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What are the pros and cons of a double major?

I have several interests in fields of STEM as well as liberal arts, and I would appreciate advice on whether a double major is a reasonable way to fulfill both those aspirations.


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2 answers

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Ella’s Answer

Pros: Wider job range after graduation, potential for higher rate of pay upon hire, wider depth of knowledge learned in college.

Cons: Heavier workload, the more classes you take the more you have to pay for, no guarantee that you will have a higher rate of pay in your desired position.

Ella recommends the following next steps:

Research potential careers that you are interested in and learn what kind of degrees they are looking for.
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Avetra’s Answer

One advantage of having a double major is that in some careers that gives a brighter outlook when an employer looks at your resume. Also, this could be an advancement of a pay increase upon hiring. For example, my job with Verizon gave me a higher pay increase upon my start date because of my degree in Criminal Justice.