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Career Questions tagged Doctors Assistant

Squilzzzzzzz’s Avatar
Squilzzzzzzz May 15, 2017 618 views

What Collage courses would I have to take to become a Rheumatologist?

Searching 4 jobs! #medicine #healthcare #doctors-assistant #career-details

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Jess Apr 01, 2017 1283 views

Two patients enter to seek treatment from you at the same time. One of them is rich, and the other is poor. Provide the different circumstances in which you would treat either patient first, and why.

While this question is probably answerable by those who are not in the medical profession, I think that perhaps those who are experienced would be able to provide me with a different perspective. #medicine -education #emergency-medicine #family-medicine #doctors-assistant -practice

Erik’s Avatar
Erik Feb 15, 2017 803 views

How much do registered nurses make?

I wish to know how much a registered nurse makes an hour #nurse #registered-nurses #doctors-assistant

Erik’s Avatar
Erik Feb 15, 2017 579 views

Where can i go to be a nurse

I want to go to school to become a nurse, but idk where #registered-nurses #doctors-assistant