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Abigail Mar 19, 2019 466 views

Are there any colleges in the U. S. that are dedicated to studies in biology?

#college #biology #major

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Abigail Mar 06, 2019 615 views

What are the pros and cons of a double major?

I have several interests in fields of STEM as well as liberal arts, and I would appreciate advice on whether a double major is a reasonable way to fulfill both those aspirations.


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Abigail Mar 06, 2019 768 views

Could taking computer science or other technology classes benefit a biology major?



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Abigail Mar 06, 2019 490 views

What careers in technology could be open to a student in biology or chemistry?


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Abigail Jul 10, 2018 649 views

Do you recommend work study programs?

I am not yet attending college, but several people have already recommended work study to me as a generally useful tool. What would you recommend for a prospective chemistry major? #work