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Career Questions tagged Anthropology

zackary’s Avatar
zackary Feb 11, 2022 174 views

what is your daily career life like in anthropology?

I've been looking a bit into anthropology and it seemed to peak my interest. I just want to know what is your life like in your career? what challenges do you face in your work? what kind of area do you work in? is it a career you enjoy? how did you get to the point where you are at now? what...

xavier’s Avatar
xavier Jul 30, 2021 286 views

How to become an Anthropologist

I have an extreme love of learning about different cultures, histories, religions, beliefs, and people. Mythology has also been something that I have enjoyed studying in my past time and I think Anthropology is a fit for me since I want to travel the world and learn as much as I can about...

Jam’s Avatar
Jam Jul 09, 2021 347 views

What is a major with higher gpa average? What is considered an easy major?

Currently deciding college majors. Need help.

#college #college-major #major #college-admissions #anthropology #pre-med #education

Norah’s Avatar
Norah May 25, 2021 502 views

What does a day in the life of a Museum Curator look like?

I'm writing a blog for class about working as a Museum Curator. #history #anthropology #museum #art #work #blog #curator

joshua’s Avatar
joshua Feb 24, 2021 523 views

what would a non profit business look like

I like to be my own boss but have a idea of what im doing like a mentor #non-profit #travel #anthropology #mentoring #entrepreneurship

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Dec 10, 2020 584 views

What is a good second major to complete with Forensic Anthropology?

I plan on completing a BS in Anthropology, MS in Forensic Anthropology, and continuing on to complete a PhD in Anthropology at BU. What would be a good complementary second major for my undergrad degree to broaden my career choices? I would like to keep my options open in case I decide to...

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Nov 05, 2020 380 views

What career should I go into?

I am a sophomore in high school and I would like to go into Veterinary Medicine, but I have also been interested in Anthropology. I have done research on both careers and they are both interesting and careers that I would like to go into. How can I decide on which career is best? #careerchoices...

Harpreet’s Avatar
Harpreet Aug 09, 2020 346 views

How is being an anthropologist like?

I've always been interested in anthropology and history as a child. I am curious to hear personal experiences. Has this career provided opportunities to travel? Do you work with an organization or museum? #career #anthropology #travel

Cecelia’s Avatar
Cecelia Jun 02, 2020 414 views

What did you wish you knew before starting out in this field?

#anthropology #urbanplanning #sustainability

Kakwi’s Avatar
Kakwi Apr 08, 2020 666 views

Apart from being Highly self-motivated and goals driven, very dynamic and innovative, and possesses team spirit. what other factors can help me in my career ?

#career #motivated #teamspirit #anthropology #research #culture #world #art #travel

Kakwi’s Avatar
Kakwi Apr 07, 2020 1105 views

What is the highest paid job ?

A forward thinker who is open to learn and acquire new idea.

#business #any #human-resources #economics #entrepreneur #business-development #business-management #anthropology #sociology #socialthinker #job-search #marketing #money

Navid’s Avatar
Navid Feb 10, 2020 479 views

How long is an internship?

Anthropology and English student in college #anthropology #english #education #internship

beatrice’s Avatar
beatrice Feb 13, 2019 472 views

hey, i am done with high school but i am confused on what career pathway to follow. I know i am made for social science related careers but still finding it difficult to choose between International relations and a foreign language or Anthropology and Communication studies with a minor in a foreign language or journalism

#journalism #communication #college #major |
#anthropology #international relations #social sciences

Laniece’s Avatar
Laniece Oct 08, 2018 547 views

What career options are there for Anthropologist?

#career-choice #career #anthropology

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Aug 21, 2018 475 views

Do I have to enter college with the major I want to have all 4 years?

