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Career Questions tagged Research

Research is a skill acquired by increasing knowledge of a particular topic. Popular careers include research scientist, historian, and sociologist. For more information, please read below.

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Rob B. Rob B. Jul 02 53 views

As a student of Politics, I want to pursue a career in helping others. How do I go about getting into the industry?

I'm a student studying Politics and I want to pursue a career where I can help others. Ideally, I would like a role where I research and use the information to influence policy. The only problem is I have no real-world experience. Are there any good ways to get experience? I am looking at...

#politics #policy #research #volunteer #government

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Nokwanda Puleng M. Nokwanda Puleng M. Jul 02 47 views
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jennifer L. jennifer L. Jun 13 104 views
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Sheffield D. Sheffield D. Jun 08 60 views

How can I get involved in environmental science lab work as a high school student?

I'm very interested in environmental science and oceanography but I would like to find a place where I can get more hands on experience out in the field. I would love to assist a scientist with lab data but I don't know how to get involved. #environmental-science #research...


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David R. David R. May 12 105 views

What types of Colleges or Universities offer classes on Environmental science? (Or Environmental science research if possible)

Hey, I'm David. I am 16 years old and am looking for colleges or Universities that focus on research rather than hands on.#environment #environmental-science #ecology #environmental-services...


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Ellie L. Ellie L. Apr 21 159 views

Careers in biology other than being a physician?

Hi! I'm a junior in high school and I'm extremely passionate about biology and science in general. I've done a few research projects in various medical labs and think that health and medicine is a field I would like to pursue, but the idea of being a surgeon or physician of any kind does not...

#doctor #biology #research #medschool

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Michala G. Michala G. Apr 17 98 views

How can I make myself more interesting to health are orgs?

I would like to become a medical examiner, post secondary education, and in order to get there I want to get some research internships and volunteer opportunities. How can I make myself look more interesting to research orgs and other orgs i can work on? #pre-med #research #health...


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Abby L. Abby L. Mar 26 216 views

Is it okay to cold email professors who I'd like to do graduate research with?

It's time to think about applying for graduate school! I want to email some professors to learn more about their research group and fields of study. Is that acceptable or might it count against me in the application process? #phd #graduate-school #research #grad-school #applications #physics...

#academia #particle-physics #laser-physics #optics

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Abby L. Abby L. Mar 26 161 views

Which universities have great physics graduate programs?

I'm looking to get my PhD in physics, optical engineering, particle physics, or a related field. Since it's the end of my 3rd year as an undergraduate, it's time for me to start thinking about applications! #phd #physics #grad-school #optics #optical-engineering #particle-physics...


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Abby L. Abby L. Mar 12 219 views

What does a technical interview entail?

I've made it past the first round of interviews for a research lab I'm interested in, and the next step is for a PI to reach out to schedule a technical interview. I have no idea what a technical interview is, or how to prepare! I'm a physics student and would be working in acoustics or...

#technical-interview #research-lab #acoustics #internship #interviews #applications #data-science #research #interviewing #signal-processing #physics

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Taryn H. Taryn H. Mar 04 142 views

Why do you need a Master's degree to be a Librarian?

In my research, I saw you need to have a Master’s degree to a Librarian but I don’t know. I also read you don't need one to be a School librarian yet to have at least the requirement of state teaching and it makes me very confused. #librarian...


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Abby L. Abby L. Feb 23 120 views

Should I pursue a senior project that exposes me to a new area of physics or one that is more in line with what I believe I'll want to do as a career?

Currently, I don't have a clear idea as to what I want to do after graduation. I'll definitely apply to PhD programs, but I don't know what field I want to specialize in. Right now I'm most interested in optics, laser physics, and math. For my senior project, I'm tasked with choosing a...

#engineering #capstone #senior-project #phd #undergraduate #undergrad #research #optics #last-physics #college #microelectronic-engineering #research-advisor #physics #math

Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Abby L. Feb 23 138 views

I have an offer that expires before I get a final decision from other summer programs. What are my options and what should I do?

Good news: I've received an offer for a physics REU at the University of Arkansas! Bad news: I need to respond by Feb 26th, even though final decisions from other REUs, national labs, and NASA come in early March. What are my options? I've already asked if my application review could be...

#reu #engineering #applications #physics #internships #research #optics #decisions #national-labs #nasa #laser-physics

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Anthony S. Anthony S. Jan 15 237 views

Getting into Biotech without Biotech related degree

I am a Psychology major graduating in Spring of 2022 and heavily considering getting my MBA after graduation. I discovered recently that I would like to work in business for a medical research/ biotech company in hopes of starting my own one day. But I am not sure if getting in this industry is...

#nanotechnology #biotech #medical-research #molecular-biology #career-choice #medicine #career #research #medical #business #college #mba #masters

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Kamara N. Kamara N. Jan 14 291 views

To study civil engineering or to study marketing

I can handle any, but I have to decide now and I'm not sure which course I should study....


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Alan S. Alan S. Jan 04 131 views

Does publishing research on healthcare systems and reforms to the American healthcare system look good for potential pre-med students?

I am a sophomore in high school, but I will be writing a research article on the economics of the American healthcare system and I would also provide some reforms we could make. This piece will likely be published on Google Scholar and other political/STEM research journals. I want to major in...

#science #research #pre-med

Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Abby L. Dec 01, 2020 393 views

What are some other career options for physics majors besides high school physics teacher?

I'm planning to take more lab courses involving optics, lasers, and coding simulations, but I learned that I definitely don't want to pursue a career in software. I love doing research and am applying to summer internships at national labs. Any other suggestions would be appreciated! #careers...

#engineering #physicist #jobs #aerospace #research #optics #coding #physics

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KAIA W. KAIA W. Nov 20, 2020 134 views
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CV Office Hours . CV Office Hours . Nov 16, 2020 181 views

Were you able to get job experience or do research in your field while in college? How can I find those opportunities?

Office Hours #2: SDSU College Student Panel This question was posed by a question during one of our most recent "CareerVillage Office Hours" sessions. During Office Hours sessions, we invite students to pose questions related to a specific topic. In this case, the topic was college life. If...

#college #undergraduate #research #job-experience

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Catarina L. Catarina L. Nov 18, 2020 218 views

Pharmacist looking for career options in Nutrition

I did a masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences but always had particular interest in Nutrition research. I enrolled in my degree thinking it would make it possible for me to work in Nutrition, but most of the jobs available are only in community pharmacy. Is there any course or degree that I can do...

#science #research #nutrition #pharmacist

brianna E.’s Avatar
brianna E. brianna E. Nov 05, 2020 231 views

how many years would it take to become a RN nurse?

I did my research on how to become a nurse but theres different ways to become one and I'm trying to take the fastest, easier route. #classes #research...


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Kassandra G. Kassandra G. Oct 10, 2020 237 views

Can I major in Architecture and minor in Environmental Science? Do they relate to each other?

I like to study history and i like to learn about nature and ways that it has evolved. #research...