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Career Questions tagged International Development

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Oct 01, 2021 572 views

What types of jobs and college majors should I consider if I want to dedicate myself to supporting refugees?

There are millions of refugees around the world facing huge challenges. I am interested in finding ways to dedicate myself to the cause, but I'm not sure what kinds of jobs are available. I'm just finishing high school and I'm planning to go to college, but I'm not yet decided on what kind of...

Darcie’s Avatar
Darcie Apr 04, 2017 1023 views

What jobs relate to the field of international relations/development?

I am currently working towards an undergraduate degree in international development/globalization with a minor in political science at the University of Ottawa. While I am very interested and inspired by the content I have been learning, I am not sure exactly what I want to specialize in when...

Sumair’s Avatar
Sumair Oct 04, 2016 3102 views

Should I get a BA in Economics or a BS in Economics? Which degree path would allow me to get my MBA and not only go into the financial sector, but the government and international development sector as well?

I'm a freshman in college and I'm an economics major but I'm still unsure as to which degree path would best be suited to my goals. #business #finance #economics #investment-management #nonprofits #mba #international-development #economic-development

Haevyn’s Avatar
Haevyn Oct 28, 2015 1218 views

What do I have to do to be a missionary? Do I need to go to a school/college to be a missionary?

I am a God loving Christian, and I want to travel and spread the word and help (3rd world) countries. #travel #international-development

CareerVillage ’s Avatar
CareerVillage Jan 04, 2012 4980 views

What is the career path to a successful career in international development?

I'm interested in working internationally and also on development issues. I'm wondering how to get into this field and how be successful. #international #development #international-development