 01, 2017 637 views

What are good scholarships for transfer students?

I have recently graduated from Associate's Degree, and I'm transferred to an university for Bachelor's Degree. I'm looking for scholarships that could help me with College of Education or Exercise Science major. #college-transfer #scholarships #exercise-science #collegeofeducation

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asmaa Sep 01, 2017 473 views

Is it hard to get admission from American Universities as an international transfer student?

I'm a high school senior who's intending to apply to American universities for fall 2019 after that I study the first year of my undergraduate studies in my country Morocco..and I heard that it's going to be really hard to get admission as a transfer student ,especially as an international...

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Cole Sep 01, 2017 610 views

How do I know if I should transfer schools?

Im wanting to transfer to NYU, but how much will I gain if I transfer? How much does my undergrad really matter? #decision-making #academic-advising #college-transfer #college-advice

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Amy Apr 13, 2017 602 views

How can I stand out more to admissions to get off a college's waitlist?

A college student that got waitlisted by preferred transfer school. #college-admissions #college-advice #college-transfer

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Bridget Apr 11, 2017 924 views

Which ivy league school is most accepting of high achieving transfers?

Ending my second year with very competitive near perfect college GPA, looking to transfer to more academically focus school. Either a small liberal arts college or ivy. Open to other choices also with suggestions #college #higher-education #college-applications #academic-advising #ivy-league...

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Bridget Apr 11, 2017 1611 views

What are some Liberal Arts Colleges that would accept transfer credits/ courses from state school?

Very interest in transferring to a small, liberal arts college for individualized and though probing courses. Currently finishing my 2nd year of college a medium sized public state university. My current major is finance. Please comment if you would like more info the the courses that I have...

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Mounia Feb 19, 2017 785 views

What should a student consider before transferring to a different college?

I am senior and am considering transferring to a different school as I feel unsatisfied with the college culture as well as the teaching methods of many of the professors in my program. #college #college-transfer #transfer

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Nov 23, 2016 801 views

How do I transfer colleges?

I'm a current high school student. I was just curious how the process might be to transfer from a school to a better one that I might not be able to get into from high school. #college #college-admissions #college-selection #college-transfer

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Vera Nov 07, 2016 871 views

What advice do you have for transfer students?

Do you have any experience to share about transferring? #college #career #psychology #college-major #college-admissions #college-applications #college-transfer #community-college