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Career Questions tagged Career Planning

Elias B.’s Avatar
Elias B. May 20 120 views

What does it take to graduate with a Masters Degree majoring in Business?

I plan on attending college when I return from the navy but I still haven't decided on whether what school I should attend or even which major I should choose. business-analysis...


Lily B.’s Avatar
Lily B. Aug 27, 2020 155 views
Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Aug 26, 2019 397 views

Can I succeed in business? How can I pick a career that properly suits my interests?

Hello, I'm currently a second-year college student, and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my future. I'm currently majoring in English, but I've been debating whether to add business as a second major due to my interest in what I perceive as business-related fields. The only...

career-planning work-experience career-help business business-degree career-coach work career-counseling advice help career business-major career-path english-major job-experience english-degree job business-field career-advice choosing-a-major publishing english student-advice student college-major major education

Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Aug 26, 2019 427 views

Can an English major work in business-related jobs?

As my question says, I'm wondering how successful an English major would be at working in business-related jobs. For example, I'm really interested in the publishing industry. Can you find success working in the publishing industry with only an English degree, or would you recommend...

career-planning work-experience career-help business business-degree work career-counseling advice help career business-major career-path english-major job-experience english-degree job business-field career-advice choosing-a-major publishing english student-advice student college-major major education

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Catherine T. Jan 14, 2019 510 views

Which is better: continuing to work a job you've grown to dislike because it is advantageous for you career-wise, or finding a new job that you genuinely enjoy?

I've always believed that if you pursue a career you love, then you'll never work a day in your life, so I've followed my dreams and have always planned to pursue my passion, even if it might not result in the most high-paying job. This passion is writing. However, throughout the years, I've...

career-planning editing career-help technical-writing creative-writing writing-and-editing work-life-balance work career-counseling writing journalism help advice career career-path job following-your-passions career-choice career-advice student-advice college publishing student

Ethan G.’s Avatar
Ethan G. Mar 12, 2018 531 views

How important is what I do after I graduate?

I have no idea what I'm going to do when I graduate in the winter of 2020. That's two years away, making me halfway through my college career. I get that I still have time but is it able to have a corporate career if I go and do volunteer work or travel after graduating? after-graduation...

career-planning graduation college-advice career-path college high-school career

Abigail C.’s Avatar
Abigail C. Apr 08, 2018 547 views

Is it worth earning higher than a bachelor's when pursuing a career in environmental engineering?

I plan to get a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering for sure, but would it be worth the time, money($40K/yr at the school I am looking at), and effort to work towards a master's or PhD? engineering environmental-engineering money debt degrees bachelors-degree bachelorsdegree...

environmental-science phd career-paths masters-degree environment career-path career-planning environmental mastersdegree career-plan

Albert A.’s Avatar
Albert A. Mar 19, 2018 618 views

How does one choose the best career path for oneself?

I would like to know what are the most important factors when considering the best career path for oneself. I realize money is obviously important, however what about work-life balance, intrinsic and extrinsic awards, the speed of career progression, the type of education required to pursue the...

career-planning career-path career-counseling career-choice career

Hannah C.’s Avatar
Hannah C. Mar 06, 2018 424 views

When is the best time in college to start a job search?

When should I start looking at jobs that will start me in my career? Is freshman year of college reasonable?...


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Theresa P. Jan 22, 2018 544 views

How can I market myself as a professional to future employers?

I do not know exactly how to network to where I meet and connect with future employers. I want to know how to do so and the most efficient way. career-planning interviewing-skills career-counseling...


Shaquana G.’s Avatar
Shaquana G. Jan 23, 2018 487 views

What ways can I land my dream job?

I'm currently a freshman with a major in Accounting. My dream job is to work in a bank. What steps or advice can I take into achieving a career as an accountant? career-path career-planning...


Dominique C.’s Avatar
Dominique C. Jan 23, 2018 336 views

What kind of degree (major and degree level) would you ideally need to be a video game designer?

