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Career Questions tagged Research

Research is a skill acquired by increasing knowledge of a particular topic. Popular careers include research scientist, historian, and sociologist. For more information, please read below.

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Dy'isha Sep 13 82 views

Get a PhD?

What does it take to get a PhD

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Cera Aug 09 207 views

Things to Research About Colleges

I've been looking at colleges for a while now trying to narrow down what one I'd like to go to. I just want to see what kinds of things to look for that make one college better than the other. I plan on living in the dorms, so I'll definitely look at those, but other than that (and the fact...

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Deandra Aug 04 228 views

is going into zoology/marine biology a good way to transfer into pathology

also is there any advice for a book or anything of the sort for a beginner researcher

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Miracle Jul 29 210 views

Q1: I know I want to be a scientist or researcher, but I just want to help people and find cures for diseases or help people in general, by figuring out to make them walk again or anything like that, but what career would that be?

Hi, my name is Miracle and I’m about to start college in the fall, but I’m not sure what to major in and I was hoping that having a scientist answer my questions then that might give me some insight on what to major in. I know these aren’t ideal questions, but I’ve always loved science and...

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Ashena Jun 22 258 views

Jobs with Computer science and Marine Bio

What jobs would connect computer science and Marine biology?

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Alexandria Jun 10 193 views

What are somethings you can do to stand out in medical school?

As a medical student are there any remote opportunities, professional development, or career advice to help students differentiate from others in securing a job?

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Kai May 11 180 views

Can nursing get overwhelming to the point where you reach your breaking point ?

how do you handle it when it gets that far

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Bartholomew Davis IV May 05 175 views

What has been your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

I am doing some research on the career of Producers/Directors.

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Bartholomew Davis IV May 05 119 views

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

I am doing some research on the career of Producers/Directors.

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Bartholomew Davis IV May 03 173 views

What movie have you watched that the directing of it blew you away?

I am doing some research on the career of Producers/Directors.

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cooper May 03 218 views

What are other titles that this job might go by?

I am doing research on this job and am very curious.

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Anita Apr 28 212 views

Does anyone know about Uconn and whether or not the have a BS/MD program?

I've done so much research, but I just can't seem to find a concise answer.

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Kira Apr 21 168 views

How do I start studying mortuary science on my own?

To all professional morticians out there, do you have any tips as to how I can study and research mortuary sciences? I'm unsure where to begin.

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v Apr 09 125 views

Can i change my goal for phd other then my M-Tech Project/Thesis?

if i change my mind to choose the area of research other then that i have choosen for my M-tech project .Or i want to change my research area for phd .

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Abigail Apr 06 217 views

What's the difference between working in a lab and working in R&D for a company?

I'm graduating with my bachelor's degree in physics this May (yay!), and I learned that I loved working in the lab, performing experiments, doing computational analyses, drawing conclusions, etc. I'd love to work in a lab at some point but there seem to be a lot of entry barriers for physicists...

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Abigail Mar 02 209 views

As a new graduate (bachelor's in physics), can I apply for internships as a way to get my foot in the door?

I'm trying to find research (possibly contracting) positions in physics, laser science, data science, or imaging science. Looking at indeed, the only entry level positions I find are for new PhDs. Could internships be a good route to getting a foot in the door for full time positions?...

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Soren Mar 02 164 views

Where are these research jobs typically located at?

I want to develop new shoe and running apparel to innovate the sport of long-distance professional runners. #running #sports #apparel #research

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Soren Mar 02 141 views

What kind of products are typically researched?

I want to develop new shoe and running apparel to innovate the sport of long-distance professional runners. #running #sports #apparel #research

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Soren Mar 02 148 views

What level of education is most needed for this job?

I want to develop new shoe and running apparel for professional runners to innovate the sport of long-distance running. #sports #running #research #apparel

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Dania Dec 02, 2021 383 views

how do i know if biomedical engineering is good for me?

I like biology, technology, learning about the human body, saving lives, and research. I don't like math but I can tolerate it a little bit. hopefully one day i will choose a major that includes all of my interests. #biology #engineering #science #biomedicalengineering #stem #research #career...

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John Dec 01, 2021 249 views

Following Up With Sample of Relevant Academic Work

Hello, I have drafted an e-mail to send my psychology professor but I am nervous to send it. The professor researches a topic that is significant to me, and what I hope to research in my career. I have good rapport with this professor, and we speak with each other on a first name basis as per...

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Anthony Nov 02, 2021 194 views

Is studying cognitive functions difficult?

How can I study cognitive science so I can understand better how the human brain helps us in our every day lives? #science #research

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Emily Oct 12, 2021 231 views

How do I get started in the Emergency Management field?

I am a current undergraduate at North Dakota State University, living in Hillsboro, OR. I am studying emergency management and biological sciences, and am currently involved with the red cross as a recovery specialist and emergency management government liaison. I am incredibly interested in...

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Eryx Sep 14, 2021 177 views

What's there to know about radiology?

I want to become both a radiologist and a 2d animator. I have not done much research into radiology so I would like to know a lot about it. #research #medical

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Toni Sep 12, 2021 271 views

what job can i obtain with pob chemistry and biology

i am young and open to try knew things as a student #biology #pob #chemistry #science #research

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Samyukta Sep 01, 2021 284 views

Is there any career where Genetics and Cancer research morphs into a single job?

I am drawn to genetic studies and also, I find myself really interested in Cancer treatment and research. I want to contribute to the advancements in Cancer research. I wanted to know if there are any courses through which I can become a Cancer researcher. Which course is it? What should I do...

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Vish Aug 19, 2021 241 views

What is a normal day at work for a research scientist?

#research #science #worklife

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Vish Aug 19, 2021 268 views

What does it take to become a NASA research scientist?

#research #science #NASA I like to learn new things every day to keep me engaged and save me from boredom. I love the type of work NASA is doing and am interested in researching because I have a perception of getting the opportunity to learn something new often. I also enjoy presenting/writing...

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Lynae Aug 04, 2021 429 views

College biology student with too many career options

I am entering my junior year of college and do not know how to choose a career. I am a biology major with many interests and career options like optometry, genetic counseling, research, and college professor. I have shadowed an optometrist (a career I have been interested in for a long time)...

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Elise Jul 16, 2021 265 views

How do I get research or lab experience as a high school student?

#research #labwork