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Career Questions tagged Medical Education

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Katherine Mar 14 35 views

How much does a pediatric surgeon earn on average?

I live in California

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Irah Mar 13 62 views

Is learning how to be a nurse less stressful than any other job in the medical field?

I know there are different types of nurses but is it less stressful to learn how?

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Jade Mar 13 45 views

Routes In The Medical Field

What different routes can you take to become a plastic surgeon?

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Jaelyn Feb 02 172 views

How hard was it to get to medical school?

Are there possibilities of getting into medical school from a lower-class home and decent grades but not perfect?

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Benito Feb 02 205 views

What is an example of a surgery that a maxillofacial / oral surgeon would do?

What is an example of a surgery that a maxillofacial / oral surgeon would do?

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Madison Jan 24 131 views

What goes on daily as a medical assitant?

I understand being in the medical field that you certainly won't have to wait long until you are on your feet, but how busy is it in your typical workday?

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Madison Jan 24 93 views

What do employers look for when hiring for medical assitants?

What do employers desire out of potential employees for medical assistance? What draws you in?

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Jacqueline Jan 10 172 views

What are three important things I should know before entering a career in Medical Administration?

I am a 20-year-old looking to work in Medical Administration, are there any important things or facts I should know beforehand?

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Joana Dec 11, 2022 224 views

How much does the training/education cost to become an Orthopedic Surgeon?

Did you take advanced placement classes in the field of your choice? What classes would you recommend to take? What recommendations do you have for financial assistance associated with the required higher education, training and experience?

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Joana Dec 11, 2022 205 views

What are your personal pros and cons of being an Orthopedic Surgeon?

Do you get paid more if you learn a language? Why do you like what you do? Did you know what you wanted to be from the start or did it alter throughout the years?

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Girly Dec 08, 2022 141 views

What to choose in the medical field ?

How do you know which specialized sector you should choose in the plethora of medical careers?

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Kyra Nov 29, 2022 245 views

Good Colleges for Forensics?

What are some good colleges to get into to become a Forensic Pathologist?

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Daniela Nov 28, 2022 210 views

Tips on resume for forensic medicine?

What are some tips to add to my resume for a forensic medicine job.

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Kyra Nov 26, 2022 307 views

Highschool Classes to become a Forensic pathologist?

What classes in Highschool should I take to become a Forensic Pathologist?

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Neftali Nov 16, 2022 241 views

How would you describe your journey of becoming a registered nurse or medical assistant?

describe the journey it took to get where you are, struggles, accomplishments, achievements, the school you attended, courses you took, and personal stories.

CHIBUZOR Nov 08, 2022 175 views

I am a 5th year Medical student and I will like to know if becoming a Surgeon is worth it

I am a 5th year Medical student and I am currently looking into choosing Surgery as a profession.
What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Surgeon, are the long hours worth it?

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Edgar Oct 31, 2022 145 views

What steps could I take after a 4-year college to ensure I get into a medical school/program?

My plan for my career is to take 4 years of biology then transfer over to a medical school, but I am unsure what steps I could take to make this happen.

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Rosalie Oct 31, 2022 164 views

Med school?

What is the hardest part about going to medical school?

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Clinton Oct 26, 2022 316 views

How difficult is it getting the education needed to be a sports physician?

What would you have to go through to get to be called a doctor

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Yareli Oct 25, 2022 434 views

What is the education needed for a orthopedic surgeon?

An orthopedic surgeon is one of my interests in my future career and I want to know the education needed.

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michael Oct 25, 2022 225 views

What career in the medical field would give me a very "flexible" schedule?

i would like to know hours or schedule in certain occupations.

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Leticia Sep 26, 2022 312 views

How does pre-med differ from other majors in the medical field?

Medical major question

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Samira Sep 02, 2022 178 views

When you study medicine, do you have to see bodies being operated/dissected even if you’re not studying to be a surgeon?

Even if you’re not studying to be a surgeon but doctor or nurse, do you have to see bodies (dead ones) operated on for studying about the anatomy of a person etc.?

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Alexandria Jun 10, 2022 328 views

What are somethings you can do to stand out in medical school?

As a medical student are there any remote opportunities, professional development, or career advice to help students differentiate from others in securing a job?

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Marquessa May 16, 2022 358 views

What is the required education to become an x-ray technician?

I am using mypace to decide what I wish to do, but it does not say the required education level, I am wondering if I'd need through college or medical school to become an x-ray technician, or if a highschool education will be enough.

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Awais May 08, 2022 357 views

What do i need to get in dental field

am looking into getting in medical career any advice on what to take and what college more specifically my goal is to get in dental field

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jaycea May 05, 2022 432 views

What would be the best college to attend to, to become a General Surgeon ? ?

What would be the best college to attend to, to become a General Surgeon ? ?

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Darren Nov 02, 2021 835 views

Is Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Medicine worth the time and money?

From what I've learned, both physical therapy and chiropractic medicine require years of school. Tuition is pricey and school takes up a lot of your time. Is it really worth all that effort to become a PT or a DC? #medicine #physical-therapist #medical-education #physical-therapy #doctor...

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Dilysia Aug 01, 2021 397 views

what career best fits me?

#medicine #sports # #sports-medicine #nursing #healthcare #medical-education #teaching #hospital-and-health-care #nurse

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Melissa Jun 18, 2021 325 views

How hard is medical School?

#medicine #medical-school #doctor #college #medical-education