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Using principals and fundamentals to study the number of topics. Ranging from an economist to system engineer, there are a wide array of careers available. For more information, please read...

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Tina L. May 02 150 views

Is it crazy to take 2 science courses + 1 math course in one semester?

I am going to transfer to a 4-year university as a biology major, but the classes they require are mainly and only science + math classes. I already finished my "smaller" classes in the previous semesters, such as art, English, history, etc. Each of my remaining semesters in school will...

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Armando O. Oct 04, 2019 186 views

How beneficial would a minor in Mathematics be as a Mechanical Engineering major?

I'm a junior currently attending Astate CQ and I wanted to get some advice about minoring in math or maybe even in business. I would like to know in what direction would I be heading towards having these types of minors. Also, how should I chose between those minors or should I also open up to...

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Chance T. May 23, 2019 146 views

What is the most rewarding aspect of Brickmasonry?

Basically, I want to know exactly what makes it feel so enjoyable and worthwhile. Is it the fact of heavy working? Is it the calculating? Is it being able to move heavy things often? #brickmasonry #brickmason #mathematics...


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Stephanie S. Aug 29, 2018 206 views

What is the process of becoming a college professor?

Curious on how many credits I would need or what kind of degree I will need for a math or art professor. I want to know for any type of college too; community, CSU, UC, private, etc? #professor #california #mathematics...


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Alex F. Aug 22, 2018 266 views

How long should I study for classes?

How long should I study for classes like math and english. Im kind of bad at math so would an hour be good?...


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jeffrey K. Aug 15, 2018 171 views

where do the student in the masters program for mathematics go to, like a typical classroom or meeting conference room for one on one teaching?

i noticed in the mathematics masters program at my University (UW), all the masters​ levels classes, there are only like 5 students​, sometimes 2 students. where do they go to have a lecture​s with the professor? do they just meet up with the proffsor ​at his office or in a regular big room...

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jeffrey K. Aug 15, 2018 256 views

After getting my math degree from an university, am I able to start a teaching position while still attending school?

after graduation with a BA in Mathematics, will i​​ be able to teach somewhere for part-tim​​​e and still be in the mathematics master progra​​​​m at the universit​y​​? #teaching #education #teacher #math...


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Dillon R. Aug 08, 2018 254 views
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WESTRY T. Apr 29, 2018 232 views

What is the process of qualifying to teach subjects based on the Praxis Exam?

I was told by a fellow student that if I took the Praxis Exam in an area unrelated to my major, which is History Education, that I could be qualified in that area also. I am asking this because I was wondering if I could take the math portion of the test as well. If I then passed the math...

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Alexandra C. Jun 15, 2018 303 views

Best colleges for math majors?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

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Carmen R. May 27, 2018 302 views

What are some different career choices for a future in mathematics or science?

I am really good at math and it is one of my favorite subjects in school, as well as science. The only one I can think of is an actuary, and that type of job seems like it would get boring after doing the same thing for years. #math #mathematics...


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Lukas R. May 15, 2018 311 views

What career possibilities are there with a degree in Mathematics?

I'm going for a degree in mathematics but I'm not sure what careers will be available to me. #math #mathematics #career...


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Lukas R. May 15, 2018 325 views

What courses go well with a mathematics degree?

I'm going to major in mathematics and am wondering what other degrees would go well with it. #math #mathematics...


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Jessica A. May 10, 2018 314 views

How can you use a B.A in Math to enter the software world?

For example, I'm curious about how I could use a BA in Math to work at a company like Google. #math #mathematics #applied-mathematics #computational-mathematics #mathematical-modeling #workingforgoogle...


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Amanda R. Apr 18, 2018 414 views

What professions would it be helpful to have a dual major in computer science and mathematics?

I'm wanting a dual major in computer science and mathematics. What kind of jobs will want or appreciate both of these degrees? I'm also minoring in education. #stem #stem-education #java #math #mathematics #computer-science #computer-programming #education #teaching #teacher...


