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Can graduate students take a test to receive their Bachelor' or Masters Degree? If so, what kind of proceess does it take?

Updated Alvin, Texas

I am a non traditional student who is almost 40. I am working 4 different jobs so I can obtain my Bachelor's degree in Construction Management. I already have 17 years experience in the petrochemical industry in a variety of mechanical careers. The faster I can get through school the better off my family and I will be. #graduate-school #academic-advising #construction #construction-management

5 answers

William’s Answer


Neisha -

I am not aware of a single test that can be taken as a substitute for an entire Bachelor's degree in Construction Management, or Engineering or Architecture for that matter. Its a little unclear whether you have started this education process or are planning to do so. Also, I am curious as to what research you may have been able to do on various universities in the area (or online) that offer these programs.

There are three fundamental elements to successful construction management - one is focused on satisfying the quality specifications put forth by the owner, the architect, engineers and other specialty consultants. The second is managing the flow -i.e., schedule - of work needed to assemble materials and install equipment at the site. The third element is cost.

Managing the technical specification aspects takes a lot of training in various engineered site and facility systems. Managing schedule and cost requires good math skills. And the math for estimating cost is a more direct calculation compared to the math associated with scheduling. Many people I know in our business find that scheduling software has become rather elaborate and complicated. I do not know your level of math skill - so it is difficult for me to recommend one over the other. A strategy that you might consider in the short run is gaining skill around managing cost through the estimating process - there seems to be a good level of need in the market for estimating skills.

Have you talked with any of your present employers on these types of options? You might do so, business activity is high and employers are generally excited when a team member strives to take on an area of knowledge and capability beyond their present assignment.

William recommends the following next steps:

  • Recommend you focus on one of the three areas outlined above and pursue near term on-line training to do so - you can get the formal education also in time. That might take some time given your schedule and budget- not sure.
  • Pat yourself on the back for asking the questions you are asking - that's the right thing to do- show an interest in building your skills and your value to your employer and the industry.
  • Be a great leader in your home and community and demonstrate the value of life-long learning to the younger people in your life - it can really pay off in the long run.
  • My best wishes for your success and growth!

Devesh’s Answer

Updated Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Personally not aware of any test to receive Bachelor or Masters in construction, but post Engineering, Construction Manager's role is to relate best among

  1. Schedule,
  2. Quality and
  3. Cost

Small courses are available in market for Project Management, provided the recipient has base knowledge of

  1. Construction,
  2. Interdependence & Co-relation of various construction activities,
  3. Cost, Quality & Schedule of all activities.

Daniel’s Answer


I am not sure if that is presently doable looking at the requirements for the loop of people like you. However, the best bet known so far is that you can take fewer classes in the degree curriculum that aligns with your work experience but it has to specified by the awarding school. Also, you might as well consult the right faculty in the school for more details. Thank you.

Patricia’s Answer


I don't know of a test that you can take to receive a degree. I know you can test out of each class/course that is required. That is how I finished my Associates Degree. I went to the Dean of the Dept and asked to "test out" of each class. I studied and was able to pass the class. I also substituted classes that were more relevent to my degree. Hope this helps.

Jamie’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

I'm not aware of a single test to get a degree.

In addition to testing out of a class by talking with the school (Prior Learning Assessment), you can take individual CLEP exams. Check if there are CLEP exams that will result in credit granted by whatever school you're studying at. Much less expensive and less time consuming than taking College courses.