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Career Questions tagged Undecided

Finding the right school or picking a dream career is difficult. Scroll through the questions and answers and see if there is anyone out there who had the same question....

Lauryn W.’s Avatar
Lauryn W. Oct 13 139 views

Is it okay to graduate and still be undecided on your career choice?

I am in 11th grade and really want to do something medical but I don't want to wait to late to determine my career path. career medicine undecided college...


Kurt Andrey G.’s Avatar
Kurt Andrey G. Oct 05 44 views

How old were you when you started your career?

I am a 12th grader at Galileo High School and currently choosing a major to the college I will be choosing from....


Qianlin F.’s Avatar
Qianlin F. Sep 16 78 views

What I can do in the future?

I am very confused about what I should major in college, and I can't find an interest that can be my career. When I look at the major lists of colleges, I don't even know how to choose. How can I figure it out? college-major career...


Kurt Andrey G.’s Avatar
Kurt Andrey G. Sep 14 57 views

How was it like when choosing your career?

I am interested in the engineering field. I am in 12th grade and I want to have an easygoing career and not a hardworking one....


Nadia H.’s Avatar
Nadia H. Sep 10 83 views

What is the best major to go in for this career?

Wanting to go into photography but still keeping an open mind about what I want to do. photography college-major career...


Asia T.’s Avatar
Asia T. Aug 01 120 views
CarRyn G.’s Avatar
CarRyn G. Jul 30 131 views

Why don't know what I want to do yet?

I am a 10th grader at a really famous school and I don't know what I want to do for a career yet. I have lots of interest but not a particular thing and don't know what I'm truly passionate about. casstechnician casstech career undecided career-choice...


Chandini R.’s Avatar
Chandini R. Jul 04 149 views

Can you pursue multiple careers?

I'm interested in a variety of potential occupations, but I'm not sure which one to pursue. career career-path career-choice...


Katherine C.’s Avatar
Katherine C. Jun 26 137 views

How do I begin to narrow down my interest in order to choose a career path?

I'm a rising college student that is majoring in Environmental and Sustainability, although I'm not sure I will remain with this major. I feel clueless as I don't have any passion for a career, and I don't see how I can turn my interests into a career or livelihood. college undecided...

college-major career

Clare D.’s Avatar
Clare D. Jun 25 125 views

Advice for picking an undergrad major?

Hello! I am trying to pick an undergrad major, and I am very indecisive! Currently, I am looking at many majors ranging from policy to marketing. I love FASHION, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, ACTIVISM, and PSYCHOLOGY! If anyone knows of any undergrad majors that are vague or versatile enough for me...

undecided college environmentalscience highpaying college-major psychology fashion-design major fashion

Amanda W.’s Avatar
Amanda W. Jun 15 189 views

How can I find the most suitable career for me?

I have a general grasp of my interests and hobbies, but I'm not sure how to apply that to helping me choose a career. I want a career that matches my interests as well as my values. career-path career-choice undecided career-counseling...


Ariel J.’s Avatar
Ariel J. Nov 05, 2020 302 views

How can I decide what my career will be?

At school, I like learning thing in engineering. I like to build things, do outside work. I am passionate about learning new things and getting challenges. I like to know what i am able on doing in the future as a career for myself. career-choice career-path career-choice undecided...

constructing engineering outsidethings

Maggie Y.’s Avatar
Maggie Y. Aug 26, 2020 224 views

How to figure out what industry I want to work in

Not sure about what jobs are suitable for myself...


Ted Y.’s Avatar
Ted Y. Jul 23, 2020 310 views

I'm thinking I want to study something more technical at university next fall. How do I narrow it down?

I am undecided, so whenever I start describing what I want, it usually seems to me like "engineering", which I know is a broad topic. How do I pick a more specific subsection of engineering or even know if that's right for me? Can somebody explain what jobs you do with any sort of engineering...

july20 undecided university engineering

Ted Y.’s Avatar
Ted Y. Jul 23, 2020 226 views

I'm thinking that I want to study something more technical in university (next fall), but I don't know how to choose a more specific topic

Whenever I mention this, people sort of assume I'm looking for a pure hard science like just chemistry or just math or they assume Engineering, which I know is a very broad topic. How do I narrow it down to a more specific field? Has anyone had this problem and had a good method for finding out...

undecided university major

malu J.’s Avatar
malu J. May 26, 2020 752 views

How do I know if a community college or University is right for me?

I don't know where I want to go now, so many people have different opinions and they're helpful, but, I am just getting more confused, can someone give me some tips on finding what is right for me? college undecided...


Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. May 26, 2020 230 views

What does it mean to be a material science engineer?

I am a senior in high school and I have applied to college as an undecided engineering major. I read an article on material science engineering and I am very intrigued about this field of engineering. engineering college material-science-engineering...


Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. May 26, 2020 426 views

How will I know when a specific field of engineering is for me?

I am a senior in high school and I have applied to numerous colleges for engineering. My only problem is that I applied undecided engineering and after hearing numerous colleges talk about the different fields of engineering they offer, I still can't seem to lean towards a field that I like. I...

undecided college stem engineering

kristen W.’s Avatar
kristen W. May 05, 2020 607 views

How do you decide what to major in? If you have more than on option in mind.

Going to college in the fall wanting to know all my options out there available to me....


Carly D.’s Avatar
Carly D. Apr 15, 2020 381 views

How do I decide on what I want to do for the rest of my life?

I have a wide variety of careers which I am thinking about including criminal-justice environmental parks-and-recreation and education but I am unsure about what the pros and cons are for each career. I am entering college as an undecided major and hope to discover new careers and narrow...


Madison P.’s Avatar
Madison P. Apr 11, 2020 221 views

What are my career options that will allow me to travel? How should I go about getting that career?

I’m about to be a junior in high school and I’m still not quite sure what to do after graduation. I would like to have a career in the STEM field but also really want to travel....


Harshith A.’s Avatar
Harshith A. Apr 02, 2020 358 views

how To finalize on college selection ?

Hi ... I got selected in UCLA for economics and university of Cincinnati for honors LHP program in business analytics with a presendential scholarship. Now I am confused if I should choose college where I don’t pay anything or a big college like LHP which would be a big loan for me ? On what...

college undecided