I find political science and anthropology both very interesting, but I'm not sure that I want to carry these out through all four years and make it my career because I also have many other passions.
#anthropology #politicalscience

VIL’s Avatar
VIL Jul 18, 2018 532 views

How can augmented reality be used for forensics? -Gracie, Lexie

I'm a young woman in middle school who's learning about augmented reality at STEM camp. I'm not sure exactly what I want to be when I grow up, but I've narrowed it down to forensic anthropologist or tattoo artist. How can anthropologists use AR to study prehistoric cultures? - Gracie What are...

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jun 20, 2018 608 views

Is anthropology a good major?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah May 08, 2018 465 views

What do you have to know about becoming a forensic anthropologist?

I want to be one, but I don't know if I have what it takes. #forensics #anthropology #forensic-anthropology

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Mar 27, 2018 788 views

Where can a degree in anthropology take me?

Anthropology is a way to connect the cultures of the past and future. People warn me of majoring in anthropology because of the limited jobs available . #college-major #anthropology #cultural-anthropology #usfsp

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Mar 27, 2018 501 views

Should the amount of jobs available in a certain field help determine my major?

I was planning on majoring in anthropology because it sounds interesting to me, but there do not seem to be many available jobs in that field. #anthropology #college-major #decision-making

Autumn’s Avatar
Autumn Mar 23, 2018 541 views

What is the best way to start an anthropology career?

Anthropology has been a passion for me since about the 6th grade, as such, I have figured that this specific field could be tricky to start out in. The available jobs I can find or research usually tell me the best I can do is become a professor, a museum curator of some sort, or assistant of...

Léane’s Avatar
Léane Mar 19, 2018 596 views

Jobs with a humanities degree

I'm considering majoring in #Humanities, but I don't think I'd be a good human resources, I'm not really sure what I'd like to do, but I'm interested in #linguistics, and maybe #anthropology , are these part of humanity? What courses are part of Humanities ?

Riley’s Avatar
Riley Mar 05, 2018 609 views

How can I pursue a major and academic study that I'm passionate about and be successful?

I currently find myself to be especially interesting in areas of study such as sociology and anthropology, however I worry that majoring in either of those topics would not provide me with a successful future career. So often it seems that the only majors that lead to a successful future is...

Laura’s Avatar
Laura Jan 16, 2018 560 views

Which major would be better for the future, Anthropology or Psychology?

Im conflicted on which major I should pursue a bachelors degree in and for later in the future.
#college #life #conflicted #psy #psychology #anthropology #anthro

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jan 16, 2018 423 views

For more complex jobs such as forensic anghropology, what undergraduate courses should be taken to ensure a job opportunity in the field?

I want to become a forensic anthropologist, but do not know if I should begin undergraduate as an anthropology or pre-med major. I chose anthropology for most schools since my goal is to not be a doctor, but is that the right course? #medicine #anthropology #anthropology #undergraduate #college...

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Jan 16, 2018 499 views

Switching careers?

I'm 42 and a little apprehensive about making a career change. I have four children and as they get older it is becoming more financially difficult at my current position. I have read that #Anthropology is a good field to go into, but not if someone is interested in making money. As old as I...

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Jan 16, 2018 592 views

Why is anthropology important for us, and why should be apply it to society?

I am asking this question because there are many individuals who might misunderstand the term of anthropology. #anthropology #culture

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Jan 16, 2018 518 views

How do I decide what I want to minor in?

Going into college, I know I want to study journalism. The problem is that I want to study other things to help in my journalism career like anthropology, economics, politics and much more. Not just a few classes, I want to be able to know all of these topics inside and out. I don’t know what...

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jan 12, 2018 352 views

I really want to study Anthropology in college, but I'm scared there aren't any careers that degree fits with that I would actually enjoy. How flexible is an Anthropology degree and would I have many job options with that degree?

I'm asking because I don't know what to major in. #degree #anthropology

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jan 12, 2018 515 views

what does a normal day of work look like as an Anthropologist?

I’m in 9th grade, and I’ve always loved the concept of Anthropology, but was never really sure what the actual career looked like.

#anthropologist #anthropology #human #culture