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Amanda R. Apr 18, 2018 339 views

Is a dual major in Computer Science and Math a good combination?

I'm currently graduating from community college, ready to transfer to the university. My associates will be in Java. Are math and computer science a good dual major? I'm also minoring in education. #stem #stem-education #java #math #mathematics #computer-science #computer-programming...

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Elly R. Jan 10, 2018 225 views

Is it possible to get a BA in music, with a minor in math or physics, and then apply to a graduate program in acoustics?

I am curious because I have been researching the career acoustical engineering, and want to know more about different possibilities to pursue that field. #tags #acoustics #engineering #college #career #mathematics...


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Vernon B. May 08, 2016 538 views

what kind of job can you get with an kinesiology degree

I asked this question because I'm pursuing a bachelors degree in kinesiology in college. #science #mathematics #kinesiology...


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keshya C. Mar 19, 2018 330 views

how do i decide which one i would want as a career?

I'm stuck between a few majors and their completely different. I have many interest and I want to narrow them down so I won't be stuck taking a million different classes trying to figure out what I want. #criminaljustice #graphic-design #nursing...


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Madeleine W. Mar 18, 2018 317 views

What is the gender gap like in upper level sciences, first hand?

I am a female, high school senior considering a career path in upper level mathematics, academia and research. I am very concerned with underrepresentation of women and I would like to know of any first hand experiences. Researching online I find a lot of statistics, but I would like more. Has...

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Madeleine W. Mar 18, 2018 251 views

What kind of flexibility comes with being a professor? Any big pros and cons of the job?

I am a high school senior looking toward a possible career as a math professor. The things is, I have so many other passions like theatre. I am perfectly happy doing art on the side, but I would like to know if I pursue mathematics if it will be a possibility. #mathematics #professor #theatre...


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Shalini S. Jan 24, 2018 263 views
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Johnathan R. Jan 21, 2018 258 views

What exactly does a mathematician do after PhD

I'm interested in pursuing this career because of my interest in Math. I know that this is usually a research position, but I was curious if there was anyone in this field that could give me more detail #mathematics...


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Christina C. Jan 21, 2018 551 views

Do you have to be a 'math person' or a 'science person' to be successful in STEM?

I understand that most anyone can major most anything if they work hard and are persistent. However, it is clear that some of my peers are much quicker with learning concepts within STEM than I am, or it feels like their minds are just wired to do mental math or calculate or work through...

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Brandy J. Jan 18, 2018 462 views

I would like to know how many African American females hold degrees in Mathematics.

It is often said that minorities are not "good" at mathematics. I am just curious to know how many others have taken the journey I am embarking on successfully. #statistics #women-in-tech #women-in-stem #stem...


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Brandy J. Jan 18, 2018 251 views

I would like to know will there be jobs available to teach mathematics at the community college level when I graduate in 2022?

I always think that there are lots of job openings for teaching math; but, I don't want to make an assumption based on false information....


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Martin K. Jan 16, 2018 329 views

I would like to participate in a Summer STEM program prior to attending college in the Fall of 2018. Do you have any programs that I can attend

Looking for STEM programs to enhance my love of mathematics. I plan to become a Secondary Education Teacher and later a Superintendent . I would love as much exposure to STEM as possible. #stem-education #stem...


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Isabelle H. Jan 16, 2018 255 views

How do I combine math and music and teaching?

I love math. Before I loved it in school, I would go work out math puzzles with my uncle Richard, compete and train with Math Counts, take the AMC tests, and calculate measurements with my dad in his workshop; now I take the hardest math classes at my school and tutor math through National...

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Isabelle H. Jan 16, 2018 255 views

I want to teach math, but I have knee problems that need a consistent stream of money to stay okay. Advice?

I am good at math. I get As in AP math classes and tutor and do competition math for fun. But honestly, my biggest joy in math is my tutoring. I love to teach. Nothing fires me up like a kid that hates math because a bad math teacher failed them and convinced them they're awful at it. I hate...

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