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Stephen E. Apr 03, 2018 135 views

What are some professions that would fit my interests in statistics and probability?

I enjoy math and my two favorite subjects are stats and probability so I'd like to know what career paths are open to me....


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Mariela G. Feb 06, 2018 440 views

What's the difference between AP Calculus and AP Statistics?

I'm choosing my classes for next year and I don't know which math class to take or which one would prepare me for forensic science . #calculus #statistics #math #stem #csi...


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Brandy J. Jan 18, 2018 351 views

I would like to know how many African American females hold degrees in Mathematics.

It is often said that minorities are not "good" at mathematics. I am just curious to know how many others have taken the journey I am embarking on successfully. #statistics #women-in-tech #women-in-stem #stem...


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Danny L. Dec 27, 2017 531 views

What software do market analysts use?

Hi everyone, I want to invest my winter break into learning a new skill. What softwares do market research analysts use? I know they would use some VBAs and will vary depending on the firm and market they are in, but what would you recommend me to learn over the next three weeks? What online...

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Jill A. Oct 22, 2017 448 views

What should I second major/minor in that will be helpful for a marketing major?

I need to choose 2 minors that will compliment my marketing major. The ones I am leaning towards to is either finance, psychology or statistics. Which one should I choose? My other option is to do a second major but marketing is really the only career I see myself in. #marketing #university...

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Nazy N. Oct 27, 2017 441 views

MBA vs IE vs data analyst

I am currently a graduate MSc student in Chemical engineering. I have relatively low interest in Chem. Eng. (living is US). I am thinking about changing fields. My current options are MBA, Industrial engineering and Statistics. I have a wide range of interests, very adaptive, good at math,...

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Lavanya M. May 14, 2016 681 views

What course should I take after my second PUC?

i have completed my 2nd PUC in a commerce group . I am interested in mathematics, and I want to join What are the groups there in the like marketing, accounting ect., and which is related to mathematics and commerce? #marketing #accountant #banking #statistics #commerce #math...

#mathematics #economics

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James W. May 18, 2016 414 views

What are some good careers for statistics majors with a Bachelors degree?

Statistics is what I will be majoring in at Penn State, and I am wondering what others who have earned Bachelors Degrees in Statistics do once they graduate? #major #statistics #graduates #mathematics #math...


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Maia C. May 15, 2016 620 views

How much mathematics consulting work is available?

I'm looking at majoring in Applied Mathematics. I know that there is some consulting that mathematicians do for large businesses or government organizations. How much does consulting contribute to your salary? How often can you get consulting work? #mathematics #consulting #statistics...

#applied-mathematics #financial-planning

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Rohith C. Aug 13, 2016 458 views

Which majors give the highest return ?

I'm a junior in my high school and I have hopes and desires to earn a lot of money when I am older. I would like to know what majors would give a good return before I finalize what I want to pursue. The majors I am interested in include: Finance, Engineering, Computer Science. #money...

#college-majors #financial-planning #statistics #future #salary #mentoring

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Abigail Z. May 16, 2016 444 views

What job could I get pertaining to statistics when I am only a sophomore in college?

I really want to start gaining experience in my field as soon as possible but I don't know what a good job would be that pertains to statistics that's only part time and doesn't require experience, #college #higher-education #careers...


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Britney Y. Apr 25, 2017 381 views

Are there any good cites to help me study for the AP Statistics Exam

I'm taking the AP Statistics exam in a few weeks. I was wondering if anyone knows any good websites that have review material, testing strategies, and practice tests. #ap #statistics...


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Savanna N. Nov 28, 2016 523 views

What would be a great career for someone interested in statistics (and preferably with technology)?

I am a senior in high school right now and I am unsure if I want to do computer science so I have been looking at statistics (since I took it last year and loved it and love math in general). I have heard about and researched about a career as a statistician but I don't know what other options...

#math #statisticians #statistics

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Brianna W. Oct 20, 2016 1186 views

How much job growth is expected within STEM careers?

I want to go into a career area that will have significant projected job growth within the next few years so that I can be sure to have a place in the career field. #engineering #science #technology #math #stem...


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Xueting X. Oct 31, 2016 308 views

Should I go to graduate school or work after I graduate from undergraduate majoring in Statistics

I am planning to major in Statistics in college and I do not know if I should go to graduate school....


