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Career Questions tagged Graduate

After graduation, it can be challenging to decide what to do next. Whether it be from high school or college, graduating opens the door to opportunities. For more information, please...

Renee’s Avatar
Renee Mar 13 76 views

What's the hardest/worst and easiest/best thing about college?

I'm graduating in a year and I'm worried about leaving what I'm familiar with. I want to know what things I should be aware about and also not stress over.

Addisu’s Avatar
Addisu Feb 26 75 views

Which university is the best to do master in veterinary epidemiology?

Epidemiology is very interested course that every veterinarian should know

Addisu’s Avatar
Addisu Feb 26 87 views

What is the difficult subject course in veterinary medicine?

I want to know which course is difficult for students in veterinary medicine

Kyra’s Avatar
Kyra Dec 06, 2022 175 views

Graduating early?

What are some good ways to graduate early? How can I graduate by my sophomore year in highschool as a freshman?

edwardo’s Avatar
edwardo Nov 09, 2022 353 views

Advise on what to do after I graduate?

Do you have any advise on how to increase my chances of getting a job once i graduate with the total number of graduating students vs the amount of available job once I graduate.?

Cohen’s Avatar
Cohen Nov 01, 2022 156 views

How do I know what is the best job for me?

I don't want to work a job I hate after going to college for it.

AbbyGail’s Avatar
AbbyGail Oct 31, 2022 168 views

Would I be alright maintaining a job as a nanny without a college education or is that something I should look into pursuing?

I'm thinking I want to be a nanny after I graduate highschool and I have seen both sides of the stick but i'm ultimately wondering if i should consider college or if i would be fine with a certificate from or something along those lines

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Oct 26, 2022 233 views

What are some common mistakes people encounter when entering the landscape architect business?

And how do you handle the mistakes? have you had any of these experiences?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Oct 25, 2022 262 views

How do I know what I really want to study for my life ?

I don't know what to study and im trying to know what I want to do but I just dont know

Gracie’s Avatar
Gracie Oct 05, 2022 216 views

how difficult would you say it is for recent graduates to obtain a job as a chef?

how difficult would you say it is for recent graduates to obtain a job as a chef?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 27, 2022 489 views

Should I take a break, or drive right into my MBA program?

I would like to earn a MBA after earning my bachelor's. Should I immediately enter the MBA program after graduating, or should I wait and get a job with only my bachelor's degree?

Jeongmin’s Avatar
Jeongmin Jun 26, 2022 305 views

Graduate school funding - any tips for students with gap years caused by covid-19/family responsibilities?

I wish to go to graduate school, hopefully finishing my PhD one day, returning to universities to teach students and research further into what intrigues me. However, financially, I am not capable of funding my studies while supporting my family as well. Do you have any advice for those who are...

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 23, 2022 308 views

What classes in college do you need to take to become a successful business owner?

I want to own a business due to sports. And I want to run more things that help people. And I want to know what classes I need to take to be able to do that.

amir’s Avatar
amir May 23, 2022 244 views

i will graduate high school to give me more opportunities of jobs in the future

i will graduate high school to give me more opportunities of jobs in the future

R’s Avatar
R Apr 06, 2022 404 views

How important are extra-curricular activities and like student clubs, volunteering etc to getting into med school? I'm a bit worried because in my first year of university I just focused on school and didn't join any clubs yet.

Yeah like the title says, I feel a bit behind the curve because although I have a good GPA from my first year, my resume and professional life are kind of lacking in regards to some of my peers. I do plan on volunteering and trying to get coop jobs this summer and of course later on in...

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 06, 2022 328 views

After graduating med school? How/where does one look for a job? How do they apply?

Just a curious high school sophomore :)

Junxi’s Avatar
Junxi Dec 02, 2021 376 views

Is college even for me? What type of things can I apply for that is not college?

#college #college-selection #graduate #college-bound #college-advice

Teriyana’s Avatar
Teriyana Nov 29, 2021 546 views

Tips for getting into a top - rated college for Masters degree program?

I am interested in applying for schools on the east and west coast for my masters degree (MFT). Does anyone have tips on how to be successful in the application process? #college-admissions #college-advice #college-major #graduate-school #college #graduate

Jiarong’s Avatar
Jiarong Nov 12, 2021 418 views

How do yo earn a master degree in Computer Science?

I am unsure whether you need to take an exam or write theoretical papers in order to get a master degree certificate in Computer Science.

#computer-science #programming #master degree #graduate program

Nokwanda Puleng’s Avatar
Nokwanda Puleng Jul 02, 2021 375 views

How to approach companies for internships and entry-level jobs

I am currently doing my Masters in Development Studies and are eagerly looking for internships #research #developmentstudies #graduate #women #NGO

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jun 26, 2021 314 views

Still not really sure on what i wanna do yet?

I want to graduate high school and get into college to be a psychologist/ crime scene investigator and maybe a lawyer
# #criminal-justice

ariana’s Avatar
ariana Jun 17, 2021 370 views

How to pursue your career after you graduate college?

#career #graduate #graduate-school #career-choice

Callum’s Avatar
Callum May 20, 2021 480 views

What's it like to be in Career Village?

I have #autism. My life was very rough with it. I was struggling in #school all these years because I mad some of my #teachers mad in the past. All I want is to #graduate and go to #college so that I can get a #job. I have my #parents to support me. I sometimes like to dabble in...

Tyrese’s Avatar
Tyrese Apr 29, 2021 838 views

Is college worth it ?

#graduate #gpa

Ashly’s Avatar
Ashly Feb 23, 2021 655 views

What should I major in if I want to become a veterinarian? (What classes do I need to take to help me become a veterinarian?)

I like animals. I want to help them. I'm aware I'll see some crazy things like blood and broken bones. But I want to help animals. #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #student #graduate

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Feb 01, 2021 624 views

Is college worth it?

#gpa #graduate

John’s Avatar
John Dec 05, 2020 6960 views

What is the difference between an undergraduate and graduate?

Hello, I don't really know/understand what an undergraduate and graduate student is. #student #high school #high-school-students #college-student #undergraduate #graduate

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Nov 23, 2020 339 views

How are people in the medical field treated in the military?

I was thinking to be a military physical therapist because they help pay off your student debt and I know that's is something all PTs hate about their job.
#pre-med #graduate #savings #advisor

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Nov 15, 2020 332 views

Can you graduate college using all pass/fail courses?

I was watching Community and Leonard was leading for valedictorian but it turned out he took 1 class and got an A and since then took all pass/fail courses to keep his 4.0 GPA. Is that even possible? Obviously its just a tv show but I was curious if that actually could happen. 😂 #graduate...

Audriana’s Avatar
Audriana Oct 27, 2020 279 views

What degrees will I need to obtain?

#medicine #graduate