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Career Questions tagged Family Medicine

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Jan 13 184 views

What steps should I take as a high school Junior if plan on doing Family Medicine?

Also, how should I choose my major in college? Does it matter that I attend an Ivy league or prestigious university for undergrad? Do I need to like and/or be good at high school science to be good or enjoy Family Medicine as a career?

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Dec 11, 2022 160 views

Is family ?

Is family medicine a good job?

What is the hardest thing about family medicine?

Is family medicine a great career?

How do you get patients to open up to you?

Clinton’s Avatar
Clinton Oct 26, 2022 322 views

How difficult is it getting the education needed to be a sports physician?

What would you have to go through to get to be called a doctor

Jess’s Avatar
Jess Sep 11, 2020 394 views

What is the 3+3 Family medicine program like?

I was wondering about the accelerated family medicine program for md/do. I'm considering applying but want to know more. What's the residency like?

#medicine #doctor #pre-med #family-medicine #med-school

Gabriella’s Avatar
Gabriella Apr 26, 2018 630 views

What is the best way to break the news of the death of a family member to their family?

I am intending on becoming a physicians assistant and I recognize that I may be put in this situation at some point. I would like some tips for this hard topic. #medicine #working-with-children #death #physician-assistant #students-interested-in-career-as-physician-assistants #medical-practice...

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Kierra Apr 25, 2018 544 views

I want to graduate from a 4 year university in 3 years, Is this possible?

I want to save money by attending community college in the summer and be able to enter medical school. #medschool #medicalschool #FutureDoctor #family-medicine

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Mar 23, 2018 962 views

How did you prepare yourself, as a student and an individual, for the MCAT?

Being a high school junior, I have experienced scheduling studying for the ACT with regular high school life. However, how were you able to balance such an imposing and important test, the MCAT, with college life? How were you able to find time to do things for yourself and offset that with...

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Mar 06, 2018 546 views

What is a typical day as a family physician?

#family-medicine #emergency-medicine I am asking because i am trying to decide on what specialty to go in.

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Jan 12, 2018 448 views

Is it difficult to "make-it" in rural medicine as a PA-C?

I am interested in becoming a women's health or family practice PA-C in a rural clinic. Was is difficult to find a job and was the community welcoming?

#medicine #physician-assistant #ruralmedicine #womens-health #family-medicine

Jess’s Avatar
Jess Apr 01, 2017 1337 views

Two patients enter to seek treatment from you at the same time. One of them is rich, and the other is poor. Provide the different circumstances in which you would treat either patient first, and why.

While this question is probably answerable by those who are not in the medical profession, I think that perhaps those who are experienced would be able to provide me with a different perspective. #medicine -education #emergency-medicine #family-medicine #doctors-assistant -practice

Malik’s Avatar
Malik Feb 15, 2017 1159 views

Is it hard to become a pediatrician?

I would like to work with babies. How hard would it be to achieve this career? #medicine #healthcare #pediatrics #family-medicine

Genesis’s Avatar
Genesis Oct 28, 2016 764 views

I would like to become a physician assistant. Which classes should I consider taking in undergrad school?

I would like to become a physician assistant and I'm not sure which classes to take in undergrad school in order to prepare. #medicine #medical-education #physicians-assistant #family-medicine

Brice’s Avatar
Brice Oct 21, 2016 792 views

What would you tell a high school/college student who has goals of attending Medical School but isn't sure what to specialize in?

I am a high school student with goals of attending Medical School and eventually specializing in Orthopedics. #doctor #medicine -school -education #sports-medicine #family-medicine #alternative-medicine

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Jun 21, 2016 762 views

What would be the earning in Computational Biology?

wanted to know about the computational biology #medicine #computers #family-medicine #computational-biology

SENNAM’s Avatar
SENNAM May 28, 2016 806 views

In today's society, being a specialist or a family medicine practicioner, which is more suitable?

I am asking this question because I am planning on becoming a medical doctor but I am not sure if I want to specialize or practice family medicine. #medicine #family-medicine

Farhan’s Avatar
Farhan May 25, 2016 736 views

Is the demand for people going into the medical field increasing?

I am a high school senior commited to going into the medical feild and curious about the system #medicine #pre-med #family-medicine #internal-medicine

Farhan’s Avatar
Farhan May 25, 2016 630 views

How rigorous is the post medical school path for someone looking into internal medicine?

I am a High School senior that is very committed to going into the medical field and is curious about different specialties pros and cons #healthcare #health #hospital-and-health-care #family-medicine #internal-medicine #physical-medicine

Haley’s Avatar
Haley May 15, 2016 728 views

What is the best advice you could give someone who wants to go into Osteopathic Medicine?

I am mainly asking this question because I am very much interested in the holistic side of medicine and I want to work closely with my patients. #doctor #family-medicine #holistic #natural-medicine #osteopathic

Love’s Avatar
Love May 15, 2015 915 views

What classes should I take to become a good Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine?

Want to become the best Doctor I can be. #medicine #health #pediatrician #family-medicine #herbalism #herbology #western-medicine

Love’s Avatar
Love May 15, 2015 1076 views

Is there any nation wide standard when it comes to herbology?

I am interested in herbs. #medicine #health #pediatrician #family-medicine #herbalism #herbology #western-medicine

Love’s Avatar
Love May 15, 2015 804 views

Is there a college that combines herbs and modern medicine?

I want to combine herbs with modern medicine to further improve heath care. #medicine #health #family-medicine #pediatrican #herbalism #herbology #western-medicine

Love’s Avatar
Love May 15, 2015 814 views

I want to be a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, but not sure what to specialize in? Family Doctor or Pediatrician?

Want to become a Doctor. #medicine #health #pediatrician #family-medicine #herbalism #herbology #western-medicine

NICOLE’s Avatar
NICOLE Apr 30, 2015 4254 views

How to know what branch of medicine is the right one for you?

I personally think that the pediatrics branch is overpopulated at this moment. #medicine #family-medicine

Mariela’s Avatar
Mariela Jan 06, 2015 1552 views

What is required to become a veterinarian?

Ever since I was a child, I have been dreaming in becoming a veterinarian. Though I don't know where to begin. Anything is helpful. #medicine #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #family-medicine