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How might I go about attending a foreign institution?

Over the summer, I spent time with a French family in a foreign exchange program. The mother of the family highly encouraged me to attend a French university or college due to cheaper tuition and housing options, but I wasn't sure where to even begin applying so I pushed it to the back burner. Now that I've applied to several American schools, I was wondering how, if it would even be possible, to keep the door open for transferring to a school in Europe and what advantages this might have. Especially if graduate school is about to become unattainable for the lower/middle class in the United States, would it be possible to complete my undergrad here and then study abroad for a Masters? #university-abroad #college-transfer #graduate-school

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2 answers

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Eileen’s Answer

Hi Grace, University in some other countries is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a culture and get a great education. My daughter did a year abroad at Newcastle University in England. She loved it so much, she went back and got her masters there as well. That year abroad was cheaper than her other years at Loyola in Maryland. She did the research and found it would be much cheaper to get her Master's Degree abroad. It took less time too. Good luck in your journey!

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Mary-Jane’s Answer

Dear Grace,
Studying abroad is one of the best experiences that you can ever have! And it sounds to me like you already have the "itch", which I recognise because I had a similar experience, which eventually led me to Europe for the past 20 years. You will learn about another culture and way of life from the inside, as opposed to visiting some place as a traveller, and you may even learn another language. You will certainly expand your perspective and come to understand your own culture much better as well. Some countries also have lower or even no tuition for university, as you mentioned, so this is also something to look in to. There are many programs and organisations that support students so I would start by asking your school's guidance counselor or someone in a similar position there, and have a look on the Internet for different organisations that you can make contact with. Best of luck to you!