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Once a student earns a bachelors degree, they are eligible to attend a graduate program. There is a Master's degree, Doctoral Degree, Juris Doctor Degree, Doctor of Medicine Degree, and...

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lost after graduation

I got my BSc in chemistry in June. I had an ok-ish GPA that's just above the minimum requirement for grad school, 8 months of undergrad research, and 3 years of experience in kitchen-related part-time work. I wasn't able to find job-related to my study area, such as entry-level research,...

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What is your dream school?

My dream school is Harvard University .#graduate-school...


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How can i be more focus in school?

i'm 16 i love sports and lashes. # #school...


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Recommendations for making the most of gap year(s) before grad school?

I plan on obtaining my master's in counseling within the next few years, but I'd like to take a gap between undergrad and grad. What advice do you have for making the most of these gap years? I'd love to use this time to gain relevant experience, but it seems like entry-level positions that are...

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What the key differences between undergraduate and graduate school?

I'm a current undergraduate student who will be graduating in the spring (if things go according to plan), and while graduate school wasn't originally part of my plan, it's something I've begun considering. I've found that there seems to be less advice out there regarding grad school as opposed...

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What are the main things colleges look at when deciding who to admit?

I care a lot about school and my future. I also tend to do well in school. #graduate-school...


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Graduate school for Speech Language Pathologists

Hi, I am looking for more advice on graduate school for SLP. I was wondering how there are ways to pay for this course of study, as for scholarships and grants offered to pay for most of the tuition. I am located in Chicago, Illinois, so I am not sure if someone would have more information that...

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What can I do virtually to build up my OT grad school application?

Hi! I hoping to study OT in the future for grad school. However, due to COVID-19, I am not planning to volunteer at the hospital or old folks home. May I know what other things I can do virtually to build up a stronger OT grad school application? Thank you and I hope you are all staying safe!...

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How can you become a better engineer?

I am a high school student. I want to go to a divisional 1 college when I graduate from High School. #engineer #engineering #high-school #college...


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Research in industry vs academia

I am a current graduate student in materials science looking into research careers after I graduate. Do you have any insights into the differences between doing research at a company, compared to a university? #science #research...


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What should I do during my high school years to help me get into law school?

As soon as I graduate my dream has always been to go into law. More specifically, to become an immigration lawyer. To go more in depth of what I'm asking is what activities or certain things will look in my resume when applying to a university? #law #lawyer #graduate-school #law-school...


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What is the best way to get a schedule reduced?

What would be the best way to reduce a schedule to graduate early? #graduate-school #college-advice #college...


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Is it possible for someone without an engineering bachelors degree to go to grad school for engineering?

At the time I applied for college I was interested in Comp Sci so I entered school as a Math - CS major (about to end my first year). After seeing career fairs, I feel like mechanical engineering seems much more interesting and fun but my GPA is not high enough to switch majors (the cutoff is...

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How to apply for the volunteering programme?

I am a 3rd year law student of an integrated 5 years law course which I am pursuing from an esteemed university in India. I wish to apply for the volunteering program, so how can i apply for it and what is the volunteer required to do. #law #volunteer #lawyer #graduate-school...


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What is it like to be a Public Policy analyst?

Hi, I am considering going back to graduate school to get an MPA concentrating in Public Policy, however my connections are limited and I'm not sure who I can talk to other than internet about this issue. #graduate-school #politics...


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Is it a good idea to go PhD program from professional master's program?

I am a graduate student in a professional school. I began the program envisioning being a product manager, but I realized that I wanted to be a scholar than working for a business. Do you think it is wise to pivot my career and throw the investment that I made at the professional school and...

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Preparing for grad school in Epidemiology

I am a second-year college student interested in getting a Ph.D. in Epidemiology. Is this a good field to go into? What should I do in college to prepare for grad school in epidemiology--should I take graduate-level classes if they are available to undergrads at my school? Is doing an honors...

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Tenure Track Requirements in US History Departments?

I'm interested in getting my graduate degrees from universities in the UK, but would ultimately like to return to the U.S. and teach in American Universities. Can I be hired as a tenure track professor if my PhD is not from the U.S. or does that automatically disqualify me from that track? Are...

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What's the best and most cost efficient option of Grad school for film / screenwriting students?

I'm months away from graduating with a Bachelor's in Creative Writing and Film & Video Production. My career goal is to become a fiction author and Screenwriter. I'm currently considering several universities to get my Master's in Screenwriting including, Boston University, Loyola...

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