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Career Questions tagged Medicalschool

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Brandy Mar 03, 2022 345 views

Is Phlebotomy a type of nursing?

#Nurse #RN #Phlebotomy #Med #MedicalSchool

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Emma Feb 25, 2022 240 views

Is being an anesthesiologist hard?

#hospital-and-health-care #anesthesiologist #medicalfield #medicalschool

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Savreet Apr 30, 2021 269 views

Master of surgery(general surgery) and MCh in Canada after MBBS from India

What are the steps I have to take for doing Master of Surgery in general surgery and then Master of Chirurgiae in neurosurgery from Canada after completing my MBBS from India? Where should I go? What is the application process and the steps for it? #masters-degree #medicalschool #neurosurgery

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Savreet Apr 30, 2021 377 views

Master of surgery(general surgery) and MCh in U.S.A. after MBBS from India

What are the steps I have to take for doing Master of Surgery in general surgery and then Master of Chirurgiae in neurosurgery from U.S.A. after completing my MBBS from India? Where should I go? What is the application process and the steps for it? #masters-degree #medicalschool #neurosurgery

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Shan Jan 25, 2021 606 views

I am somewhat interested in STEM, but I don't really know what specifically I wanna do?

I am a bit interested in engineering, possibly heading down the medical route, cog sci, I'm not really sure #tech #women-in-stem #stem #tech #stemcareers #medical #cognitive-science #engineering #medicalschool

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Vanisha Aug 24, 2020 251 views

What classes are required for medical school?


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Vanisha Aug 21, 2020 209 views

Are students required to have a laptop for medical school?


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Charlize Jun 24, 2020 552 views

What are some job prospects for a Neuroscience major?

I'm entering college in the fall and planning to major in Neuroscience on a pre-med track. Just in case I don't pursue going to medical school, I was wondering if there are any job prospects for this major, like a back-up plan? In all honesty, I'm fearful that I might pursue the wrong major...

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Lisa Apr 29, 2020 420 views

What is one thing about being a practicing physician that you wish you knew before applying to medical school?

#medicine #premed #medicalschool #physician

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Marlene Jan 27, 2020 463 views

Regarding all of the sacrifices you've made, all of the school and training you've gone through, etc., would you say that it was all worth it?

#medicine #doctor #pediatrician #hospital-and-health-care #education #medicalschool #medschool

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Tina Jun 25, 2019 599 views

Biotechnology vs Biomedicine vs Bioinformatics

Hello everyone, i'am a non-traditional student and i'am transferring to a for year with an ultimate goal of applying to Medical school. However, I'am having a difficult time choosing a transfer major, at my home institution I've already completed a large majority of science courses from...

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Emily May 03, 2019 379 views

How long does it take to become a pediatrician? How many years of residency are required?

#pediatrician #medicalschool #residency #nursing #medicine

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German Jan 10, 2019 1685 views

What are some of the downsides of being a neurosurgeon?

#doctor #medicalschool #neurology #chemistry #surgery #neurosurgeon

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Calista Oct 31, 2018 444 views

In 2018, are women still underrepresented in the medical field?

I know that in the past women have been underrepresented in basically all STEM fields but it seems like more women are beginning to enter professions that are traditionally “male-dominated” such as medicine. So my question is: in 2018 do men still significantly outnumber women in medical...

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Chadd Aug 27, 2018 494 views

If I am in debt in undergraduate school, am I going to have a hard time trying to continue to medical school?

#debt #medicalschool

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Madison Aug 25, 2018 442 views

Is any specific major increase the likelihood of getting into medical school?

#majors #college #medicalschool #science #medicine

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Dan Aug 23, 2018 468 views

I want to get into med school; which major for an undergrad will look better on my application... Biochemistry or Neuroscience?


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Arial Aug 23, 2018 505 views

How early should you study for the MCAT?

School hasn't started for me yet so I'm currently an upcoming senior and I know I want to go to medical school, does it make sense to start studying this early? I've been studying some of the topics that the MCAT covers so should I even attempt to study from actual resources like practice...

Anabel’s Avatar
Anabel Aug 01, 2018 568 views

Is the rigor of a student’s undergraduate university considered when applying to medical school?

For instance, if a student graduated from an Ivy League with a lower GPA than a student from a significantly easier state school, would the name of the school be factored in? Thanks! #premed #medicine #medicalschool

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Rachel Jul 28, 2018 533 views

What extracurricular activities do medical school want to see on my application?

#college #medicalschool #premed #extracurriculars

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Ritu Jun 12, 2018 506 views

What majors are accepted for Medical School?

When applying to Medical School, there is tons of majors one could have. For example, you could major in human anatomy, or biochemistry, or bio medicine. Which type of major best assures you with the knowledge needed for the MCAT?
#schools #majors #college #classes #medicalschool

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Ailyn May 30, 2018 528 views

What kind of material is on the MCAT?


Ailyn’s Avatar
Ailyn May 30, 2018 487 views

When should I start preparing for the MCAT?

#medicalschool #futureoncologist

Ritu’s Avatar
Ritu May 29, 2018 594 views

How do medical schools differentiate between accepted and rejected students?

Students on the path for medicine tend to be driven and hardworking overall. Yet only a slim percentage of these individuals are seriously considered when it comes to post graduate medical studies. What's the difference between these students, and how narrow is the gap between them?...

Monica’s Avatar
Monica May 16, 2018 663 views

What is the difference between medical school and graduate school in terms of biochemistry?

I have been trying to find detailed information as to how both are different but most websites either give the superficial information or they only talk about how they are similar. I do not know what path to choose so I want to be able to know the difference between the two. I know medical...

Hanan’s Avatar
Hanan Apr 28, 2018 547 views

How do I find good research opportunities?

I know that research is extremely important for me as someone who wants to go into medical school, and I want to make sure that I have done a substantial amount of research in my summer. How do I find good opportunities and how do I know what is "good research?"

#medicalschool #research

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Kierra Apr 25, 2018 540 views

I want to graduate from a 4 year university in 3 years, Is this possible?

I want to save money by attending community college in the summer and be able to enter medical school. #medschool #medicalschool #FutureDoctor #family-medicine

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Aleja Apr 24, 2018 663 views

Should I become a pediatrician despite that I am not interested in science?

The main focus of the medical field is science, and although that is not my interest, I would love to become a pediatrician. Will this disinterest eventually make me regret studying to become a pediatrician? I love working with kids, and I can really imagine myself in this career. #medicine...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Mar 16, 2018 655 views

How to succeed in medical school

I am planning on attending medical school but have heard that it can be mentally and emotionally draining. What is the best advice for not only doing well academically but also being mentally healthy in medical school?
#medicine #medicalschool #mentalhealth

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Mar 16, 2018 413 views

How difficult will it really be to get through medical school?

Is it worth it? #medicalschool