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Xueting X. Oct 31, 2016 428 views

What can I do after I graduate from undergraduate school majored in Statistics?

I am planning to major in Statistics or Mathematics and Statistics in college but I do not know what I can do after I graduate....


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Samir F. Oct 31, 2016 316 views

What can you do alongside a stats major?

I'm interested in a statistics major. What majors/minors are recommended alongside my major? #college-major...


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Samir F. Oct 31, 2016 358 views

How can you use a statistics major in the field of sports?

I have an interest in statistics and baseball. Is there any way to utilize the major in the sport? #statistics...


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madison J. Oct 28, 2016 406 views

what sort of careers can I pursue with a maths degree?

I love math, especially calculus and algebra, but there's not exactly a job where I can just solve equations all day, so what could I do with an advanced mathematics degree besides being a teacher or professor? #mathematics #statistics #applied-mathematics #mathematician #calculus #algebra...


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Marisa K. Oct 25, 2016 752 views

What are jobs that use physics and statistics?

I love both physics and statistics, and am having trouble choosing which career path to follow. The applied math and logic of the subjects is the part that interests me the most. I am wondering if there are any exciting jobs that involve both subjects. #career-choice #career-path #physics...


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Brittney B. Aug 22, 2016 483 views

What do you do as a statistics person?

I love numbers and looking at different professional athletes statistics throughout the season and their careers. I prefer looking and analyzing the stats of hockey, baseball, and quarterbacks. #recruiting #statistics...


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Brittney B. Aug 22, 2016 418 views

If you are interested in going into the sports entertainment field and you are a sports fanatic what career path should you follow?

Ever since I was a little kid I enjoyed watching sports, such as football, hockey, and baseball. I would watch games on tv and end up analyzing the play before the announcer would. #sports #sports-management #recruiting #statistics #data-analysis...


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Morgan J. May 26, 2016 698 views

How would one go about pursuing writing while pursuing mathematic/scientific majors?

I love to write, and I want to do much with it (perhaps like Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner and their freakonomics books), but I'm pursuing degrees in statistics and earth sciences. How might I manage to still forge a semi career out of those fields? Of course, the obvious, do the...

#english #statistics #writing #earth-science

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Morgan J. May 26, 2016 777 views

What field in earth sciences would use the most statistics to study?

I'm majoring in both earth sciences and statistics and I'm very excited about it. But, within the general field of earth sciences I'm hoping to find something more specific to focus in on. I love soil science as well, and was originally planning on majoring in that, but the lack of options...

#statistics #earth-science

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Abigail Z. May 16, 2016 512 views

What does the class mathematical statistics consist of?

Mathematical statistics is the capstone of the statistics major at Grand Valley State University, I've asked some professors and students in the class what you learn about but they aren't able to accurately describe the class they just say it's really hard and complicated. I'm just curious to...


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Amber C. May 13, 2016 545 views

Which is the best way to cope with feeling "stuck" in the career/job that you are in?

I am asking this question because I have the constant thought of possibly being contained with a low-paying job and clinging to the finances of my parents for the rest of my life, which I desperately want to avoid, as does every soon-to-be adult. Some family members say that they are not happy...

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harshitha N. May 11, 2016 680 views

when is the best time to take chartered Account exam? (its after 2nd PUC or after completion of degree)

i am studying 2nd PUC, interested in doing Chartered Account, i wanted to know when is the best time to do CA so i can finish my study fast or it is compulsory to have degree, or PUC is enough to take chartered account exam #business #accounting #mathematics #economics #accountant #statistics...


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harshitha N. May 07, 2016 937 views

what are the additional skills required to do CA ?

i am studying 2nd PUC, i am interested in accounts, Maths & statistics so i wanted to do CA. what are the additional skills required. #business #accounting #mathematics #economics #banking #statistics #business-law...


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Kayla T. Mar 24, 2015 671 views

What is the job market like for psychologists?

I am a high school senior and I am interested in majoring in psychology. I want to be aware of my opportunities after I earn my degree and become a psychologist. I am planning ahead and I would like to know what my financial situation will be like in this career. #psychology #statistics...


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Christopher S. Mar 23, 2015 2010 views

What CSU has the best Psychology program?

I am very interested in the Psychology field, but I fear the somewhat huge unemployment rate is not going to get me a job at all and my money will be spent for nothing. #psychology #career-path #sociology #consulting...