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I would like to become a physician assistant. Which classes should I consider taking in undergrad school?

I would like to become a physician assistant and I'm not sure which classes to take in undergrad school in order to prepare. medicine medical-education physicians-assistant family-medicine

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4 answers

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Sandhya’s Answer

Hi Genesis! So if you already know for sure that you want to go to PA school, you have to look up what courses you need to take to get in. Most of those classes are sciences. Most programs require Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology but sometimes it's different depending on where you go. Some people go to PA school after getting an undergraduate degree and some people go into a joint program right after high school. Here's a website with a lot of good information.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Sandhya recommends the following next steps:

Pick the PA schools that you want to go to
Check which courses they want
Take those courses and apply!
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James’s Answer

hi genesis,

a lot depends on what type of PA you end up becoming. many PAs work in primary care, others with specialists, some in clinics, others in hospitals.

as a family physician for 20 years i've worked with all of the above. however, i'm going to answer your question with the assumption that you'll be working in a primary care outpatient clinic.

when i evaluate PAs i think a lot about what that person would bring to my patient population. usually that means looking at their previous experience such as pediatrics, prenatal care, cardiology, etc.

however, another thing i look for is skills. it goes a long way if a PA speaks a foreign language, such as Spanish. or Sign Language. nowadays, skills with using electronic medical records are in high demand.

of course, you need to pass all of your prerequisite courses. but that really that's a given for any medical professional.

so my advice is for you to think hard about what skills you can acquire along the way. that may mean language classes, computer classes, or something else that'll make you stand out.

good luck!

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William’s Answer

I would concentrate on the Biological Science Courses. Having said that, also consider taking courses in Chemistry.

My major in college was in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. I was well prepared for medical school.

Hope this helps.

Bill Cox

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Vickey’s Answer

Science, Science, Science.

You will be required to have credits in anatomy, physiology, organic and inorganic chemistry, microbiology, and any other type of human biology course you wander across.

Also of great importance, is patient contact hours. If you going to work or volunteer while in college, try to find a place where you would get patient experience. Clinics, emergency rooms, doctors offices, etc.