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What career options are there for Anthropologist?

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1 answer

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Paul’s Answer

Hi Laniece

Anthropology is one of the more flexible social sciences when it comes to career options. When I was an adviser at a community college several of my students had concentrations and majors in Anthropology and did quite well in their career paths. Here are some possible career tracks you can research for future consideration:

Government and Public Service: Anthropology majors and specialists work in federal, state and local governments. This includes law enforcement (Forensic Anthropologists), crime scene specialists, research and management positions in the field of public administration, cultural programs and resource administration. There are also opportunities in museums, public policy analysis and historical preservation. One of my former students worked an internship on an archeological dig on the coast of California one summer. So archeological opportunities could also be a consideration.

Education: This includes the area of teaching and instruction (both in K-12 and college and university), linguistics, and public health. I have also encountered Anthropology specialists in local zoo's and wildlife centers. Some have also gone on to become veterinarians.

Business: You can also look at possible career options in the field of humans resources, marketing research programs and international trade and inter-cultural communications. Marketing is an area where Anthropology is utilized to determine consumer behaviors and purchasing habits. So many businesses and corporations look for these qualities and specialties in a future hire.

Health: This can include possible careers in medicine, including being a physician, nurse, occupational and physical therapy, forensics and dentistry.

As you can see there is a very diverse number of opportunities or directions in which you can travel on your future career path. I would research your options and see which area is your strongest and holds the most potential for you.

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) has a very helpful website.

Paul recommends the following next steps:

Research the various career opportunities associated with the area of Anthropology and determine which path to direct further exploration.
Visit the American Anthropological Association site for further research.