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Career Questions tagged Smallbusiness

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Jun 02, 2022 186 views

How much does it cost to open a restaurant?

I want to start a business when I'm older

Kendra’s Avatar
Kendra Jan 15, 2022 394 views

What is the best way to present myself? Can I integrating my skills into a single profession?

I have a background in healthcare and business management. I partnered with the local DHS office as a benefits counselor. I am community educator and run a small informational co-op on like. I was recently approved as a researcher with our local museum. I am not sure how to combine these into...

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Feb 26, 2021 252 views

What do you have to do to create your own business?

#career #college #smallbusiness

Markia’s Avatar
Markia Jan 16, 2018 574 views

What are the first year risks associated with being a salon owner?

I am currently enrolled in a Business Administration program so that I can turn my talent of hair braiding and styling into my business and become a salon owner. I am unsure of all of risks associated with owning a business, let alone a hair salon. #beauty-industry #beauty #businessownership...

Cierra’s Avatar
Cierra Sep 28, 2017 477 views

I like to be a small business owner on the side. As far as education wise, how should I go about accomplishing that?

I want to become an optometrist, yet I would also like to become a small business owner. How would I go about accomplishing that, education wise? #optometry #smallbusiness #college