I'm currently looking into different career path choices. I have dabbled in video game design since I was about 8 years old, and I was curious as to what to pursue in college if I decide I want to continue to a professional level. career-planning video-game-production...


Braeden C.’s Avatar
Braeden C. Jan 22, 2018 373 views

How do you find the right internship at a career fair?

Trying to plan ahead to finding an engineering internship in college and wondering how you sort through all the options. All tips appreciated. engineering chemical-engineering...


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ALVIN L. Jan 17, 2018 415 views
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Mireia R. Jan 17, 2018 6528 views
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Juliana S. Jan 17, 2018 505 views

What is the Best Road to Success in the Educational Field?

The Educational Field has attracted me significantly ever since I was young. I love the idea of giving children knowledge in a fun and dynamic classroom environment. I even would dream (and still dream) about starting my own school! I know everyone has to start small in order to achieve big...

career-planning education-management teaching career-path k-12-education educational-leadership

Mathew M.’s Avatar
Mathew M. Aug 26, 2017 774 views

I have a challenge for you today. What are...?

What are the real life job equivalences to jobs like in the movie TheTransporter(2002), Drive(2011)? If you haven't seen the movies here's a quick summary of their jobs: - TheTransporter: Main character delivers packages from point A to point B for the mob. He works by a strict set of rules he...

career-development jobs career-planning job-market career-path career-change career job-coaching job career-choice careers career-counseling job-search career-plan first-job

Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. Aug 13, 2017 644 views

How do you ask an institution or professional for shadowing opportunities?

I am currently a college psychology student. There is a particular clinical institution that I would be interested in doing some shadowing at. My problem is that I'm not sure how to ask if shadowing opportunities are available when I have no prior relationship with the institution. My target...

career-planning career-exploration therapy communication-skills clinical-psychology networking professional-development psychology job-shadowing

t F.’s Avatar
t F. Mar 01, 2017 638 views

Good morning.... i am currently unsure if i should pursue a masters degree ?

I have completed my chemical engineering degree and I can't seem to find a job. I have been applying from the beginning of my last academic year and have no success. I currently have a lot of family issues and during my undergrad studies it was a bit much to handle none the less I have managed...

career-planning undecided engineering psychologists

Robert H.’s Avatar
Robert H. Feb 27, 2017 678 views

What skills should I focus on for an Automotive Engineering Career?

I have been recently looking at some videos and reading up about Mechanical Engineering, and I want to Find a college that can provide me with the skills I need for a career in Automotive Engineering, I'm just curious on what I need to do to Focus myself on my path. I truly love the idea of...

career-planning personal-development automotive-engineering automotive mechanical-engineering

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Timothy G. May 01, 2017 882 views

Should I go to an art college?

Hello, I was wondering if you think it would be beneficial for me to go to an art college? As of right now, I am traditional artist, taking classes at community college, who has an interest in learning more about digital art because of the many opportunities available for people who can...

artist career-planning higher-education digital-art art-and-illustration art-education digital-artist art-college

Darlene S.’s Avatar
Darlene S. Mar 08, 2017 545 views

What are the requirements in becoming a facility maintenance engineer?

I am a sophomore student. I am taking the course aviation and right now I am taking the concepts of engineering and I don't know if I should be taking this classes to become a facility maintenance engineer. Also when I go to college, what am I going to take and what things do I need?...

career-planning facility engineering maintenance

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Shardae M. Feb 14, 2017 554 views
RaeAnna T.’s Avatar
RaeAnna T. Jan 23, 2017 551 views

What are some career options that can be pursed with an allied health major (major designed for further education in the medical field) after graduation?

I am a sophomore college student, pursing an allied health degree, with hopes of becoming a Physician assistant. However, after graduation I don't know where to go to pursue a good job before or attending graduate school. physical-therapist physicians-assistant...


RaeAnna T.’s Avatar
RaeAnna T. Jan 23, 2017 584 views

How to best use a planner in college?

In college there are so many methods to planning out your semester. How should I record school homework, assignment, projects, personal life, social life, and exercise in an organized and simple fashion? organization career-planning test-planning personal-assistant...