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Career Questions tagged Politicalscience

Connie’s Avatar
Connie Apr 14, 2021 432 views

What are some careers or pathways I can take with a political science degree?

I would like to know what are some pathways I can take after graduating college with a political science degree. Thank you! #career #politicalscience

Connie’s Avatar
Connie Apr 14, 2021 529 views

I intend to study political science in college

What is one thing you wish you knew before taking this course? Thank you! #college #college-major #politicalscience

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Mar 03, 2021 526 views

Tips for choosing between law and psychology careers

Hi, my name is Abby! I am a junior in high school and have to start thinking about how I want to spend the rest of my life making money (fun!) and would really appreciate some help. Some of the paths I am considering are psychology because I love the psych classes I have taken, and law because...

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Sep 09, 2020 486 views

Should I become a lawyer and how do I do it?

I am in the eleventh grade and I have always wanted to become a lawyer. My aunt is one and we always talk about how interesting it is. I have done some research and I think I want to work as a legal counsel for corporate or as a public defender, leaning more towards legal counsel due to the...

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Apr 08, 2020 672 views

How is it like to work at UN? What do you specifically do working with the part of humans rights?

I’m a student from Brazil and next year I will join an university. I wanna do the International Relations course and in the future work in the UN with human rights, traveling all around the world and helping others. #career #International #Travel # #job # #work #work #humanrights #humanitarian...

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Aug 21, 2018 493 views

Do I have to enter college with the major I want to have all 4 years?

I find political science and anthropology both very interesting, but I'm not sure that I want to carry these out through all four years and make it my career because I also have many other passions.
#anthropology #politicalscience

Jaylynn’s Avatar
Jaylynn Aug 21, 2018 516 views

Which college has the best political science program, in your opinion?

#government #politicalscience #college

Gabe’s Avatar
Gabe May 23, 2018 593 views

For flexibility in the career field, Is criminal justice or public administration (specialized in CJ) a better major?

#career #future #experience #criminaljustice #publicadministration #politicalscience #socialscience

Nabeeha’s Avatar
Nabeeha Jan 17, 2018 855 views

What career pathways can I follow with a Political science degree?

I’m planning on majoring in political science but am unsure of what I want to do with this degree. I know I can go into law but I’d like to know about other career pathway options as well.

#Law #politicalscience #politics #government #career #undecided #college

Janell’s Avatar
Janell Sep 01, 2017 1487 views

I want to become a Political Consultant, what steps should I take to pursue that career?

#politics #career #politicalscience #Law #Legal

Aleena’s Avatar
Aleena Sep 01, 2017 682 views

How can I become an activist in my community/school?

I want to be more engaged in my school and community but more specifically in my field of study. I am a poly sci major minoring in environmental studies and want to eventually work for a non-profit organization. I've tried applying online but living in San Francisco makes it difficult to make...