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Darcie I. Apr 04, 2017

What jobs relate to the field of international relations/development?

I am currently working towards an undergraduate degree in international development/globalization with a minor in political science at the University of Ottawa. While I am very interested and inspired by the content I have been learning, I am not sure exactly what I want to specialize in when...

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Haevyn W. Oct 28, 2015

What do I have to do to be a missionary? Do I need to go to a school/college to be a missionary?

I am a God loving Christian, and I want to travel and spread the word and help (3rd world) countries. #travel...


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CareerVillage . Jan 04, 2012

What is the career path to a successful career in international development?

I'm interested in working internationally and also on development issues. I'm wondering how to get into this field and how be successful. #international #development...