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Career Questions tagged Globalization

Addisu’s Avatar
Addisu Feb 26 104 views

How do we compare and contrast the learning ways of veterinary medicine in developed and in developing countries?

I want to know which country pay the highest salary for the Veterinarian's in the world

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Mar 19, 2018 632 views

What kinds of careers exist for those passionate about both medicine and politics/law?

Hi! I am a current junior with a passion for law and medicine and am working towards an international career that involves advocacy and research. Unlike the process of becoming a doctor, the pathway to my dream profession is not as clearly defined. Now that I'm halfway through my college...

Darcie’s Avatar
Darcie Apr 04, 2017 977 views

What jobs relate to the field of international relations/development?

I am currently working towards an undergraduate degree in international development/globalization with a minor in political science at the University of Ottawa. While I am very interested and inspired by the content I have been learning, I am not sure exactly what I want to specialize in when...