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Career Questions tagged First Job

savion H.’s Avatar
savion H. May 10 64 views

how to get a good /decent job at a young age

like a job thats you can work at after school hours and still make it to school the next day

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juls J. Apr 26 89 views

I'm young, dumb, and broke pls help :/

I want to earn money but i want to work at home. I also don't have a bank account. I don't have an adult to ask this kind of stuff about. Anyways, is there any possible way I can earn money at home while not having a bank account? Do I even need a bank account?

Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Mar 24 94 views

How do you know if you can discuss an offer letter with someone?

If you receive an offer letter how do you know if are you allowed to review it with someone? If I want to ask the recruiter if I could share it with just my mentor to get advice on the offer is this professional? How should I phrase the question when asking?

Garvin K.’s Avatar
Garvin K. Dec 10, 2021 261 views
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Rodrigo B. Nov 08, 2021 180 views

Where can I get experience for a job?

Experience for me to show on applications. #first-job #career #job

Weam A.’s Avatar
Weam A. Jul 02, 2021 325 views

How do I apply for a job when I have no work experience or have done any volunteer work?

I am a newcomer and find it hard to start.
I need to start building my resume. #resume #volunteer #first-job

Ashley Ann Denielle O.’s Avatar
Ashley Ann Denielle O. Jun 24, 2021 133 views

Is it okey to have work without experience?

Hi I'm ashley and I'm a hard-working. #first-job

Albertina J.’s Avatar
Albertina J. May 19, 2021 245 views

How to job search when you don't have experience

I graduated in 2018 - Degree in Applied Psychology in the Professional Context. I would like to persue a career in this field and I don't have the job experience in Psychology. #first-job #job-search #career

ALICIA C.’s Avatar
ALICIA C. May 06, 2021 316 views

Where can I get a part-time student job?


Estefania M.’s Avatar
Estefania M. Apr 27, 2021 334 views

How can I find a biological engineering job in a small startup company?

I am a Biological Engineering major graduating this August from Purdue University and am having a hard time finding a full time job since I do not have any internship/ work experience. #engineer #jobs #first-job #work #human-resources #internships #biology #biotech

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Re lin K. Apr 25, 2021 1070 views
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AREF K. Apr 25, 2021 299 views
Scream O.’s Avatar
Scream O. Apr 23, 2021 297 views

Should i resign from my fulltime at local company (where i just work for 6 months) to pursue an internship at multinational company (which im not sure that i'll be offered a fulltime job)

Im a fresh gradute with less than 1 year experience (6 months). I've been searching for a job in multinational company but to get a fulltime job is really hard especially during pandemic. So maybe an internship could help me to get one, Should i resign and take the chance of internship ? Im...

Chris Q.’s Avatar
Chris Q. Apr 22, 2021 321 views

Should you take a part time job while attending College?

I'm planning to take a part-time job in the summer but I'm wondering if I should continue to work during the first semester of collge. #first-job #employment

Erlen C.’s Avatar
Erlen C. Apr 06, 2021 210 views

Is this suitable for me?

I have no experience about online job but I will do my best for my work #first-job