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Have been an academic advisor and career counselor at the college level.

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When you were a student, did you do anything outside of school to build skills or get knowledge that has helped your career?

I have a life philosophy that basically says that I can "never stop learning." So I did a number of things outside of school in order to help with my job skills and assist me to be a better public servant, and to mentor the populations I worked for. For example, I obtained a certification in paralegal studies to help me be a better law enforcement officer, and to become proficient in writing reports for attorneys and prosecutors. I received training and certifications in technical writing to help me be a better writer and communicator. I also searched for and attended professional development workshops within my specialty, which provided me with a greater knowledge of specific skills and techniques to help me better advise the college students I worked with on campus.

Did anyone ever oppose your career plans when you were young or push you in a direction you did not want to go?

Yes, many of my friends and other individuals in my social network attempted to push me into a different direction. I know they may have meant well, but they seemed to be focusing more on my future monetary success more than anything. The problem with doing that is the fact that even though a particular occupation or major might lead to future success, it is not a guarantee, especially if it is something that I did not enjoy or something that I was not good at. Many times in life we gravitate towards something that seems to lead to economic success or view something in the media that is portrayed as being a successful career. The pathway towards achieving that success is normally not emphasized, and you may not be seeing everything involved in reaching that particular goal. I witnessed many students over the years pursue careers which involved extensive education, training, and adversity. Many of them failed in their pursuit of this goal. I have a personal motto, that I have followed which is, "Be what you are, not what you are not. They who does this, is the happiest lot."

What is the most useful piece of career advice you got as a student, and who gave it to you?

Mentors can come in many forms. They can be teachers, parents, an athlete or coach. They can be someone who is alive or deceased. The best career advice I got came from a John Wooden coach. It was about success and it stated: "Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming." This definition was so different from the ones I had heard in the past, and it provided me with the insight that only myself (and myself alone) can make the determination of what success is in life.

What is the one piece of career advice you wish someone gave you when you were younger?

Find something that you love to do in life. Because if you are doing something that you love, than you will become proficient and very effective at it. And when you are good at something, the money will eventually come to you because everyone will want your skills in that particular area in which you excel.

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