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Career Questions tagged Global

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Apr 08, 2020 590 views

How is it like to work at UN? What do you specifically do working with the part of humans rights?

I’m a student from Brazil and next year I will join an university. I wanna do the International Relations course and in the future work in the UN with human rights, traveling all around the world and helping others. #career #International #Travel # #job # #work #work #humanrights #humanitarian...

Kathryn’s Avatar
Kathryn Oct 30, 2018 443 views

Do global internships benefit you when it comes to veterinary school applications??

I'm currently an undergraduate looking to apply to vet school in a few years. I know that having relevant experience is crucial, so I've been applying for lots of internships. I fond some summer opportunities abroad, but there are steep program fees and I'm wondering if entry into these would...

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Sep 28, 2018 424 views

Is it more beneficial to major in international studies with a regional focus, or just general international studies?

#international #major #internationalstudies #global relations